Chains and Charms: 9 Calming Crystals for sleep that help your insomnia and anxiety

***Author by Zoe Porter from TrulyExperiences*** 
I’m one of those lucky people that fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow. But I wasn’t always like that. I’d spend ages tossing and turning and thinking about the day, and once I finally drifted off, the smallest thing would wake me up. I tried a lot of things to get a good night’s sleep. Meditation didn’t seem to work, counting sheep drove me crazy, and breathing exercises made me want to laugh.

Then I discovered crystals.                          

A good friend of mine is a high-flying businessman who’s always on the go. But he looks fresh and wide awake, even when he’s jumped on the red-eye and had several meetings by 9 am. I asked him how he did it, and he let me in on his secret.

He uses crystals for everything, from money manifestations to relationships and getting a restful night's sleep. Now I do too.

I’m going to share with you how you can use calming crystals to enjoy restful, revitalizing sleep.

Top 9 Calming Crystals For A Restful Night’s Sleep 

#1 Calming crystal: Amethyst For Anxiety

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Feeling anxious and stressed? Amethyst is the answer. This beautiful purple calming crystal regulates your irregular sleep routine and balances intuition. It also helps enormously with connecting you to your subconscious and brings about calming and happy dreams.

Place an Amethyst crystal under your pillow and a few others around your room and sweet dreams will find you, just like they found me.

#2 Calming crystal: Heal Your Heart With Rose Quartz

calming crystals, soothing crystals, crystals for sleep

Is heartbreak stopping you get the rest you need? Rose Quartz is known for being the stone of the heart, the calming crystal helps heal love wounds and can bring comfort to heartbreak and old hurts.

Find yourself a big piece of Rose Quartz and place it next to your bed. Its soothing energy will bring you gentle sleep and healing and release any sadness of emotional heaviness you’re experiencing.

You can also wear a Rose Quartz pendant around your neck, next to your heart. You’ll feel the vibrations and be at peace.

#3 Calming crystal: Feel Protected With Angelite

calming crystals, soothing crystals, crystals for sleep

The name of this crystal says it all. Angelite is from the angels. This stunning baby-blue calming crystal forges a tie to the angelic realm and calls in the angels to watch over you whilst you sleep.

If you’re feeling unsafe or like there are some darker energies around you, then fall asleep holding a piece of Angelite, or pop a piece of this calming crystal under your pillow. Alternatively, wear a piece of jewellery with this crystal in it to give yourself the feeling of being surrounded by protective spirits.

#4 Calming crystal: Selenite For Staying In Control

calming crystals, soothing crystals, crystals for sleep

Do you lose sleep because you felt like you’d lost control? This was a big problem for me, till I discovered Selenite.

Selenite is the representative crystal for a calm, cool and collected mindset.

Hold this calming crystal in your hand while you read a book before bed or keep it on your nightstand. It will really help you to keep those stressful thoughts at bay. Let this crystal work its magic and surround you with its calming light. You’ll feel calmer and in control, and ready to sleep!

#5 Calming crystal: Black Tourmaline For Protection

calming crystals, soothing crystals, crystals for sleep

Like a thick dark cloak, Black Tourmaline is a deeply protective stone. It wraps you up safely and is known for its ability to transmute negative thoughts, energy, and feelings into positive ones. If you’re struggling to rid your mind of negative thoughts or feelings before bed, you need to grasp hold of this great calming crystal.

Place Black Tourmaline in each corner of your room and around your bed to ensure a gentle and protected night's rest. Or, wear jewelry with this stone in it to absorb the vibrations.

#6 Calming crystal: Howlite Keeps You Calm

calming crystals, soothing crystals, crystals for sleep

Howlite has an incredible ability to soothe and calm. This calming crystal is all about calm and reassurance – exactly what I want to feel when falling asleep…

If you find yourself with scattered thoughts or over-analytical thinking, keep some Howlite close to your bed or place it in a patch of moonlight in your room. It brings peace and loving reassurance to those types of thoughts, like a soothing gentle force washing through your mind as you fall asleep.

#7. Calming crystal: Stay Spiritually Aware With Celestite

calming crystals, soothing crystals, crystals for sleep

A powerful angelic stone, full of unconditional love and profound healing, Celestite is my friend’s favorite. He says the calming crystal brings him closer to his spiritual awareness, connects and balances all the upper chakras, and opens his heart to receive love.

He’s right. Celestite helps you connect deeper into yourself and your awareness of who you are. When you feel connected to yourself and calm in that space, then sleep is never an issue. Lay Celestite crystals down your heart center while lying in bed or keep a piece of this stone nearby. The power of this calming crystal power will find you.

#8. Calming crystal: Lepidolite Helps All Night

calming crystals, soothing crystals, crystals for sleep

Lepidolite is probably the number one choice of all the sleep assist crystals and it’s definitely one I love.

You could say that it has the trifecta of calming and healing abilities. It quickly eases stress and anxiety, even in the most troubled times. The calming crystal brings calm and order to an overactive mind, and has an amazing ability to help you to feel safe and secure no matter what the circumstances.  

Whether you suffer from all these things or not, I think Lepidolite should be on every bedside table.

#9. Calming crystal: Smoky Quartz

calming crystals, soothing crystals, crystals for sleep

If you’re feeling floaty, stressed, anxious and struggling to calm down, then Smoky Quartz will really help you.

This grounding stone dispels negative energy and has a wonderful ability to help heal negative emotional blocks that might be keeping you awake. It’s also a powerful stone of manifestation. Holding this calming crystal while you fall asleep and thinking about your dreams and goals is a wonderful exercise.

Smoky Quartz helps you bring those dreams and goals into reality and bring you a soothing night's rest all at the same time.

Get The Rest You Need

My friend changed my life by telling me about calming crystals. I went from groggy and grumpy to productive, happy, and feeling rested all within a few weeks.

I pick and choose which stones I need for whatever I’m feeling, and you can too. There really is a crystal for everything that’s stopping you get the rest you need. If you’re having issues, crystals are what you need in your life. If you want to learn more about crystals, click here.


by Azuro Republic