Howlite – The Spiritualist’s Stone | Crystals And Their Meanings

Howlite is one of the lesser-known healing stones. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. It can be invaluable for seekers and the restless – whether that’s mentally or spiritually.

Artists getting in touch with their own creative minds would do well to keep a howlite stone at their desks – especially if they’re accessing their spiritual sides through lucid dreaming or taking other avenues into their subconscious to do so. If you know you have a calling in life but are having trouble articulating exactly what that calling is, or are running into roadblocks striving for it, a howlite stone can be a valuable companion.

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What is Howlite Stone?

The howlite stone is a borate mineral that’s found in just a handful of evaporate deposits around the world. It was first discovered in Canada. Since then, it’s been found in Turkey, Germany, Pakistan, Russia, the United States, and Mexico. Today, a large proportion of the world’s howlite comes from California.

The howlite stone usually forms in cauliflower-shaped deposits. Its most common color is white or cream, but it can also be green or blue. Thanks to its porous makeup and light coloring, it can easily be dyed different colors (and often is). In fact, much of what’s sold as turquoise is actually howlite stone that’s been dyed teal.

Howlite’s Healing Properties


crystals howlite, howlite meaning and uses, howlite healing properties, crystals and their meaning, howlite crystals, howlite stone, howlite Bracelet, crystals and their meanings

Physical Healing Properties

One of howlite properties, is a cure for insomnia, especially insomnia that stems from worry or restless thoughts. If you’re a restless sleeper, slip a bit of howlite stone under your pillow. It’s also known to bolster memory and a thirst for knowledge, making it excellent for students or anyone who’s striving to cultivate a new skill.

Many people also use howlite properties to promote healthy calcium levels in the body. This can benefit the teeth, bones, soft tissue, and help ease osteoporosis.

Emotional Healing Properties

But first and foremost, Howlite is a stone for the spiritualist and the emotional seeker. It’s extremely calming, increases patience, and can help soothe rage and anger if kept on your person. In fact, it’s said to absorb not only your own anger, but also anger and negativity directed towards you. It can also help the wearer overcome tendencies to be hypercritical or selfish, instead accentuating the carrier’s positive character traits.

Howlite properties are also an effective stone for artistic expression in all its many forms. It facilitates the flow of inspiration and creative thoughts, connecting you to your higher conscious (which is closely tied to your creative mind). And for the general seeker, Howlite properties can help you identify, articulate and go after your ambitions, whether they’re physical, creative, spiritual.

Spiritual Healing Properties

The strongest of howlite properties are its spiritual powers. It’s often seen as a link to spiritual planes, particularly for accessing past lives and astral traveling or projection. You’ll often find your mind open and ready for spiritual wisdom and insights, ready to receive knowledge.

As a calming stone, the spiritual doors that howlite properties open tend to be ones linked to healing. Expect to be drawn to release attachments from old pains or traumas. If you’re connecting to memories from past lives, expect to unpack baggage from those experiences. Howlite properties there to help you process the emotions, find peace, and move on. It’s also an excellent meditation aid.


The Howlite bracelet can bring clarity, facilitates awareness and stimulates desire for knowledge.

Howlite as a Zodiac Birthstone

The Howlite stone is known as the birthstone for Geminis. Geminis are closely attuned to the air and the spiritual realm, delicately walking the line between matters of the spiritual and the physical. This is exactly what howlite meaning is all about, so Geminis may find the howlite stone to be perfectly harmonious with their inner selves. Howlite’s contrasting white or cream coloring with its grey or black veins will speak to the duality of a Gemini’s nature.

Chakras Associated with Howlite Properties

crystals howlite, howlite meaning and uses, howlite healing properties, crystals and their meaning, howlite crystals, howlite stone, howlite Bracelet, crystals and their meanings

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra serves to help you find and speak your truth. It’s bound to communication and self-expression. A significant part of this is self-reflection, spiritual healing, and being aware of your emotions and processing them as they arise. As a deeply spiritual stone, howlite properties can be instrumental in helping you find your truest voice.

Crown Chakra

As a highly spiritual stone, it’s no wonder howlite meaning is associated with the crown chakra. The crown chakra is a place of high energy, a connection to spiritual realms. The Howlite stone clears the pathway for other stones to work together, helping you access your highest self. Pair it with other stones to help build you up to the best version of yourself. 


Most people who are interested in crystal healing are intimately familiar with some kind of spiritual practice. Howlite can be an excellent addition to your healing stone repertoire. If you choose to use howlite, remember to cleanse and recharge it regularly to help it be as useful to you as possible. Cleanse it under running water, then recharge it alongside quartz.


by Azuro Republic