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Beautiful Bracelet

I was so amazed at how quickly my order had arrived. The packaging was so well packed. Boxes looked so pretty. My amazement when I saw the bracelet. Very pretty indeed. It’s a gift for someone special.

Likes: Color of stones, quality are all amazing.
Products: Hades or Anubis inspired themes.
Great Product Compass Limited

I am thoroughly pleased with the bracelet I received. The stones as well as the color and quality are amazing.

Likes: Great description of the bracelet on the website which matched the product perfectly.
925 Silver Evil Eye/Red Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelet

Excellent quality and appearance. Also a perfect size

The Purple Heart | Amethyst Beaded Bracelet

Likes: The bead size and the Azuro team attention to detail. Great communications!
Improvements: My only thought, I am a very active person outdoors hiking, biking, etc and I am a little concern about the hasp connection. Stronger in some way
Perfect Fit

The fit is perfect and quality amazing. I appreciate your attention to detail and your concerns for sizing especially for big guys, I love my bracelet!
Thank team Azuro !

Repair and Resize

My 6th transaction with them and couldn’t be happier, not only are they incredible FAST but the work is outstanding as well as the quality of the craftsmenship. I’m already looking at my 7th now

Nice bracelet

The quality is impressive and perfect fit

Red Leather Bracelet
Lachezar Dyakov
Likes: I like the design of the product, also the leather used to make iit.
Improvements: The price :)
Products: I like the current design of the bracelet.

I like the bracelet a lot.


Excellent craftsmanship and the stones used are flawless. Extremely happy with my purchase!

Likes: the quietly of communication
Improvements: your doing great
The Silver Blue Evil Eye Hematite Bracelet

Outstanding work and service.. I will definitely buy agin and this my 3rd purchase...

Improvements: Nothing
Products: I am thinking about a stainless steel bead cowboy hat band.
Silver Teardrop Bracelet

I really like my new bracelet. I think it goes well with my other bracelets or stand alone. It’s perfect.

Mark Maron
Likes: EVERYTHING since day one
Improvements: Just keep doing what you do
Medical ID Bracelet

Amazing, beyond amazing bracelet. You worked with me all the way and i am thrilled

Likes: Everything
Improvements: Nothing
Products: Stainless Steel hat band maybe
The Teardrop Chain is perfect.

I will be sending a more in depth review this weekend. I just want to say the Customer Service and Design Team are amazing.

Brown Leather Bracelet
Allan Woodfield

Brown Leather Bracelet

Great Customer Service!

The customer service was wonderful! I received a follow up email to my order with questions about the size I ordered (husband has large wrist), and it included clear directions for how to measure so that I would get the correct size bracelet. They confirmed receipt of my response so I wan’t left wondering, and I received my bracelets very quickly. They are beautiful and the quality is very good. I highly recommend this company!

Products: 7 Chakra Bracelet

Effortlessly looks good with semi-formal or casual wear

Products: 7 Chakra Bracelet

Eos| Gold Enamel Black Bracelet

Improvements: Stringer band
Bracelet broke

Very nice quality but it snapped right when I put it on.

Dear Christopher,

I'm Emma from the Azuro Customer Service Team. Thank you for reaching out to us, and I'd like to extend my apologies for the issue you've encountered with your bracelet from order #228520AZ24RP.

We genuinely regret any inconvenience this situation has caused you, as our primary goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction with your purchase.

Could you provide some photos of the remaining beads and string for our reference so we could refer the matter to a stringing consultant in the hope of making necessary improvements on the same?

To address this matter promptly, we are more than willing to create a new bracelet for you. We will expedite the production process to minimize any further delays, and the new bracelet will be shipped to you at no additional charge once it's completed. As for the existing bracelet, please feel free to keep it; there's no need to return it to us.

Please confirm if the shipping address remains the same. Meanwhile, is the bracelet a perfect fit? Do you think we should add or remove any beads?

Your feedback is incredibly valuable as we continuously strive to enhance our service. If you require assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. I am here to provide you with personalized support for all your needs.

Thank you for your understanding, and we eagerly look forward to resolving this matter to your utmost satisfaction.

Thank you and warm regards,
Emma | Azuro Customer Service Team

Likes: I liked the product and customer service.
Improvements: Nothing
Products: A man’s necklace in gold and/or silver that is sturdy enough to be worn in everyday active use, such as sport, sailing, etc. Something with a pendant that could be meaningful, not an animal, but maybe a compass rose. I don’t know, maybe something that embodies a man’s journey. I’m not creative enough for ideas. Haha

The bracelet was exactly what I wanted. It also is exactly what was advertised. I wanted to to add that the customer service was the best! I sent them several correspondence regarding the merchandise. They not only answered my questions, they sent out pictures and provided additional information beyond what I asked for. At one time, in the beginning, I was not able to get what I wanted. Customer Service reached out to me and made sure I got exactly what I was looking for. During shipping I was constantly notified where my package was. I was also surprised how quickly I received my package. The packaging of my bracelet was put together very well and showed me the pride Azuro-Republic took in their merchandise. When I examined my bracelet I could see the quality and craftmanship that went into making it. I would recommend to anyone to use this company.

Improvements: I'm happy. I'll contact if any concerns.
Custom Pendant Necklaces & Gold Tiger Eye Necklace

If anyone is curious about the quality of a custom item, rest assured that the team of designers will not fail to impress you with their designs. If you are not sure what to expect, I'm here to tell you to expect quality. Always a pleasure working with this team. Still my go to option for jewelry.

Likes: Quality, refinement
Improvements: Restock more items
Products: More selection of rings
Well crafted classic and refined

The box is exceptionally well made, from its seamless design, down to its elegantly crafted and refined exterior. This box offers class and a perfect storage solution for your beautiful Azuro adornments.

Great service and quality

Improvements: Customs opened the package and the nice box that it comes in was damaged by carrier or customs.
Dragon Claw Bracelet

Very well made and a good looking quality men's bracelet that is well weighted and sized.

Improvements: Drop your prices be reasonable

I was expecting more for the price that I payed. Gold clasp not as solid as it was told to me it was by chat. The bracelet is nice but very very overpriced and same as the other bracelet I purchased the Kratosi nice but very overpriced
You have a great website nicely presented good European name and based in China great deceiving operation
I don’t mind paying as you can see I spent$1500 but was expecting much more for that money
Will not buy again

Dear Danny,

This is Emma from Azuro Republic Customer Service Team. Thank you sincerely for sharing your thoughts about your recent purchases. Your candid feedback is vital, and I want to assure you that we take your concerns seriously. I apologize for any discrepancies in conveying the quality of our products, particularly regarding the gold Laurel clasp. We are committed to providing a high standard, and I understand the importance of clarity in our communications. Your disappointment is genuinely felt, and we want to rectify this situation promptly.

To provide clarification, we assure you that the Laurel clasp is made of solid 18K gold, and our products undergo meticulous craftsmanship in Taiwan, adhering to stringent quality control processes. We do not source or manufacture our items in China. Our global presence includes offices in the UK, the US, Germany, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Each of our designs is entirely original, taking up to 10 months from the initial sketch, 3D designing, wax module creation, metal module crafting, to the final stages of polishing, handcrafting, and fine-tuning. This comprehensive process, from design inception to manufacturing, reflects the dedication of our tireless team.

Furthermore, I also want to clarify that the total for your order is USD 894, and I'm uncertain about the discrepancy in the cost you mentioned. If there's any confusion or discrepancy, we would like to investigate this matter thoroughly to ensure transparency in our pricing. In consideration of potential customs fees, we comprehend the intricacies of international laws and have taken steps to divide your order into two packages, aiming to mitigate the impact of Australian customs fees. Nevertheless, despite our efforts, your order may still be liable for VAT, import duties, and/or taxes, especially for the solid 18k gold product.

Your feedback about the chat conversation is duly noted, and I want to investigate further to understand how we can improve. Could you please provide additional details about the specific issues you encountered? This will aid us in tailoring a resolution that aligns with your expectations. Should there be specific expectations or adjustments you had in mind, please do not hesitate to share those details with us. Your satisfaction remains our top priority, and I'm committed to ensuring we address your concerns effectively. We genuinely appreciate your patronage and look forward to your response.

Thank you and warm regards,
Emma | Senior Manager of Azuro Customer Service Team

Likes: Originality
Improvements: Keep up the amazing work.
Products: A Grizzly Bear!
Harvest Bracelet

This is my 7th Azuro bracelet and it is more specular than the last. The designers have out done them selves again.
I endorse all of their product from quality, originality and care in the design of the product.