The 10 Best Crystals for Love & Attraction in 2024

My friend recently bombed an important job interview and broke up with his girlfriend – in the same day. We had plans to meet up that afternoon and he showed up dejected and, unsurprisingly, feeling horrible.

Luckily, I was able to suggest a few of my favorite crystals for love. He was feeling pretty down on himself and his prospects for future relationships, so I suggested some crystals for self-love and crystals to attract love into his life.

Why Do You Need Crystals for Love?

Love is a powerful thing. When we have it, we feel invincible. When we don’t, it’s easy to slip into feeling lonely and hopeless. Crystals for love can be a powerful tool to open ourselves up for new relationships, heal a broken heart, or support an existing relationship.

But attracting romance isn’t the only important part love plays in our lives. Nurturing self-love is one of the best ways to feel stronger and more resilient. It’s often hard to feel fulfilled or close to others when you’re fighting inner demons. Crystals for love can help you fight those demons, helping you feel more confident and letting you enjoy your life.

Which healing crystal is your best companion?

Howlite - The spiritual crystal
Howlite is the stone of artists. Made for those who want to connect with their creative side should consider howlite as a valuable companion – especially as it will let you have a broader perspective to facilitate more inspiration.
  • Physical: cures insomnia, bolsters memory,  strengthens bones.
  • Emotional: Increases patience, enhances self-awareness, facilitates creativity
  • Spiritual: opens spiritual wisdom, releases traumas. 

Obsidian - The protective crystal
Obsidian is perfect for protection. If you consider yourself a risk-taker, or simply want to reduce the negative energy, black obsidian is made for you. It helps to fight against negative energy and trauma, strengthens the body, and promotes introspection. 
  • Physical: Strengthens the body, relaxes the mind, absorbs negativity, improves sleeping
  • Emotional: Balances emotions, helps introspection
  • Spiritual: protects spirit, mirrors inner-self, prevents negativity, helps introspection.         

Lapis Lazuli - The soothing crystal
Lapis lazuli is the best stone for peace, connection, and communications. The properties help to release stress, anxiety, and depression. For the ones who reach for a connection with others or even the spiritual world, Lapis Lazuli is specially made for the connection you are searching for.
  • Physical: Heals pain, relaxes the nervous system, boosts the immune system
  • Emotional: boosts self-awareness, Eases depression, releases stress
  • Spiritual: heightens psychic abilities, strengthens the spiritual connection

Turquoise - The optimistic crystal
Turquoise is the crystal of friendship and love. For the optimistic souls that seek to protect themselves against evil and negative influences. Is a great crystal for instilling peacefulness within its wearers, as it strengthens moods against depression and exhaustion. 
  • Physical: treats respiratory system, heals immune system, brightens wisdom
  • Emotional: enhances optimism, strengthens friendships
  • Spiritual: Brings peacefulness, promotes self-realization

Amethyst – The Tranquil Crystal
Amethyst is the stone for healers. For those suffering from afflictions, whether they’re physical or spiritual – especially as it helps balance your energies and it's a great meditation aid.
  • Physical: Balances compulsion, treats afflictions, stops intrusive behaviors. 
  • Emotional: Promotes invigoration, Enhances responsibility, Brings peace.
  • Spiritual: Clears aura, balances, aiding meditation.

Tiger eye - The courageous crystal
Tiger eye is the stone of warriors. Made for the leaders, it enriches your courage and confidence, while maintaining your balance. A perfect companion if you’re going through a big change in life.
  • Physical: Energizes Body
  • Emotional: Releases anxiety, inspires confidence, enriches courage
  • Spiritual: Provides protection, inspires thinking, maintains balance

Red Jasper - The Vital Crystal
Red Jasper is the stone for the resilient. It is a stone of passion, excellent for healing and restoring the drive along with creating original ideas. It is also great for connecting with your vitality.
  • Physical: supports the circulatory system, strengthens the heart, soothes epilepsy.
  • Emotional: builds confidence, maintains balance, stabilizes emotion.
  • Spiritual: attunes fairness, inspires motivation.


The 10 Best Crystals for Lovecrystals for love, rose quartz

Crystals for love #1: Amethystcrystals for love

One of the first crystals for love is Amethyst. Amethyst is perfect when you’re preparing to find “the one.” Purple is often associated with self-worth and self-love and the stone is packed full of spiritual power, so it’s a fantastic choice to keep with you while you’re single and working on yourself. You never know when the right one will come along!

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Mixing with white jade and howltie the bracelet have protection healing properties and attract positive energy and absorb negativity.

Crystals for love #2:Rose Quartzcrystals for love

When we talk about crystals for love, the first crystal that comes in mind is definitely Rose quartz. Rose quartz’s blush color instantly brings to mind lovey-dovey feelings. It’s full of compassionate, feminine energy, so if you’re looking to get in touch with your softer side, you can’t go wrong with rose quartz in your arsenal.

Crystals for love #3:RhodoniteRhodonite, crystal for love

Rhodonite is all about romantic love – the good, the bad, and the complicated. Rhodonite is full of supportive energy when you’re handling the tough issues that come along with relationships. The mottled pink-and-black surface is a great reminder that nothing is perfect, and sometimes you have to stick it out to reap the benefits of something great.

Crystals for love #4: Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli, crystals for love

Another popular crystal as crystals for love. If there’s a patron stone for communication, it’s lapis lazuli. When you’re working on making your intentions known (or want to open yourself up to hearing and understanding another person), carry this breathtaking stone around with you. It’ll open you up to all the possibilities around you and help you bridge any communication gaps you might be facing.

Gold Lapis Lazuli Evil Eye

The Evil Eye bracelet is a symbol of protection and good fortune. Combined with Lapis Lazuli, the bracelet provide love and protection.

Crystals for love #5: CarnelianCarnelian, crystals for love

Carnelian is a stone of passion and zeal above all else. It’s a perfect companion when you’re trying to get a new relationship off the ground. And when you want to instill a bit of extra excitement in an old relationship, you’ll already have it alongside you to help. Carnelian seems to glow from within. Let that energy drive you to action and follow where your passions take you.

Crystals for love #6: RhodochrositeRhodochrosite, crystals for love

When you’re yearning for love but have a few things you need to work on in your own life beforehand, rhodochrosite invites you to unravel your layers and get to know yourself better. Carry it with you when you’re preparing yourself for something great.

Crystals for love #7: Agate

agate, crystals for love

Moss agate is particularly healing to the heart, helping you open yourself up to romance and the love of your dreams. Or grab a piece of blue lace agate to help you guide your personal growth journey, get to know yourself better, and prepare emotionally for your next big romance.

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Crystals for love #8: AventurineAventurine, crystals for love

When you want to move from surviving to thriving in your relationship with yourself or someone else, keep aventurine at your side.

Crystals for love #9: Obsidianobsidian, crystals for love

Usually when talking about crystals for love, Obsidian’s protective qualities can extend to romance and finding love. When you’re beset by negative energies and challenges to your journey, obsidian clears the way for success.

Crystals for love #10: Moonstonemoonstone, crystals for love

Dreamy and balancing, moonstone is known for reuniting lovers who have been separated due to heartbreak or circumstance.


After talking my friend through his bad day, he ended up tracking down a few crystals for love to help himself develop self-love, get over his breakup, and open himself up to new possibilities. Now, whenever we meet up, he tells me about how he uses his crystals to meditate and become his best self to prepare for his next relationship. In the meantime, I think he’s going to be okay. If you have some similar issues, don’t hesitate to pick up some crystals for love. You’ll be more than thankful for making a helpful decision.


by Azuro Republic