Amethyst – The Tranquil Transformation Crystal | Crystals And Their Meanings

Besides being beautiful, amethyst is a well-loved companion for those suffering from ailments, whether they’re physical or spiritual. Its dual purposes and constant relaxing energy make it the ideal companion for those navigating multiple trials at a time – whether they’re trials of the body or the mind. Learn about the amethyst meaning alone.

What is the Amethyst Meaning?

The Amethyst Crystal can be found all over the world, including Mexico, Brazil, Morocco, Australia, Uruguay, Canada, East Africa, India, Russia (especially Siberia), and the United States.

Amethysts are geodes, rocks that seem plain and unassuming on the outside but harbor crystals in the cavity. Scientists aren’t completely sure how the amethyst crystal – or any other geode, for that matter – forms, but the general school of thought is that a cavity inside a rock forms first. Later, that cavity fills with crystals.

There are a ton of varieties of amethyst, so it stands to reason that it also comes in a range of colors, from pale lilac and lavender to deep violet and purple.

Amethyst meaning is associated with complete physical, mental, and spiritual metamorphosis. The amethyst meaning is believed to helps balance the energies of the mental, physical, and emotional selves to find harmony (more on amethyst’s properties later in this article).

As a vibrant geode, the amethyst crystal should never be cleansed and recharged in the sun; this will fade the color. Instead, if you choose to use amethyst in your personal practice, cleanse it once a month under running water. Leave it overnight to dry and recharge alongside hematite stones. Then you’re ready to go!

Amethyst Healing Properties


Amethyst is an extremely well-rounded, multipurpose crystal. It’s an excellent multitasker for those on a physical, as well as a spiritual, journey. Let’s learn about the amethyst meaning on healing properties now.

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Amethyst properties: Physical

Amethyst meaning on physical healing properties is commonly used to treat physical ailments with a wide range of problems and sources, including:

  • Circulation

  • Animal bites

  • Diabetes

  • The endocrine system

  • Headaches

  • The immune system

  • Metabolism

  • Pituitary gland

  • Posture

  • The digestive system

Some people even use amethyst properties to make elixirs to manage arthritis. It’s also seen as helpful for people who struggle with addiction or compulsive behaviors, which is why it’s often used to support people as they quit smoking.

But amethyst meaning on physical properties aren’t limited to treating ailments. It’s also often used to ward off danger and threats of violence, attract justice, and protect against crime and thieves.

Amethyst properties: Emotional

You can tell just by looking at a piece of amethyst that its soothing color and pleasing demeanor are rife with emotional benefits. Keep a piece of amethyst on your bedside table, the amethyst properties help with overcoming nightmares. Bring it with you on study sessions to aid concentration.

Amethyst meaning is known to promote stability, invigoration, peace of mind, and strength. It also enhances one’s ability to manage responsibilities, making it ideal for anyone who has a lot on their plate. But it’s not simply the workman’s stone. While offering those productivity benefits, amethyst properties also will help you keep a steady temperament as you go about your day. It soothes and calms while helping clear away unhelpful and negative energies, as well as helping fade away behaviors that no longer serve you.

Amethyst properties: Spiritual

A mystical crystal, the amethyst meaning is said to provide a strong connection between the earth and other worlds. This makes it excellent for clairvoyance and past life correspondence. It protects not only against physical attacks, but also psychic ones.

On a wider scale, the amethyst meaning is believed to help clear one’s aura. The amethyst meaning is associated with spirituality and contentment, helping transition low energies into higher frequencies – keeping you in touch with the best version of yourself. It’s a common meditation aid due to its association with the crown chakra (more on that later).


Amethyst as a Zodiac Birthstone


Amethyst complements Pisces, prompting calmness and healing. It also works well with other signs, since it’s in natural harmony with their nature.

February Birthdays

Nearing the end of winter, February has the potential to be a still, quiet, contemplative month. However, its brevity often makes it feel like a mad dash throughout as people scramble to complete everything they would in a regular month in fewer days. For those celebrating birthdays during this paradox, an amethyst birthstone offers a boost of relaxation and intuition.

Dragon Claw Bracelet With Amethyst, Obsidian

The Dragon bracelet is a designer series. Every scale is crafted to showcase craftsmanship. Azuro dragon claw bracelet with Amethyst and Obsidian brings power and wealth to the wearer.

Chakras Associated with Amethyst

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Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is located on the forehead, right between the eyes. It’s linked to the face, eyes, nose, and the five senses. It’s also the center of one’s psychic power and higher intuition. Because of this dual association, it’s no wonder the amethyst meaning is closely tied to it.

An open third eye chakra helps purify oneself of bad habits and selfish attitudes – a common use for amethyst. A blocked third eye can cause impatience, envy, and hypersensitivity to the opinions of others. Many people meditate with amethyst nearby to facilitate energy flow through this chakra. As a crystal associated with spirituality and full rebirth, it’s an excellent companion.

Crown Chakra

As a highly spiritual stone, there’s little wonder that amethyst is often used in crown chakra work. A crown chakra is a place of high energy and connection to the spiritual realms. Since amethyst properties are often used for past life correspondence, clairvoyance, and connection to other worlds, these purposes go hand in hand.

Now you know the amethyst meaning. It is an excellent companion for those undergoing any kind of transformation. And if you think about it, who among us isn’t going through some kind of transformation at any given time?


by Azuro Republic