A Breakdown on the Sideways Cross Meaning and Symbolism

I’ve been noticing this specific symbol around a lot of necks lately. Everyone seems obsessed with the trend of a sideways cross and adorns themselves with necklaces and rings. As usual, old Christopher wanted to decipher the sideways cross meaning and began to ponder. It was a nice piece of jewelry, and maybe, to some people, it was just that. However, I remained confused and wondered whether there was more to it. Perhaps something related to religion or culture? I decided to ask around to get the answers I desperately needed.

Sideways Cross meaning on religion 

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Since it is a cross, I assumed that it had something to do with religion. Thus, I went over to a religious friend to find out about the sideways cross meaning. He told me about two concepts:

  • Jesus’s Salvation:

According to some Christians, the inverted cross symbolizes Jesus achieving salvation. This is believed because when a cross is horizontal, it seems like it is being carried on someone’s back. This concept was linked to Jesus’s salvation as he struggled throughout his life and laid down the cross on his back.

To some, the sideways cross meaning is a remembrance of what Jesus had done, while to others, it is a symbol to display their religion and faith.

  • Humanity’s Struggle:

The other religious interpretation is based on humanity’s struggle. In this case, people believe that the sideways cross meaning is a symbol that displays that the Earth is lying between heaven and hell. The cross is meant to represent the struggles that humanity goes through in order to live according to the beliefs and practices that Christianity has set forth.

Sideways Cross meaning From Fashion wordsideway cross, sideway cross meaning

As I ventured towards my more fashion-oriented friends, I realized that the sideways cross meaning is much more different in the world of fashion. Here, people wear them as necklaces, bracelets, and rings but without religious significance. This isn’t the case for everyone, but many people choose to wear them because it's a trend that has no religious sentiment whatsoever.

The sideways cross necklace meaning may differ for many, but celebrities like Selena Gomez, Jennifer Aniston, Lucy Hale, Kelly Ripa, and many more have been spotting wearing a sideways cross. It is a new and refreshing look compared to traditional cross jewelry, which is why it has become so popular today.

Nordic Tradition for Sideways Cross meaning:

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While discussing the sideways cross meaning, one of my friends interrupted and said that Nordic tradition also holds the sideways cross very dear. In Nordic countries, it is referred to as the Nordic cross. It is found on the flags of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

It gained popularity due to the story that it fell upon Danish soldiers during a battle, which they later won. People believe that it was a sign that enabled them to succeed. Today, most people in Scandinavia consider it to be a symbol of Christianity, honor, and patriotism.

So, is it okay to wear the sideway cross if you’re not Christian?

It is entirely alright to wear the necklace even if you aren’t a Christian. Many people of different faiths have a different sideways cross meaning, and it is simply just a fashion piece with no religious significance. Because of this unanimous agreement of fashion, wearing the sideways cross regardless of religion does not cause any offense if the intention is purely for fashion and not religion. Many people wear it because of their faith, but there are no restrictions on who can wear one.

The sideways cross meaning is quite different based on your race or religion. However, there is one thing that I can safely conclude throughout my ventures. The same thing can have multiple opinions and uses. The sideways cross has become a symbol of different things for different people. It’s religious for Christians; for Scandinavians, it’s a symbol of patriotism, while people who only admire it and don’t fall into any category wear it for fashion. So, regardless of the cause, the sideways cross is a fascinating symbol with a deeper historical meaning or just a fashion staple.


by Azuro Republic