A Guide on Buddha Bracelets Meaning. The Secrets of Buddha Beads and Styling Tips

Life gets us all down, and it was something that I was certainly feeling.  Looking for something to help, I noticed a buddha bracelet that I had bought on a recent trip to Asia.  I’ve seen it many times, of course, but hadn’t thought of the buddha bracelet meaning until today.  And it got me thinking: could this actually be the solution to feeling better?

The history of the Buddha braceletBuddha Bracelet meaning

To learn the buddha bracelet meaning, we have to learn about the origin of Buddhism. Buddhism is all about becoming one with the concept that life is full of human suffering.  The theory is that meditation and reflection inside of yourself will help you to curb that negativity.  If you turn your attention inward, you can focus on that inner light and happiness no matter what goes on in the world around you.  It anchors you in a storm.

Buddhism is also a belief where human energy cannot be destroyed.  You simply move from one life to the next, and each one gives you the opportunity to use Buddhist principles to better the world around you through repelling darkness and spreading light, love, and spiritual guidance through meditation, prayer, and understanding the power of energy.

All of this is personified through the bracelet, though many lack the knowledge of how -- including myself -- until I started taking a closer look at the buddha bracelet meaning.

The usage and healing properties of the Buddha bracelet

Buddha Bracelet meaning

Traditionally, Buddha bracelets historically have had 108 beads on them, in addition to the larger Guru bead.  This is often represented by the Buddha head.  Modern day ones often are smaller, about 27 or 28 beads, in order to be worn easier.

The buddha bracelet meaning differs based on the beads. The beads all represent different things, and the colours of the beads themselves also hold significance.  Therefore, arming yourself with a quiet and subdued bracelet that contains the right kinds of beads is going to be important.  What’s right for one person may not be right for another.

The power of the Buddha head and Buddha head meaningBuddha Bracelet meaning

The meaning of the Buddha head is best explained by taking its meaning apart in meaning of the different features.
  1. The Ushnisha: This is the crown.  It is about how the Buddha has achieved enlightenment and wisdom.  It is intended as a spiritual piece.
  2. The Urna: This is the third eye in the forehead.  It implies a spiritual awakening and the ability to do so much more than what we see in front of us.
  3. The hair: This implies that balance can be difficult to achieve between indulgence and enlightenment.  It reminds us of the importance of holding the balance.
  4. The eyes: Always closed, or half-closed, this implies meditation.  It is crucial to helping us remember the importance of being mindful.
  5. The ears: Another crucial part of the meaning of the Buddha’s head, this reminds us of the importance of a spiritual connection and how a life served through serving others is worthwhile.
  6. The lips: This reminds us all that spirituality and meditation always bring peace and happiness.  No matter what suffering may come our way, spiritual faith will guide.

All of these things often will be a statue of Buddha.  However, it is now commonly recreated into jewelry as a way to bring it with you wherever you go.  This is where my Buddha bracelet comes in.

Discover Zen Style Buddha Bracelets

Two-faced Buddha/devil symbolizes there are two sides in every situation. Manifesting wisdom is to be compassionate and not to be judgmental. Zen is to meditate and to find the true wisdom or non-discriminatory wisdom within us.

The buddha bracelet meaning on different color stones

Remember how I mentioned that the bracelet contains different types and colours of beads that accessorize simply the Buddha head?  Different color results in different buddha bracelet meaning. What you have on your bracelet will determine the effects that it will have on you.  You must choose the bead type and colour carefully to make sure that you surround yourself with the right details.  It also helps remind you to stay on a certain path, which is really important when you want to better your life.  Take a look.Buddha Bracelet meaning

The Yellow buddha bracelet meaning symbolizes starting a new path.  It can also help you improve your communication skills with those around you and promote success in the workplace.  Many also agree that it will help you focus and enhance creative energies.  Beads of this colour include Citrine and Honey Calcite.

Buddha bracelet meaning on white beads are all about clarity. White or clear beads are going to promote clarity and healing.  It can help increase your wisdom and improve your inner energy for a strong focus on what is most important.  Howlite, Mother of Pearl and Clear Quartz are all common stones for this.

Green implies prosperity, optimism, good luck, and more.  You can find it in turquoise, moss agate and malachite, amongst others for your Buddha bracelet.

Representing courage, strength and clarity, red stones are great for keeping you focused on what matters.  Red jasper is especially helpful at putting all of these properties together for love.

Bringing fortune and hope to you, purple stones like amethyst are going to help surround you with some positivity that can benefit your day to day life. 

Blue stones, like lapis lazuli and sodalite are serenity stones. They will help you find calm aongsta storm and enjoy a sense of tranquility that is often required for meditation.

Rich in hue, black obsidian stones are going to work hard to protect you against the negativity that is around you, including your shadow.

Brown stones, such as tiger’s eye, will help you anchor to the earth and offer stability, warmth and serenity that comes from being at once with the planet. It all comes together

When I put on my Buddha bracelet, I wasn't sure if it was going to give the kind of effect that the literature talks about.  But it did.  After wearing it, I found myself more energized, clearer on where I wanted to direct myself, and simply feeling better.  Plus, the addition of the Buddha bracelet to my style was a great little touch that looked amazing and also was humble enough that it was like my little secret.  It really made the difference for me, so I thought I’d share and see if my story on buddha bracelet meaning can move someone else to take a look at the healing power of stones, energy, and Buddha as a leader.


by Azuro Republic