Is Dresses for Men the New Trend? Breaking the Boundaries and Stereotypes of Gender with Fashion.

The term “men” has mainly changed recently. Ever since more people began accepting gender fluidity, stereotypes have disappeared, and people continue fighting against the rules which dictate how men have to live.

One of these advancements is men’s dresses. Men have worn them for centuries, so why can’t we? So many big idols are working to break stigmas and showing that men can be and wear whatever without taking their masculinity away from them.

Dresses for men, when did it start?

Throughout history, we have seen men in dresses or skirts. The ancient Greeks wore a toga, equivalent to a short dress, and men from the Roman empire were known for their long dress like clothes and skirts. Old Albanians in the 19th century wore skirts as well. The elite wore them more, and they were considered a luxury. It goes as far back as cavemen when they first began creating clothes, and the idea of pants didn’t even exist. Dresses for men do exist.

Dresses for men, today:

Dresses for men should men wear dresses?

In some cultures, people fail to realize that there is nothing wrong with men in dresses. Many influential people have come forward to break the stigma so men can wear whatever makes them happy. A few celebrities who I highly appreciate are Harry Styles, Jaden Smith, and David Bowie. These men in dresses fight to make a change.

Harry Styles has been spotted wearing a dress on multiple occasions. He wore one while posing for Vogue, a fashion magazine that many people look at for fashion inspiration.

Dresses for men should men wear dresses?

Jaden Smith has spoken about how he wishes that people see him wearing a dress and feel like a guy’s dress exist. He posts multiple tweets such as “If I wanna wear a dress, then I will.” He hopes that even in schools, boys can choose to wear a dress instead of pants.

Dresses for men

David Bowie is a true legend in terms of breaking the male fashion norm. He was one of the first men who put on a dress with no warning to a public event full of media and photographers. He was always someone who went beyond rules that didn’t make sense and hoped other men would do the same and break out of society’s shackles.

Dresses for men, the new ‘’manly image’’

Dresses for men, can men wear dresses

Men are expected to act and be treated in a certain way. However, this will slowly change over time- it has already begun. I experienced this pattern. Back in the day, my grandad taught me how wearing a tie makes a man more eloquent. I disagreed because wearing a piece of fabric doesn’t show your respect. I will always respect him because of everything we built, but some things don’t work in today’s society. Men don’t wear ties to formal occasions with their suits, and some skip out on the suits. These unnecessary rules about men in dresses need to go too. The right way to start is by teaching men that men’s dresses are normal and dresses for men exist instead of giving in to societal norms.

Dresses for men, it’s settled: How to start?

Dresses for men

Dresses for men are the new trend, and it’s here to stay. So, how to jump into this trend even if you’re new or a little scared? Chris has got you covered. The best way is to make the transition slowly. I was able to do this by watching the way Harry styles made his transition:

  1. Add an accessory to your look:

Amongst his regular T-shirt and jeans on X-Factor, Harry would put on a scarf to display his appreciation for gender-neutral clothing.

  1. Follow the trends:

Harry would often wear suits with contrasting lapels or whatever the new trend was, like low slung jeans. This will help you feel like men’s dresses are a trend too.

  1. Jewellery and pastel colours:dresses for men

Harry began wearing bracelets and necklaces. He would also add a pair of pink sneakers, which people often considered a girly colour. Later he put on a tangerine sweater. Wearing colours that men don’t wear often is excellent.

  1. “Girly” accessories:

His next venture was jewellery that shone and gemstones. He would also wear something like a flower pin at the Today show. This made me so much more comfortable about the thought of being in a dress.

  1. Vibrant prints:

Harry moved on from plain outfits and explored patterns, styles and materials of all shapes and sizes. Hearts, stars, tie-dye, flowers, ruffles and so on. Later he transitioned to more colourful patterns too.

  1. The dress:Dresses for men

Everyone was starstruck after seeing the cover of Vogue with Harry’s picture on it in a dress. This was when everyone realized it was a problem. Seeing men in dresses should be normal.

This process is what made me feel comfortable putting a dress on and even wearing it in public. I didn’t feel scared to jump into it at all.

Dresses for men, the best dresses for men:

Need some help picking the best dress for men? I’ll tell you some of my favourites.

  1. Harris Reed:dresses for men

He is the star behind the Harry Styles Vogue dress. Her recent collection is a mermaid dress with plenty of stretch for any body type to fit in. He is gender fluid and hopes to eliminate gender roles- best for men who want to go all in.

  1. Charles Jeffrey Loverboy:dresses for men

Charles is a designer that you know if you’re into men’s dresses. He creates colourful showpieces, and many men model them in his fashion shows. My favourite is his Lolita fashion dresses which are great for men who love the colour.

  1. Kansai Yamamoto:dresses for men

This Japanese fashion designer may have passed, but he left behind a company that creates lovely Japanese clothing. This was the genius behind David Bowie’s multiple gender-fluid costumes and dresses which are great for people who prefer muted dresses.

  1. Art School:dresses for men

Art school brings a blend of Korean and goth in their new launch. The dresses for all those leather loving men. The brand models their dresses on men to show how good they look on them.

  1. Telfar:dresses for men

Telfar never has and will never shy away from diversity and gender neutrality. Their clothes are perfect if you’re making the transition to men’s dresses with solid colours and dresses that look good with pants.

  1. Eckhaus Latta:dresses for men

Although this brand doesn’t have many dresses for men, it’s worth mentioning because of the gorgeous shirts. Buy it in a few sizes larger, and it’s practically a dress. From tassels to lovely cuttings, they’ve got it all. If you’re a bit worried, try a unisex outfit first.

  1. Rick Owens:dresses for men

Rick Owens creates dresses with a little extra sass. The men’s dresses are really out there with breathtaking patterns and out of this world designs. Perfect for any man who loves being noticed.

  1. Louis Vuitton:dresses for men

This popular brand put a dress on Jaden Smith. Ever since, they’ve added unisex clothing to their fashion lines. They’re the perfect dresses for men and fall in the middle.

  1. Arturo Obegero:dresses for men

This designer is gender fluid and creates men’s dresses that are relatively tight but with a unique factor, like extravagant shoulder pads. Go for these dresses if you like simplicity with a little something extra.

  1. Nicopanda:

    dresses for men

Nicopanda makes vibrant dresses for men who stand out. My favourite is a see-through dress that was paired with a jacket. The brand loves putting men on the runway in clothes you usually see women wear.

Dresses for men, an opinion:

I think dresses for men needs to be the new norm. I think of myself as manly, but I want to portray my personality through my clothes. This dress doesn’t make me any less of a man. In the future, I hope that everyone has a similar opinion and try on a dress regardless of their gender. Of course, people should wear what they feel comfortable in, but the support of men in dresses should be everywhere.



by Azuro Republic