8 Reasons For Men To Wear A Bracelet | Should Men Wear Bracelets

We are living in an era where finding a meaning and creating a sense of purpose is crucial. The definition of luxury or style has no longer just with precious jewelries or designer collections. It has to be personalized and meaningful. We are looking for quality products with something unique to bond with.

Today, we are listing 8 reasons why men should wear bracelets. No matter you are for or against wearing bracelets, you shall still find some inspiration in this piece. Maybe you will become one of us that wear bracelets not just for the style. Cheers!

#1 Reason to wear a bracelet: Good conversation starter

You might have encountered this awkward situation. You are in a social gathering, a cocktail event, or even commuting to work but you just cannot find the right topic to start a conversation.

Why? The world has leaded toward uniformity among people, same style of suits or dresses, branded watches or similar makeups and hairstyle. It is hard for you or others to start a conversation when we “look the same”. But with a personalized bracelet, things might be all different.

“ That is a nice bracelet, where did you get it from?” or

“ I like the bracelet, great match with your tie.”

As simple as it is, you start a great topic. Now, a lot of you complain that you don’t get “approach” enough in an event. The chances are you are dressing too formal. Are you always with a customized made suit, a branded watch and a serious face? You might be surprised we asked over 200 women in different occasions and the answer appears the same.

“ They look so formal. I don’t want to embarrass myself over the crowd. “

“ I don’t know anything about men’s wear. I don’t want to make a comment on their watch, it makes me like a gold digger or something.”

Women are even more self- conscious than men. So please give them something, something easier to start a conversation with you. You will be surprised the times you get approach.

should men wear bracelets

#2 Reason to wear a bracelet: Show your personalities and characteristics

This may be a no-brainer for those who wear bracelets. Different colors, different materials can all represent different personalities. I don’t leave my house without at least one bracelet…. A ritual for me. There are many types of bracelets, stings, leather, gemstones, silver or gold bracelets. They can all be fun to wear and have different meanings.

I recommend you to check out gemstone bracelets. With the process of different formations, they compressed histories into unique pieces. Every gemstone has different representation, like balance, intelligence, ambition, courage, gratitude.

should men wear bracelets

Gem obsidian (guardianship and braveness) - Founded in the ancient volcano of Arizona and New Mexico in the United States. It is said that a legion of Indian warriors were ambushed by enemies, and unfortunately they did not survive. When their family receives the news, the tears of their lovers fell off and turned into the Obsidian gem.

Gem hematite (ambition) – Hematite is composed by iron oxide. In ancient Spartan, they used mount hematite stone onto their armors as decorations for signs of protection. Spartan was considered the most powerful and ambitious warrior in their times.

Gem Lapis Lazuli (Generosity) – It was founded in Afghanistan 6000 years ago. Lapis Lazuli has the color of blue sky decorated with bright stars, that symbolizes the sky being able to tolerate everything within the universe. This implies the user possessing the quality of unselfishness and generosity.

should men wear bracelets

#3 Reason to wear a bracelet: It can be stylish

The younger generation, now wears bracelet to look “cool”. They associate bracelets or accessories as stylish items. People wearing bracelets usually are more detailed oriented. Next time if you see someone wearing bracelets, check their socks or tie, they might just happen to match their bracelets.

We have also been seeing more police and law enforcement wearing Paracord bracelets. It is light but the material is strong, and it provides a masculine and fashionable look. Wearing bracelets is another way to show a little favor of “YOU”.

should men wear bracelets

#4 Reason to wear a bracelet: To improve your health

A bracelet with gemstones obtains energy and it can heal mental and physical issues. It balances your yin and yang, and absorb negativity and attract positivity. Minerals and crystals are formed with extreme pressure and temperature, they have been used for medical purpose for thousands of years. What’s important is to choose the gemstones that fit you.

Always consult a learned Astro-Gemologist or Astrologer for this purpose. Based on the planetary positions in your chart, he will also be able to suggest the best sequence to wear the gems in case more than one suits you. You don't have to believe it now, and you should not if it’s new for you. My suggestion, Try It Out. Be opened minded and things might surprise you.  

should men wear bracelets

#5 Reason to wear a bracelet: To represent your social status and as a group identity

Bracelets can be a part of your identity in a group sometimes without you noticing it. Athletes wear string bracelets to wish them good luck. Artists wear gems bracelets to have a balanced mind. People associate us with thing we do and items we wear.

In a society where first impression is built on what we wear, I used to travel at least two times a month, and I observed something interesting. The better you dress with a good piece of jewelry, the more likely you are to get an upgrade to business class.

Try it next time. Wear a nice shirt, a pair of loafers, and some gemstone bracelets during departure. You may just get your first-time upgrade.

should men wear bracelets

#6 Reason to wear a bracelet: A meaningful and inspirational item

Nowadays. We all record moments in life with Facebook or Instagram stories. Memories are not just about a video or few images, they are feelings, they are moments that touch your heart.

We tattoo what meant a lot to us, and write diary to record our moments.There are many of us wear personal accessories and jewelries as a motto or reminder of our past. A customized bracelet can be stylish and meaningful. 

A gemstone bracelet can be a gift from your girlfriend reminding you to be happy everyday; or a present from your best friend that passed away in an accident reminding you never forgetting your dream…. I know it is a bit dramatic. You will give your own reasons to the bracelet.

should men wear bracelets

#7 Reason to wear a bracelet: A reminder what is important and to gain self discipline

People tend to forget things or to live back in our old habits. It is hard to start a new habit or to gain self-discipline. Perhaps you are one of us, making  resolutions but just can't follow up on them. This year, start it differently - Wear A Bracelet.

A bracelet we can see and wear everyday will serve as a constant reminder. When you brush your teeth in the morning, you see your bracelet; or when you read before bedtime, you see your bracelet. See a bracelet as a medium to rituals or new habits.

Today, find a new way of creating and engaging changes.

should men wear bracelets

#8 Reason to wear a bracelet: It is a trendy thing to do

We look at Hollywood stars, singers, or professional athletes, and many of them all wear bracelets for their own purposes.

Look at some of them and how they dressed up. Find your inspiration.

should men wear bracelets


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