Best Types of Bracelets Lists – The Ultimate Bracelet Guide for Men 2024

One accessory item that we can wear with any style is bracelets. Bracelets are wrist jewelry that people have become fond of in recent years. Understandably so, because bracelets are a fantastic piece of accessories to add to our outfit, it's essential to choose the best bracelet to go along with our look. It can either uplift our entire look or make it worse. Since there are many different types of bracelets in the market, it's pretty challenging to learn all about them at once. However, we've summarized a few of them here in this article so that everyone can get familiar with all the different types of bracelets there are. 

Chain Bracelets

types of bracelets, bracelets types

Although there are several types of bracelets, one type is the chain bracelet. These have clasp closures and contain metal loops that are linked to each other forming a chain. They're usually made of metals such as silver and gold, and in turn, are the same colors as the metal name. Bracelets fashioned from these chains are trendy amongst men and are usually their first choice. This is because chain bracelets are straightforward yet elegant- exactly what men want.

Beaded Bracelets

types of bracelets, bracelets types

Beaded bracelets are one of the most versatile types of bracelets present. This is because they range in both material and color. People have often noticed how they are perfect for meditation and act as spiritual jewelry like this gold classic obsidian bracelet or this silver classic lapis lazuli bracelet. Besides being beautiful, they also have many other benefits. The gold obsidian bracelet will shield us from any bad luck or negative energies, and the silver lapis lazuli one has several healing properties. 

Animal Themed Bracelets

types of bracelets, bracelets types

Animal-themed bracelets are a fan favorite- especially loved by animal enthusiasts. No matter how big or small the animal may be in real life, animal-themed bracelets provide us with a way to keep our favorite animals close to us. With the growing interest in jewelry that conveys messages about strength and power, these bracelets top the list. The bull turquoise obsidian stainless steel bead bracelet is one such bracelet. It is a symbol of prosperity and wealth and is one of the best stainless-steel bracelets available. 

Box Chain Bracelets

types of bracelets, bracelets types

Box chain bracelets have a very classic but elegant style of link. They make use of boxes to form the basis of a sleek bracelet chain link style. One popular box chain bracelet product in the market is the Men's silver large box chain bracelet by Neiman Marcus

Woven Chain Bracelets

types of bracelets, bracelets types

Woven chain bracelets are durable and sophisticated, which is why people tend to like them so much. The woven chain bracelet in blue by David Yurman proves this point as it can complement and make any look much better. 

Leather Bracelets

 Leather bracelets are worn by anyone and everyone who wants to make a statement. Whether we wear it as a basic leather strap or add some charms to it, we'll always look cool. Made from high-quality materials, the Harpoon leather bracelet satisfies the needs of all fashion-forward people. 

Braided Leather Bracelets 

types of bracelets, bracelets types

These are made by weaving strands together to create a unique look. Leather is already a material that most people prefer, and these braided bracelets take it up a notch. The Hugo boss bracelet looks great on all genders- especially if styled well.

Leather Wrap Bracelets

types of bracelets, bracelets types

Casual yet sophisticated, this bracelet features two or more leather bands held together by a silver label charm. The layering effect adds to its beauty and is perfect for any occasion. A very cheap option is to get this handmade leather wrap bracelet and match it with the print on your bag. 

Macrame Bracelet

types of bracelets, bracelets types

The fibers or cords are knotted in this type of bracelet to create a very mesmerizing look. They're gorgeous to look at both on and off your hand. This macrame bracelet is very lightweight, so it's entirely up to us if we want to use just one or several at a time. 

Nautical Bracelets

types of bracelets, bracelets types

In trend at the moment, nautical bracelets are one of the gorgeous types of bracelets. The anchor bracelet by Elegatto is easy to wear and goes beautifully well with whatever we're wearing. This specific product is also waterproof and fast drying. 

Compass Bracelets

types of bracelets, bracelets types

Compass bracelets add a tiny yet distinct feature to your wrist. As someone who's generally a fan of compasses and loves learning about directions, this fits my personality best. Even if someone isn't like me, this compass gold bracelet will dare you to experiment with different types of bracelets. 

Minimalistic Bracelets

types of bracelets, bracelets types

Many people think that it's very dull to wear minimalistic jewelry, especially minimalistic bracelets. However, this isn't true. Less vibrant colors and a very simple bracelet with a fancy outfit give off a very sleek look that could not be achieved otherwise. 

Streamline Minimalistic Bracelets

types of bracelets, bracelets types

Our fashion sense has recently been gravitating towards clean lines and elevated simplicity while the same pattern repeats, and the streamline minimalistic bracelet proved to be the best for us. The streamlined, minimalist leather bracelet by Laa Nova made all our dreams come true with its impressive design. 

Bangle Bracelets

types of bracelets, bracelets types

Bangle bracelets are rigid with no opening, meaning that we have to slide them over our hands. They're loose and tend to move quite a bit. Although it's possible to wear just one, several people layer a couple of them on as well. The love bracelet by Cartier was a gorgeous addition to our collection. 

Cuff Bracelet

types of bracelets, bracelets types

These are pretty similar to the bangle bracelet, except that they're inflexible with an opening. They come in a variety of different sizes that we can style according to our needs. Want a bold and confident look? The cable classic cuff bracelet would be a great option.


No matter how we envision our look, jewelry will always be a vital part of it. Most people tend to forget that a suitable bracelet can tie the entire look together as long as you choose the best bracelet from the different types of bracelets to go with your outfit. It can either make or break our outfit. As we have seen, some types of bracelets give off a boho vibe while others might be more simple and timeless. 

We need to choose our accessories wisely when we're deciding what to wear. Just as we take time thinking about what outfit will be best for a specific occasion, we should also be giving time to learn more about bracelets as they're an essential part. One personal favorite bracelet is the gold deer obsidian garnet bracelet with a gold connector because of how stunning and powerful it is. 



by Azuro Republic