How To Wear Bracelets With A Watch | 10 Tips Wearing A Watch With Bracelets You Don't Want to Miss

How to wear your watch with bracelets? It is "the" question that has been talked about too many times. I have been wearing watches all my life. Layering bracelets with a watch has become a phenomenon, more so just a style. Over these years, I learned how bracelets become more than an accessory but who you are.

I have seen a suited wall-street banker, around 50, with his Patek 5711 blue dial and wore a blue Lapis Lazuli beaded bracelet to highlight his wrist. I have seen a backpacker wearing an Apple watch with both wrists with three different types of bracelets in the Bali, Indonesia airport. It looks nice and stylish, and I have to give them that.

Based on years of experience and insights from various top editors and influencers. I want to dive into "how men should wear their watch with bracelets" from a few perspectives.

  • 7 Beginner tips on wearing your watch with bracelets
  • 3 Pro-tips on wearing your watch with bracelets
  • Styling ideas for watch with bracelets on different occasions
  • How to style bracelets with luxury watches
  • How to style bracelets with Apple watches

7 Beginner tips on wearing your watch with bracelets

  • Keep bracelets to a minimum 

No.1 principle. Keep it to a minimum. If you are not Tom Hardy or David Beckham, walking pheromones, don't try to stack your bracelets with a watch or don't even try to stack your bracelets.

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  • Stick with one arm

Wear a watch with ONE bracelet on one wrist. If you are only getting used to wearing a bracelet, you don't want to overly match different accessories. Keeping your watch matches with one bracelet can already bring much more attention to the crowd.
  • Match materials

This could be a no-brainer, but many of us may forget, sometimes neglect. A leather band watch goes with leather bracelets, a metal band watch goes with metal bracelets, a gold watch goes with a gold chain or gold beaded bracelets, and vice versa.

<Silver Classic Howlite Bracelet>

Watch with Bracelets: Match Materials

Our classic 925 silver beads matches with silver watches perfectly. We bring you this howlite bracelet, a wardrobe essential for every gentleman.

  • Don't be too extra

Before styling your watch with bracelets, you first need to decide who is the main character. If you wear a gold Audemars Piguet's Royal Oak, you can simply match a 4mm gold beaded bracelet. If you wear a VC Traditionnelle 82172, a low-key gentleman type of watch, you could match one leather bracelet and a gold beaded bracelet.

  • Go with similar colors

Aside from matching the materials, you can always find a little more detail to match your watch with bracelets. If you have a blue dial watch, you can match your watch with a bracelet of Lapis beads. If you wear a dark brown band watch, you can match it with a beaded bracelet of tiger eye. Beaded bracelets have many colors or styles to match your watch.

<Gold Classic Tiger Eye Bracelet>

Watch with Bracelets: Similar Colors

The light brown and gold outlook of the bracelet has similar color as gold and bronze watches. They match with each other effortlessly, and is best worn with a darker warm color outfit.

  • Bracelets go before a watch

The use of these accessories closest to your hand guarantees that the bracelet and watch are mutually complementary and neither component takes the stage from the other. So, keep your bracelet before your watch. This will keep your bracelet from getting overshadowed by a bulky watch, and you’ll feel much more comfortable that way.

  • Give them spacing

A typical error made by many when combining a wrist with a watch is that the armbands are too near to the watch. This often results in making the bracelets hiding underneath the watch, which looks very odd. When wearing your watch and bracelets on the same wrist, the best method is to leave a small gap between each of them.

3 Pro-tips on wearing your watch with bracelets

If you have tried the beginner tips, it is time to get into the pro tips on wearing your watch with bracelets. If simplicity is the keyword for beginners then complexity is for the pros. 

In the world of pursuing individuality, many find wearing bracelets or accessories is the best way to showcase that. Celebrities have professional stylists to dress them up. 

What about you? Here are 3 tips for the pros on wearing your watch with bracelets.

  • Be bold

It's OK to make some mistakes when staking up bracelets. For pros, a watch is only a part of your accessories. Match it with 3 bracelets based on its material, color, and style. 

Remember the gold black dial Royal Oak in beginner you should wear only with ONE 4mm beaded bracelet? As pros, how would we match with 3 bracelets, a gold 4mm beaded bracelet matches the color, a 7mm black leather bracelet matches black dial surface, and a solid 6mm gold bangle engraved with small diamonds to match the white.

  • Mix Materials

There are over 20 types of commonly used metals for bracelets. Silver, gold, leather, crystal beads are among the most precise and stylish ones. Silver with gold bracelets has been very trendy in recent years, but just make sure you follow the 20/80 rules. I usually wear gold bracelets no more than 20% of my stacked wrist.

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  • Stack them up 

Stacking bracelets with your watch could be a tricky one. A good way to do it is to wear them on the opposite wrist of your watch. Remember stacking bracelets is art.

Here I would recommend 2 ways to wear them. One, the highlight mixing, is to focus on a bracelet and the rest of them have to be in smaller diameter or a similar color. Another, the parallel mixing, is to make a mix of three bracelets or up. Select only 4-5mm sizes bracelets, and the total length should not exceed 2.5 inches or 6 cm.

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Styling ideas for watch with bracelets on different occasions

  • Formal: 

On formal occasions, it is important to look sharp. To help you achieve this, you can try men’s watch with bracelets. We recommend a beaded bracelet with a luxury watch to make the latter steal the show or a metal bracelet with a sleek watch if you want an option where the bracelet is flashier.

Modern formal style: Watch with Bracelets

In formal occasion, express your style by layering ‘’beaded bracelets’’ with the watch is a good choice to make you look stylish and unique.

  • Outdoor: 

If you’re going outdoors, you’ll need to pick up something lightweight and easy to maintain. If this is your aim, go for a nylon band watch with some stainless-steel bracelets for optimal comfort. Stainless steel is a great metal for a bracelet as it is durable and resists corrosion and oxidation.

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  • Casual:

If you’re in the mood to look trendy on a casual day, pick up steel spacer beaded bracelets with a silver watch. The silver watch is perfect to contrast the steel shiny beaded bracelet. This watch with bracelets set are stylish to wear. You can also try knot bracelets with a watch with a nylon band. Knot bracelets are stylish and casual for people to wear. A watch with black nylon is perfect to style with knot bracelets.

Trendy and casual: Watch with Bracelets

Stainless steel spacer bracelet is not only durable ,resists corrosion but also fashionable. Go shine yourself, with your stylish bracelet and watch.

How to style luxury watch with bracelets:

  • Rolex watch with beaded bracelets

With large dials and a shimmering finish, Rolex speaks of abundance. The bracelets that you choose to couple with them should also be very modern and extravagant.  Some good ideas are silver beaded bracelets, gold beaded bracelets, or cuff bracelets. They are great options to wear with a Rolex.

Classy is your lifestyle: Rolex Watch with Bracelets

The Silver Classic Obsidian Bracelet is a must-have elegant men's beaded bracelet, made with a stunning translucid white jade stone. white jade stone has been valued since ancient times because of its abilities to bring luck business. When you wear it with luxury Rolex watch at work, it would keep you stay classy and positive.

Express your self: Rolex Watch with Bracelets

The luxurious tradition of the enamel work adds a subtle touch to the sophisticated gold enamel turquoise obsidian crystals, highlighting the black bead bracelet for men.

Luxury is in each detail: Rolex Watch with Bracelets

Classic Tiger Eye bracelet, made for those men in leadership positions, as the tiger eye stone helps you stay centered and calm despite the ups and downs. Wearing Tiger eye bracelet with Rolex watch is a way for you to experience quality.

  • Cartier watch with chakra bracelets

Cartier offers a vast collection of vintage and luxury watches. These can easily be made more striking with accessories. You can wear several bracelets with these gorgeous watches, but we recommend a chakra bracelet. It is a pretty good option to wear with a Cartier watch.

Be outstanding: Cartier Watch with bracelets 

Cartier represent high quality materials, genuine historical significance. And for historical Obsidian gemstone which is a crystal for men that helps clear your mind, these obsidian healing crystals can bring clarity and optimism.

Be charming: Cartier Watch with bracelets

Black Obsidian stone and Premium 925 Sterling Silver beads with exquisite handcrafted design make up the Silver Classic Obsidian bracelet that leads the gentlemen toward the path of braveness and truthfulness.

  • Audemars Piguet with gemstone bracelets

Audemars Piguet watches are usually sturdy and simplistic. This means that it's time to bring out all your fancy bracelets! The perfect watch with bracelets set can be created with their watches and a contrasting metal or maybe a few gemstones for those added sparkles. I love a gemstone bracelet with this watch.

Let yourself shine: bracelets with Audemars piguet

Audemars Piguet, one of the world's oldest high-end watch brands, embodies the Swiss tradition of watchmaking. And the Chrysanthemum bracelet is a harmonic mens beaded bracelet that strengthens emotional growth. As these two meaningful jewelry being worn together, you would let yourself shine through.

  • Patek Philippe with silver bracelets

When it comes to bracelets with watch, Patek Philippe has got you covered. Their large range of watches will help you find what you’re looking for. It’s best if you pair these beauties with a silver bracelet or two to create a wonderful watch and bracelet set.


How to style bracelets with apple watches

  • Leather bracelets

The ideal technique to make your Apple Watch accessory is by using fine bands. These dainty and delicate bracelets go well with the luxurious and chunky Apple Watch designer look. The simple, dainty pieces create a bold level of contrast, and if you opt for a bracelet with some prints, the unexpected patterns will draw more attention to your wrist.

  • Gold or silver bracelet

Gold and silver bracelets are stylish and timeless classics that work well for pretty much every watch. The nature of gold bracelets ensures a perfect blend of effortless and stylish. Whether it’s the Apple Watch or any other, you get to pair the bracelet with pretty much anything you’d like.

  • Beaded bracelet

The best bracelet for the Apple Watch is Azuro Republic’s beaded bracelets. They are the most elegant bracelets to wear with any watch, especially the Apple Watch. It is mostly available in silver shades, but they complete the all-black look of the smartwatch.


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