Mr. Decorum — The African story, told the African way.

The First Encounter With Mr. Decorum

Me and Pat a.k.a. Mr. Decorum’s relationship traced way back to the end of 2016.

Our first engagement was a conference call during my business trip to Dubai. I felt an instant connection of his passionate voice and visionary ideas. Johannesburg, the heart of South Africa is where Pat is bred. A man never accepts a path of being ordinary and shown compassion toward his African community.

An Ordinary Man Doing Extraordinary Things

Mr. Decorum is a registered accountant. As a corporate banker myself, I understand how busy an accountant can be, a pile of company data, quarterly financial, annual audited report. It can be a 20-hour working schedule for half of a year. Yet he and his wife, Mrs. Decorum a lawyer still find time for their fashion consulting business – MR. DECORUM.

“African does not lack style, we just need to embrace our identity.”

Embrace the African identity – is the African Footprint.

He has inspired many Africans in pursuing a better life, and to be proud of its own culture. It hits me with a new realization of what a consultant is and should be. A profession not just gives advice on how to match colors suits with trousers or what to dress with the current fashion trend, but guides people to appreciate who we are, teaches us that confidence should be beyond images and outfits.

A Story Told In The African Way

We get drawn to people that have the same scent. I guess that is why me and Pat have such a unique friendship. Two dreamers challenge the system, redefine what means to be a gentleman.

What I love about Pat is the passion to voice out the African Footprint, and the determination to continuously failing before success.

African footprint – is what I hear a lot from him.

What is the African footprint?” – I asked.

The African story told the African way.

There are many international brands in the world, but none of them are from Africa. Create the African Identity and integrate with global experience is the African Footprint.

In recent years, the African influence is a phenomenon in every global event, Paris New York fashion show, Pitti Umom in Florence.  Structure patterns, bright colors with a mixture of cultural decoration can all be the highlights.

A Side You Don’t Know About Pat

Aside from his laser-sharp focus of bringing the African Footprint to the Globe, Pat is also a fun, romantic and creative man. A-months-prepared proposes to the woman of his dream in Pitti Uomo 94.

From buying her favorite flowers and chocolates to setting up the “movie scene”. From the nerve-racking moment of the process to tear dropping happiness of her saying yes. This has been the highlight of the Pitti 94 and a lasting life moment for Mr. and Mrs. Decorum.  

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