Benn Bromley — ‘’Because style is all in the details.’’

After a period of understanding and contact, Azuro sincerely presents this stylish, adventurous, and unique friend to you.

Mr. Bromley, working in finance management, should have a regular and typical lifestyle. However, as his unique take on clothes and sensitive taste of styling, he’s also a menswear consultant. Got 2 years experience in consultancy, the gentleman from Brisbane has a “Daily Touch of Class”. (@dailytouchofclass)

But that’s not all. He’s also a shoe enthusiast and a man with aspiration to all around the world. Unique, edgy and versatile, Benn is a man who doesn’t follow a trodden path.

We had an an interview with him and found some points that people always are curious about. Let’s kick it off.

How to look at fashion

The answer towards this question is quite apparent in one of the question we discussed in the interview.

''What’s your fashion schedule like these days after work?''

‘’Every day is a full to the brim. It doesn't matter if I’m in the gym, going to work or going for a coffee the looks need to be fashionable.’’

To him, fashion is everywhere, it’s about lifestyle, wearing right clothes in the right moment, and also attitude. Fashion is everything.

''What’s your must do in styling yourself before going out?''

‘’I make sure my outfit is on point first and foremost. Start with a piece you really want to wear, or that will stand out for the event your going to and then my styling will revolve around that. Ie if I want to wear a particular shirt then I will chose the suit that matches, followed by the shoes.‘’

Benn also shared his styling tips with us, a rational and great outfit starts with a piece you really want to wear. Besides, body shape is also a crucial point in styling.

''Do you have any styling advice to those who has the same body shape as you?''

‘’Look for items that are NOT too tight. Bigger and muscular boys can fall trap to the tight off the rack clothing. Try and get items that will accentuate your upper body.
However, the biggest and best piece of advice for people of my body shape is simply this; Get pants with a longer leg, they make us look taller.’’

Footwear Enthusiast

Benn has up to a hundred pairs of shoes.

It’s sound amazing, but all of us know, like a small trickle that turned into a steady stream of obsession, if you really love something, you will get them as much as you can at any costs. Men’s shoe styles are more and more diverse, as well as the patterns are ever-changing. You can't resist a pair of shoes combining beautiful patterns, unique appearance, and a wonderful sense of fashion.

''How to choose which shoes to wear among a hundred up of them?''

‘’I generally try to ensure I show all my shoes equal love, but certainly some shoes are work shoes and some are weekend or going out shoes. So I will generally try and match them to my outfit as best I can on a rotational basis.’’

And all of you may wonder that how he keep hundred of shoes at home, is there a room especially for them?

‘’I am working towards a dedicated shoe room, absolutely. Right now they are stored in boxes, in a box wall haha.’’

What to Wear

There comes some interesting questions in styling we’ve asked Benn.

''What your outfit looks like when ready for a suit campaign on a nice Sunday morning?''

‘’It's definitely wearing loafers, no socks, long and loud tie. Generally wearing a long rolled collar shirt and wide lapels in the jacket. Because as we know style is all in the details.’’

''Which colors of suit do you like if you can only choose two?''

‘’I think it is imperative for all men to have crisp Navy Suit in the wardrobe as this affords them a lot of versatility in potential outfits.

I would then insist on a nice plain deep grey suit, why?

The grey and navy will work perfectly as a two toned combination, hence these two colours will allow you to have 4 suit combinations instead of 2.’’

''What accessory can you not leave your home without?''

‘’Obviously my Azuro Bracelet is one, another is a fresh pair of sunglasses and watch.’’

Remember the skills of styling from his reply, which will help you add a lot of points when picking clothes.

How Consultancy Works

The truth is that surely Benn wears the suit and shirts like no other. But wearing well ourselves is a thing and helping others to wear well is another. We wondered how style consultancy works on a person who he don’t even know.

First, he said that the wearing style depends on people’s demands. If there comes agencies or business persons, then as their requirement, he will offer the choice of corporate suits fitting their appearance instead of casual ones.

But if people want a set of fine and stylish suit, Benn got his chance to fully display his talent.

For leading people to their most brilliant outfits, as he just shared,  body shape should be considered primarily.

Then chatting is indispensable. Knowing what people kindly wear, what they want to be seen and what they want to achieve can help Benn establish the most precise image of who they are. Notably, the point is not to push it, your wardrobe will not be nice if indiscriminately choosing another man’s outfit to copy.

Benn’s Blog:

Brisbane to London, and Next?

Benn is from Brisbane and now develop his work and fashion consultancy in London. The reason he came to London instead of other country is that he has EU passport and so is keen to utilise this, travel and live in one of the biggest city in the world.

And we also talked about his before life in Brisbane.

‘’I had an amazing life in Aus, with a great family, great boss, great job and I left it all for the unknown and unchartered waters in the UK and Europe.’’

‘’I wanted to get away from my existing life style and try and create something new. When you have a desire to do something sometimes you actually need to make it happen and forget your fears.’’

It’s not hard to see the spirit of adventurer in his blood.

''Do you have any plan for travel in the future? Maybe traveling to a rather far country or start writing articles about traveling?''

When we asked him this question first, ‘’Probably Italy.’’ he said.

So that’s why. Italy is definitely so attractive to sassy dressers. It is one of the leading countries in fashion design, being home of some of the the biggest designer brands.

He also talked about Florence. Everyday street style is definitely one of Florence’s strengths.

You will be lost in the alluring savor of Florence.

‘’I had an amazing life in Aus, with a great family, great boss, great job and I left it all for the unknown and unchartered waters in the UK and Europe.’’

‘’I wanted to get away from my existing life style and try and create something new. When you have a desire to do something sometimes you actually need to make it happen and forget your fears.’’

It’s not hard to see the spirit of adventurer in his blood.

Although fashion always evolving, with his unique insights to it, he get his own style on the way. Benn also shared his life style. Life is sometimes all the matter of pushing to the bad time and chasing the good one. He’d like to travel around the world one day and shoot a number of different ways of world through his lens. 

‘’Begin with the end in mind! You only get out what you put in.’’

Benn inspired Azuro a lot, and we believe the story of him worth us sharing with our audience.



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