The 12 Best Trendy High-End Men’s Leather Bracelets 2021┃Guide on Men's Leather Bracelets

Style is pretty much always evolving, so I’m constantly on the hunt in order to keep up with the newest trends as they seem to change.  My most recent addition was an Azuro Republic Leather Bracelet and I have to say -- it’s an instant success.  Leather bracelets have come and gone throughout the years.  You used to see them everywhere, including stars such as Johnny Depp and Jason Momoa.  They disappeared for a while but are now making a comeback.  After only a short time with mine, I can see why.  They add elegance and a sense of rugged luxury to every outfit.  Plus, they’re pretty darn comfortable to wear, too. jason momoa, celebrity bracelet, leather bracelet

What are the benefits of having a high-quality leather bracelet?

So often, jewelry is targeted towards women.  But leather bracelets for men are easy to add into everyday outfits and they really do offer some great benefits. Here are some of the highlights to see for yourself:

  • It ages well: When you first wear it, leather is light and generally a bit stiff. The more you wear it, the softer it gets.  You’ll be able to enjoy the fact that it ages well season after season so that it almost becomes the gift that reinvents itself regularly. 
  • You can personalize it to your style: The whole point of a classic leather bracelet for men is that it is going to be easy to personalize. It can be worn on its own as a statement piece or paired with other aspects of your wardrobe to really bring out the leather features in everything.
  • It goes with everything: From casual to beachy to dressy and beyond, this kind of leather bracelet is going to be high-quality enough to go with everything so that you can find many, many uses for it!
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12 of the best high-end leather bracelets

1. Saint Laurent Shell And Monogram Braided Bracelet

leather bracelet,

Leather bracelets don’t have to be chunky.  You can enjoy a minimalistic vibe with stranges of leather blended with a monogram and a shell.  This modern and slim-fitting leather bracelet will go great with that beachy vibe you’re setting, or even pair nicely with a laid-back tee and jeans when you want to add another aspect to your fashion choices.

2. Alexander McQueen Wrap Skull Charm Bracelet

leather bracelet, alexander mcqueen, charm bracelet, wrap skullIf you’ve one for the edgy style, this is the wrap bracelet for you.  With studs, a skull, and a charm to pull it all together, this wrapped bracelet is going to be a great choice for all those who like to make a multidimensional piece.  With lots of attitude and the option of adjusting the fit, it’ll go with any outfit that needs a little extra edge.

3. 1017 ALYX 9SM Rollercoaster leather braceletleather bracelet, alyx, 1017 alyx 9sm

Simple, subtle, and sleek, this leather bracelet features multiple wraps with an intense buckle that is going to be the focal point.  Great for pairing with dark wash jeans and a leather jacket for that extra modern fashionable appeal, this is one of those minimalistic styles that really speaks volumes.

4. Le Gramme 18kt yellow gold 1.5g cord braceletle gramme, leather bracelet, cord bracelet

Another minimalist style, this blends a small leather cord with an adjustable fit.  Great for wear at the office or the gym where you just need that extra little boost to give you the fashion element.

5. Valentino Garavani VLogo Signature buckle braceletValentino Garavani, leather bracelet, buckle bracelet

Chunky and adjustable, this is a warm classic grown wi h a large logo right in the center.  Want to do some branding?  This is the chunky bracelet for casual wear.

6. Louis Vuitton x NBA Loop It Bracelet

leather bracelet, nba bracelet, louis vuitton

When your ideal enjoyment blends simple fashion with a loop of texture this looped style bracelet is it.  Unique, high-end, and perfect for matching with business and casual wear, you just can’t beat it.

7. Interlock bangle in classic calfskin

leather bracelet, Interlock bangle in classic calfskin, loewe bracelet

Braided leather is glossy, simple, and perfect for pairing with a patterned button-down or a tee and jeans combo.  It’s timeless, sophisticated, and perfect for whatever you want with presence.

8. Thom Browne logo plaque leather braceletThom Browne, leather bracelet

Combine presence with color in a leather and plaque combination.  A tightly braided cord with a fashionable plaque makes this perfect for bringing out touches of color in other places in your outfit.  It’s also great for professional wear when you want something simple and sophisticated.

9. ETRO woven leather braceletetro, leather bracelet, woven bracelet

When the braided look is your preferred option, but you need something subdued fr that business casual vibe you’ve got going, this blended woven leather with subtle details that keep it all carefully quiet and controlled.

10. Fendi FF motif wrap-around braceletwrap-around bracelet, leather bracelet, fendi

There’s lots of room for self-expression with this FF style.  Wrapping twice, it’s got texture, gold touches, red and black.  It’s great for pairing with a dress shirt or an understated tee when you need just a little extra color.

11. MAISON MARGIELA BraceletMAISON MARGIELA, leather bracelet

Daring, this blends an inner red that is shocking and bold, with a classic sophisticated black and buckle on the outside that will keep things all sophisticated and simple for office wear.  Great for playing around with your personality, too.

12. YOHji Yamamoto BK Lea Marion bracelet

Need something that really goes to all lengths?  This dangling leather bracelet for men is something that you just don’t see anywhere else.  Fitting to the wrist in a tightly braided cord, the trails on this are going to be a great fashion touch for those that want to have something that moves with them and grabs their eye.  For that outfit that is missing its wow feature, make this one it!

leather bracelet, yoji, yamamoto


As you see by taking a look at leather bracelets for men, all of these unique styles give every man the potential to explore leather in their own way -- just like me.  I’m loving my style and I think that it’s going to be one of those that you’ll continue to see for years to come, because it just finds a way to go with everything, from one season to the next.  All that’s going to be left now is figuring out how to make each leather style work with every outfit!