10 stylish Men's Cuff Bracelets| How to Reshape and Size Cuff Bracelets

I’d never given much thought to cuff bracelets until recently meeting a potential business connection at a gala event a few weeks ago. I usually prefer thin, beaded bracelets or chains instead of cuffs. But this guy was wearing a mens cuff bracelets that pulled his look together so perfectly that I found myself going down a rabbit hole of jewelry searches online when I got home later that night. I immediately ordered a mens gold cuff bracelets for myself and find myself reaching for it several times a week while getting dressed for the day.

cuff bracelet for men

What are Mens Cuff Bracelets? 

Mens cuff bracelets were originally known as “slave bracelets,” though it’s not clear whether that was a literal or figurative term at the time. They do have an unfortunate history of slavery around the 16th century, when African and Caribbean slaves were given bracelets with identification engraved onto them.But you don’t have to feel strange about wearing cuff bracelets today. The association with slavery has long been a thing of the past and now it’s just a piece of jewelry and refers to a wide, firm bracelet. They can be made with just about any material, but mens gold cuff bracelets and silver cuff bracelets are the most popular.

How to Wear Mens Cuff Bracelets?

Mens cuff bracelets are unique in that there’s a unique to put them on and take them off. It’s nothing complicated, though. Just follow these steps:

  1. Find the narrow part of your wrist, along your radius and ulna bones in your forearm.
  2. Twist your hand so your thumb faces upward. Find the narrowest part of your forearm.
  3. Position the cuff’s opening on your arm about an inch below your wrist.
  4. Gently wiggle your forearm back and forth while gently pushing the cuff bracelets onto your wrist. The opening will give just enough to squeeze your arm through. It shouldn’t be painful, but should be snug.
  5. Keep doing this until the cuff bracelets is all the way on your wrist.
  6. Rotate the cuff so it’s facing the right way, with the opening on the inner part of your wrist and the decorative part facing outward for people to admire. Now you’re ready to go!

What Size of Cuff Bracelet do I Need?

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Mens cuff bracelets fit differently than normal bracelets, which means they’re sized differently. Before buying a mens cuff bracelets, you should:

  1. Measure your wrist at the spot where you’ll want to position your cuff.
  2. The circumference of your wrist should match the circumference of the cuff bracelets you choose.
  3. Make sure you’re able to fit the gap of the cuff over the narrowest part of your forearm. If the gap is too small, you’ll have to resize the cuff bracelets in order to put it on and take it off, and that can damage the jewelry over time. No good.

How Tight Should Mens Cuff Bracelets Be?

Well-fitting mens cuff bracelets are secure and won’t roll around. But it’s not so tight that it’s uncomfortable to wear, nor should it create a roll or bulge on your arm. Do not frequently adjust your cuff bracelet after putting it on, this will only make it brittle and eventually broken.

Do Mens Cuff Bracelets Fall Off? How to prevent it?

Because mens cuff bracelets generally have to be loosened a bit to get them onto your wrist, they might feel a little loose when you first put them on. For a tighter fit, wrap your free hand around the cuff bracelets and squeeze lightly. This will tighten the bracelet around your wrist.

No matter you wear a gold mens cuff bracelets or silver mens cuff bracelets, make sure to do this gently. It’s a piece of jewelry, not a stick-shift. Go slow so you don’t warp the shape of the jewelry.

How to Reshape a Cuff Bracelet?

People often wonder whether mens cuff bracelets can be resized, and the answer is yes. You want to make sure the cuff bracelets fit you properly off the bat, but for a perfect fit, some resizing is often inevitable. You can have a professional resize it for you, or do it yourself. I recommend always having a professional do it, especially if it’s a delicate or expensive bracelet, but that’s not always practical for people.

How to size a mens cuff bracelet by yourself?

  • Don’t just grab both sides of the cuff bracelets and pull them apart. This can misshape or even break your bracelet in half.
  • Try to resize your cuff bracelets once when you get it and only make adjustments after that. Making big size adjustments over and over again can strain the metal.
  • Hold the center of the mens cuff bracelet against the palm of your hand and use your fingers to hold it securely. With your other hand, pull one side of the cuff open gently. Repeat with the other side. Try the cuff bracelets on. If it still doesn’t fit, repeat until it fits.

    What Mens Cuff Bracelets Are Trending?

    Louis Vuitton Nanogram Cuff Bracelet

    louis vuitton gold cuff bracelet for men

    First off, don’t be thrown off by the model – this is a unisex bracelet. (In fact, most cuffs are.) The iconic Louis Vuitton logo is classic and adds subtle detail. This piece would go with almost any outfit; it’ll do plenty of work in your wardrobe. It also has a hinge to open and close it around your wrist, making this the perfect starter cuff for people who don’t want to worry about resizing their cuff or easing it around their wrist each time they wear it.

    Swarovski Jet Black Hematite Crystal Mens Cuff Bracelet 

    Swarovski Jet Black Hematite Crystal Men's Cuff Bracelet for men

    People generally associate cuffs with being wide, bold, and often even bulky. But they can be delicate and glamorous, too. This thin cuff has a hinge built into it, making for easy wear and removal. This particular piece is unique in that the gap is designed to be worn on the outside of your wrist, which is an interesting twist on the regular cuff style.

    Versace Gold Greca Cuff Bracelet

    versace gold cuff bracelet for men

    Classic Versace taste hearkens back to the Ancient Greek signature motifs with this geometric cuff. This mens cuff bracelet feels artsy without being pretentious.

    Maison Margiela Gold Logo Cuff Bracelet

    maison margiela gold cuff bracelet for men

    If bright-yellow gold isn’t your thing, go for a more neutral gold-toned sterling silver like this one. The logo adds a touch of detail without being too showy.

    Gucci Logo-Embossed Sterling Silver Mens Cuff Bracelet

    gucci silver cuff bracelet for men

    I’m a big fan of how subtle the Gucci logo is in this bracelet. It evokes the aesthetic of Gucci without screaming, “Hey, I’m a designer bracelet!” Designed with the ‘70s in mind, this is a perfect choice for men with retro vibes.

    Alexander McQueen Gold Thin Twin Skull Mens Cuff Bracelets

    alexander mcqueen gold cuff bracelet for men

    Cuff bracelets fit perfectly into the realm of edgy men’s fashion. This boldly-colored gold cuff has a distinctive wide gap, and the skulls at either end are just big enough to be noticeable without being gaudy. Be careful what outfit you wear with this, because it’ll stand out. Make sure it goes perfectly with the rest of your ensemble.

    Tiffany & Co. Mens Gold Cuff Bracelets

    Tiffany & Co. Mens Gold Cuff Bracelets, Tiffany & Co, Tiffany & Co Mens

    A simple yet bold design, this men’s gold cuff bracelets is made of solid 18k gold. Crafted with a makers symbol inspired by the renowned Tiffany hollowware shop. It is a good option for men to choose their cuff bracelets.

    Cartier Juste Un Clou Mens Gold Cuff Bracelets

    The Cartier’s men’s gold cuff bracelets reflected a wild, freewheeling era. Bold, modern, and innovative, it is a creative twist on a familiar object. This jewelry collection transcends the everyday, making the ordinary exquisite.

    Hermes HH Mens Gold Cuff Bracelets

    Hermes HH  gold cuff bracelets is a kind of narrow bracelet in matte enamel with brushed gold plated hardware. It is a classic mens cuff bracelets for everyone who would like to buy HERMES jewelry.

        Men often overlook cuff bracelets, but they’re actually a classic men’s accessory that deserve more attention than they tend to get. Next time you shop for jewelry, I recommend paying special attention to cuffs to see if anything catches your eye.


        by Azuro Republic