How To Layer Necklaces | 5 Rules You Must Know in 2024

Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it.

How to layer necklaces the right way is the question I got most. Almost every man who wears jewelry faces this issue of well-dress. Various factors influence the look of layering necklaces. I'll skim through each one so you have detailed information on each topic.
So, dear folks! Without wasting any more time, let’s get right into it!

Rules for Layering your Necklaces for Men

Here are the top rules you should follow to successfully style layering necklaces!

Rule #01: Consider Your Outfit

In my opinion, an outfit is the pin-pointing part of your appearance. Imagine someone walking through the door; the first thing you'll notice about their appearance is their outfit. Afterward, you can roam your eyes around their face, their shoes, etc.

That being the case, it is highly crucial to consider your outfit before layering necklaces. Here are the top things to note about your outfit and what's better to choose among them.

Layer your necklace with style

Wing necklaces in green tiger eye and obsidian have healing properties calmness and strength.

Choose V-neck over U-neck:

I learned this rule the hard way, but it is all worth it. Whenever I wore a causal U-neck t-shirt, my chain looked terrible. So, a friend recommended wearing a V-neck shirt instead of a U-neck. It strikes the same appearance as a pendant.

Moreover, a crew neck is a safe bet to layer necklaces as it can pair well with thick chokers, collar necklaces, long necklaces, etc.

Monotone Shirts Better Striking Color Shirts

I’ll scream this one at the top of my lungs. You might know that less vibrant colors serve as the ideal background for jewelry. That being the case, if you like bold necklaces like rope chains and Cuban links, choose monotone shirts, as they would suit the best for layering necklaces.

However, when it comes to striking colors, it is best to choose subtle chains that are minimalistic and look ideal for layering necklaces.

What Type of Attire You're Wearing

Mainly I categorize outfits into two types, professional and casual. A professional outfit should have minimalistic necklaces like light chain necklaces and rope chains, which would look spectacular. You can style your classy business attire with a gold pendant along with a beaded bracelet.

On the contrary, casual outfits can pull off any type of pendant necklace. You can also strike the best visuals by laying a ball chain necklace on the snake chain.   

Rule #02: Choose a Centerpiece

When it comes to layering necklaces, it is crucial to choose a centerpiece among them. If I elaborate more, it would be best to pick a necklace that can outshine the other layers. So, the other layers play their supporting role in giving it a complete look.

Many people combine pendant necklaces and chains to convey a layering effect. If you have similar preferences, you should know that the pendant would be the focal point. So, it would be better to use a thicker chain to accent it.
What I really did was pick two small pendant necklaces and wear them together in my casual yet professional outfits. I'm not claiming it was the best choice I ever made; instead, I'm proving it. I combined the lion silver pendant necklace with a classy ball chain pendant necklace. The outlook of both was perfect! It could never be better than this. Dear fellows, you have to believe me!

Upgrade your Style

The silver lion pendant necklace is one of our iconic lion necklaces for men. A lion pendant is a reminder of carrying passion and ambition to everyday life.

Rule #04: Match the Color

I've always been cautious about this one as I have a medium dark skin color. I fall under the neutral to warmer skin tone umbrella, so I usually wear gold or warm-tone chains that enhance my look. It doesn't mean that I don't wear black jewelry; I do as it goes with any style I want.

However, my friend with a colder skin tone uses cold color layering necklaces, like gunmetal chains, to strike a bolder look. Another key aspect you should keep in mind before layering necklaces or wearing multiple jewelry items is that they match the colors of the jewelry.

A gold chain would go well with a gold layered bracelet and vice versa. You can also wear a simple metal chain, thick/thin, with custom beaded bracelets. The custom beaded bracelets will complement your neck's stylish, silvery look.

Create a Unique Style

The masculine color of the beaded necklace is a mighty statement and goes nicely with dark and light skin.

Rule #04: Vary Length and Texture

Many of us tend to ignore this fact, but it has its own importance and cruciality. I believe there should always be a sufficient distance between two chains when layered together. This can give equal space to prevent them from looking like a mess.

Moreover, to make it look more presentable, it is necessary to consider the texture of the chains. If chains are delicate, then they would easily blend. At the same time, the thick chains and layering necklaces require room to shine.

In addition, there are types of chains depending upon their texture. For example, you can style a marine chain with a rope chain necklace, as it blends well. A custom beaded bracelet would also be a good choice, as it ensures that your hands are always taken care of.

Level up your Look

Layer a silver chain necklace with the Obsidian beaded necklace collection levels up your style.

Rule#05: There are no Rules

It's not like you shouldn't follow the above rules, but what I really want to state is that it's better if you combine the rules and create a new style of your own layering necklaces. It is a fact that fashion evolves from experimenting. Even the top-notch fashionista icons experimented with various ranges of styles together to create a new style.

So, if you want to change the styles and finesse, then it's better to experiment and create new variations. Also, one last point, make sure that the styles combine well and don't clash with each other!

Final Thoughts

Should I say I've just taught you the top five rules that can help you style or layer any necklace? I think I should! All these points can really help you achieve the perfect look that you're searching for! So, good luck achieving them.


by Azuro Republic