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Hamsa's quote: See the good in all things

I would often travel to the middle east for business. Among my multiple travels there, I would often notice a specific symbol everywhere. It was a hand with an eye in the centre of the palm. After some speculation, I discovered that it was called the Hamsa hand. I began to feel very interested in this talisman symbol and wanted to find out more about the hand of Fatima.

I discovered that it is a representation of an open right hand. Some common meanings of the hand of Fatima are the provisions of health, happiness and fortune. The Hamsa hand is primarily known for protection against the evil eye. People today use them mainly as Hamsa jewellery and wall art to use the benefits of the Hamsa hand at all times.

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Where is the origin of the Hamsa hand and The Hand of Fatima:

The Hamsa hand got its name from the five fingers on the hand. The number five in Hebrew is “hamesh”, and Hamsa hand has the same meaning in Arabic. It is also a representative of the five books of the Torah. This made more sense to curious Christopher as I started realizing how ancient the Hamsa hand is. On further inspection, I found out that different religions have different interpretations of the Hamsa hand meaning. I began to search further to get more answers about the Hamsa hand, also known as the hand of Fatima.

An old man told me that some call the Hamsa hand the hand of Fatima as well. According to Islam, the lady Fatima was the daughter of Muhammad, who was a Prophet. She is a notable figure in the religion. According to some, the five fingers are said to represent the five pillars of Islam, but it is mainly used as a symbol of protection to ward off the Evil eye. This is something all religions that believe in the Hamsa hand agree on.

But I still wasn’t satisfied. I wanted to know exactly how far the Hamsa hand meaning had travelled and how many religions had started following its intentions. I visited multiple places in my free time, questioning it until I found out several things. I discovered that it serves as a symbolic icon in a range of cultures and religions until today. These religions include Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, and Christianity, and they all have their unique interpretation of the Hamsa hand meanings. 

The Hamsa hand meaning is hardly any difference in each of the religions mentioned above. In Islam, it is a symbol in honour of the daughter of the last Prophet Muhammad. In Buddhism and Hinduism as well, the Hamsa hand meaning represents the chakras. It expands on the five senses and their associated mudras or hand gestures that directs the flow of energy throughout the body. These madras defines the chakras and explains multiple things about an individual. In Christianity, the open right hand, the Hamsa hand, is a bearer of good fortune.

Each religion and culture have a common difference when it comes to the Hamsa hand. They all believe that it is a representation of good luck, and it is used to keep the Evil Eye at bay and serve as a form of protection for everyone. Now, I understood the basics. I figured out the different meanings and ideologies in general but wanted a more in-depth description of their significance. I tried to know whether each part of it meant something and what exactly inspired people to continue relying on the Hamsa hand for all this time. I had never been more curious about something in his life and spent even more time discovering more about the Hamsa hand meaning.

What is The meaning of the Hamsa and The Hand of Fatima:

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Within the Hamsa hand, each finger has a different purpose. When the fingers are far apart, it is meant to ward off evil, and when they are close together, they are intended to bring good luck. the meaning of each finger on the Hamsa hand is as follows:

  • The pinky finger represents the water element and the sacral chakra.
  • The ring finger is the representation of the earth element and the root chakra.
  • The middle finger is a representation of ethereal elements and the throat chakra.
  • The forefinger is the representation of the air element and the heart chakra.
  • The thumb is the representation of the fire element and the solar plexus chakra.

The Hamsa hand meaning is different when it is facing up and facing down. When the Hamsa hand is meeting down, it is meant to bring good fortune, abundance and luck. On the other hand, when the Hamsa hand faces upwards, it is said to ward off evil and is used as protection.

The evil eye is a force that causes misfortune in people. This glare is said to be expected but may easily be warded off by ornaments. The ornaments which display the Hamsa hand are said to protect people from the evil eye as well. As a result, it is used as a means of day to day protection. The Hand of Fatima is also believed as a more powerful symbol. 

Now, I understood everything about the Hand of Fatima, but my curiosity didn’t end there. One final step in my journey would clarify everything and solve all of the questions that kept springing up in my head- how the Hand of Fatima is used.

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What is the usage of the Hamsa and The Hand of Fatima. How to use the Hamsa Hand:

People usually use the Hamsa hand by hanging it in their house, or they use Hamsa jewellery. It may be a unique present for someone, whether they are in the middle east or beyond, as it symbolizes nothing but good for others. The Hamsa hand is a means for someone to obtain fortune and protection after all. It can also be considered as a symbol of peace between two countries. A country may offer the Hand of Fatima a gift to another to display that they wish to make peace or establish friendlier relations.

There has been a growing popularity of Hamsa jewellery recently. People have started learning about them and loving the way they look. The Hamsa hand is usually seen everywhere in the middle east, but it is now seen far and wide throughout the world. Some wear them because of multiple religious and cultural factors; some wear them to reap the benefits of good luck and positivity, while others wear them to ward off the evil eye. Regardless of why, people have readily adapted to Hamsa jewellery for the past few years, and it continues to grow in popularity.

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Personal reflection. Why choose The Hamsa Hand?

After learning about all of this, I began finding the Hamsa hand meaning very charming. I idealized the meaningful background and various fascinating religious stories, finally bursting curiosity in my heart to rest. I then picked up some Hamsa jewellery for myself and a few of my friends and business partners and even picked up a Hamsa hand to hang on a wall for my mother. I was deeply inspired by all these messages and meanings, and I wanted other people to explore and discover the wonders and positivity that the hand of Fatima contains.

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