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I have been styling the 3 pieces in my 35 years of life. Over the years of being a banker, I have concluded that the true beauty of a man's attire depends on his dress up. I won't say I was born with this. Rather I observed and learned it from people around me.

New York is a city of love, and people get up all dressed every morning. This was when I realized how important it is to be dressed when leaving for work. One day I started wearing cufflinks, which was when I realized how much impact it had on my dress up and overall confidence.

Since then, I always focus on the little details, and one of my most important accessories is the cufflinks.

Well, if you don't know how to wear and rock the art of cufflinks, then read the experience of Christopher. The luxurious lifestyle is interpreted through how you wear yourself, so I will show you how to wear cufflinks in 7 easy steps.

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How-to put-on Cufflinks in 7 Steps

“How to put on cufflinks" gets a lot of searches on google primarily because you've never worn a suit with cufflinks, or you’re graduating soon, have rented a tux for the ceremony, or your new job requires wearing a suit and tie. Considering you will be doing this for the first time, let's discuss each step in easy-to-understand details.

1. You Need the Right Type of Shirt to Put on Cufflinks
The proper type of shirt for cufflinks is "the double cuff" or "French cuff." These cuffs look longer than standard cuffs and must be folded on top of each other to create layers.

2. Fold the Cuffs
Extend your arm with the elbow bent so the cuffs are within reach of the other arm. Use the other arm and fold the cuff until the edges align neatly and evenly. In most shirts, a crease in the middle will make alignment easier.

3. Align the Cuff Holes Making it Easier to Put on Cufflinks
The next step is to align the holes to where the holes are kissing each other, and that's why we call it the "kiss cuff." You must push the open edges using your fingers and hold away from the wrist or towards the top of your hand. You can hold it on the palm side if it makes it more accessible.

4. Straighten the Cufflinks and Holes
Straighten the cufflinks so that the decorative top, the holder legs, and the "bullet" or the bottom form a 'T.' Without straightening, the cufflinks look like an 'H' from top to bottom or 'I.'

5. Insert the Cufflinks Through the Holes to Put on the Cufflinks
Insert the shaft of the cufflinks through the holes. Here the decorative part is on the top, and the end of the shaft is pointing toward you. You can put on cufflinks from one hole and then the next hole to make it easier.

6. Flip the Handle or Bullet Shaped Pill
Flip the bottom or ‘bullet’ to secure the cufflinks in place.

7. Adjust the Cuffs and Close the Forearm Button to Put on Cufflinks
Finally, adjust the edges of the cuffs again, resting against the start of your palm covering your wrists, and close the forearm button. The shirt and cuffs will fit properly and won’t move around easily.

When to Put on Cufflinks

It will help if you put on cufflinks for special occasions to look classy and stylish. The most common occasions to put on cufflinks are:

Weddings – You always wear your best at weddings and match the color of the tie and cufflinks with the wedding theme.
Business – You match the metals and colors of tie clip, cufflinks, and watch but keep them as subtle as possible. The primary purpose is to enhance your professional look.
Ceremony – Graduation ceremony, awards, etc., where you wear your best tie and coat cloth matching the cufflinks.

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Why Put on Cufflinks?

Cufflinks make you look elegant, and even though they have become a dress code in corporate environments, you can wear cuffs whenever you want to look and feel important and make a significant statement. Dressing well enhances your communication and puts forward a good impression.

Who Should Put on Cufflinks?

  • Those who work in a corporate company
  • Those who are going to attend a significant ceremony like weddings, awards, giving a presentation, etc.
  • Those who hold an important position or are heads of their department
  • Teachers typically, but a lot of universities don't adhere to wearing coats and tie and promote a more casual look

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How to Style Cufflinks?

  • Have different types to put on cufflinks for different occasions
  • Casual cufflinks for regular office days, extravagant for special occasions
  • Match the tone of your dress up when going for an occasion, like matching cufflinks with watches or tie pins before you put on cufflinks
  • Wear a single metal color or type each time you get reading; for example, go for gold, silver, or copper and stick with them


by Azuro Republic