Garnet – The Stone of Change From Within | Crystals And Their Meanings

Garnet is a stone of energizing and regeneration. The garnet healing properties are often used to offer hope to those going through dark times or even traumatic situations. This is because garnet not only offers passion and joy, but also the strength and mental fortitude to weather the storms of change – or even to make those changes happen – without burning out.

For best results, the garnet stone should be worn on the body, generally in the form of jewelry, ideally with direct skin contact. This makes it ideal for pendants worn against the chest, rings, or bracelets.

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What is the Garnet Meaning?

The Garnet stone is known as a metamorphic crystal, which is formed when minerals melt and recrystallize under intense pressure and heat. This chemical change rearranges the state of the components, creating a completely new stone. It’s found in South Africa, Canada, India, Madagascar, Australia, and the United States. 

While most people think of vibrant red when they think of the garnet stone, it can also come in pink, green, yellow, orange, brown, and black. This is important if you’re choosing it for chakra work, since different colors of the same stone can have different effects (more on this later).

If you incorporate garnet healing properties into your personal practice, be sure to cleanse it under running water once a month. Then recharge it in the sun. This will keep your garnet stone free of accumulated energies and in the best condition to aid you.

Garnet’s Healing Properties

crystals garnet, garnet meaning and uses, garnet healing properties, crystals and their meaning, garnet crystals, garnet stone, garnet Bracelet, crystals and their meanings

Garnet Healing Properties: Physical

Garnet healing properties are associated with the following body parts and functions:

  • Gallbladder
  • Heart
  • Menopause
  • Circulation
  • Spine

But garnet’s uses aren’t limited to specific organs and functions. The Garnet healing properties are also often used to strengthen memory and boost low energy levels (this makes it excellent for students and anyone else picking up a new skill that requires mental and physical stamina). Garnet is also associated with the genitals and balancing the sex drive. The Garnet healing properties can even help with impotence. 

Garnet Healing Properties: Emotional

Just by looking at a piece of garnet stone, you can tell it’s imbued with passion and fervor. But this manifests in surprising ways. The garnet stone is a stone of change. It removes inhibitions, inspires love and devotion, and imbues the wearer with self-confidence, allowing change to begin from within. This isn’t a stone for those looking for change to happen to them. It’s a stone for those looking to make change happen.

To that end, the  Garnet Healing Properties increases the wearer’s capacity for commitment, whether it’s to a person, a task, or a purpose. And it alleviates emotional disharmony, which is a necessary prerequisite to make lasting, positive change and maintain equilibrium during times of upheaval.

Garnet Healing Properties: Spiritual 

Unsurprisingly, the capacity of Garnet Healing Properties to spur change isn’t limited to emotional matters. It also extends to the spiritual. For those on a soul-searching journey or simply working at spiritual goals one day at a time, garnet supports these efforts and continues to inspire change from within.

Gold Deer, Obsidian, Garnet Bracelet with Gold Connector

The half garnet crystals, half obsidian gemstones mixed with gold bead connector create a versatile look of the beaded bracelet.


How to Use Garnet:

Garnet is a great gemstone with some amazing garnet properties and it can be used in various aspects because of it. The garnet properties not only make it look great, but they also hold some powers of positivity.
  • Jewelry:

Garnet is being used in jewelry from the times of the Ancient Greeks because of its great uses and features. Garnet properties are resistant to weathering, which makes it a perfect material for jewelry. Moreover, the garnet properties in jewelry elevate stress and improve concentration.

  • Workplace:

Garnets are known to be great for workplaces. The garnet properties are said to drive passion and known to bring you success in work. The garnet is an important aspect of your workplace, and the garnet properties will bring you growth in your career.

  • Home:

While the visual appearance makes the stone look amazing, they are also known for their spiritual garnet properties that are used for energizing purposes. The garnet properties are said to attract good energy and remove all the bad energy from your home.

How to Cleanse Garnet:

Garnets while have an adequate toughness level, they should still be protected from hard blows. The garnet properties are an important aspect of the stone and should be cleaned. Here are some cleaning methods which are perfect for cleaning the garnets:

  • Smoke:

Holding your garnet in a tuft of smoke from burning herbs is said to remove any toxic energy the garnet may have. Garnet properties are said to carry positive energy so cleaning them often is a must. The smoke will neutralize the garnet properties and keep the garnet as good as new.

  • Water:

Garnet properties allow the stone to be damageable to hard blows. So water is a great cleanser for the garnets. The garnet properties are also said to hold positive energy, and the water cleansing method removes the negative energy the garnet has captured.

  • Brown Rice:

Place the garnet in a bowl of brown rice to improve the spiritual garnet properties. The brown rice will capture the negative energy the garnet has attracted. Leave it for 24 hours. Once the negative garnet properties are cleaned, throw away the rice.

Types of Garnet:

Garnet is an energizing stone. While the garnet properties are known for healing and spirituality, it also has subtypes. The garnet has many types and colors, which gives each of them some additional garnet properties.

  • Almandine:

The Almandine, one of the oldest stones, is a fusion of red, scarlet and brown tones. Its garnet properties are associated with strength, willpower, and resistance to negativity, and are also used in the first chakra.

  • Pyrope:

Pyrope was discovered around the 16th century and became the main focus of jewelry. The garnet properties give them a deep red to crimson color. Moreover, Pyrope is associated with warmth and owning your gifts.

  • Andradite:

Andradite is used in Base and Solar Plexus Chakras. Its garnet properties give them earthy colors like brown, green and black. Moreover, Andradite is said to give the user self-empowerment and higher thinking ability.

  • Grossular:

Discovered in the 1960s, the garnet properties give this stone the colors of the sunrise. The Grossular is associated with prosperity, abundance and hope. Hence, the garnet properties make it a highly used stone.

  • Spessartine:

It is one of the rare garnet stones out there. Spessartine garnet properties give the stone the shades of reds, oranges and yellows. The garnet is known to remove the fear from the user and provide them with confidence. Hence, the Spessartine is a very useful and an amazing stone.

The Garnet Stone as a Zodiac Birthstone


In the chilly, contemplative mid-winter, the garnet stone brings a welcome burst of joy and passion. This makes it excellent for January birthdays looking for a boost of physical and spiritual energy.


The capacity of Garnet Healing Properties to encourage vitality and passion makes it an excellent companion for anyone with Aquarius in their birth chart.

Chakras Associated with The Garnet Stone

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If you’re planning on doing chakra work, choose your garnet stone carefully; different colors correspond to different chakras. Some colors of garnet don’t play nicely with certain chakras. 

Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is an energy hotspot, especially as it pertains to spiritual realms. With that in mind, it’s no wonder garnet is supportive to crown chakra work. If you’re looking to free up a blocked crown chakra, the Garnet Healing Properties can be an excellent catalyst to make those changes.

Root Chakra

Located at the base of the spine, your root chakra is your body and mind’s energy center. A blocked root chakra can leave you feeling distant, flaky, or detached from the world around you. Garnet’s energizing, centering nature is an excellent remedy for this. 

Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is located in the lower abdomen. It’s responsible for feelings of flow, playfulness, passion, sexuality, and inner creative energy. Those feeling lethargic, burnt out, or tied down may have a blocked sacral chakra.

If you’re feeling this way and are ready to make a change, turn to garnet for support as you soul-search for the causes of these issues and start to make deliberate changes to free yourself. Garnet can’t make those changes for you, but the Garnet Healing Properties can help supply the energy, mental strength, and commitment you need to make lasting change happen.

Garnet’s vibrant nature shines through, offering that vitality and fervor to the wearer. If you feel yourself running ragged or struggling to push through to make lasting changes, consider using the garnet stone to support you through those times. Its rich color evokes the exact feelings of passion, commitment, strength, and energy you’ll need to push through and find yourself on the other side of very positive flux.


Garnet not only is a beautiful stone but holds some great properties too. There are different types of garnet, each having some unique property. The stones are used in various aspects of life depending on their visual and spiritual appearance and properties and should be properly cared for. We hope this article was sufficient to cover all the basic details.


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