How to find the best Formal Wear Attire for Men? | The Difference Between Men's Semi-Formal and Men's Formal

I am Christopher, my friend and I have been invited by our mutual friend from the investment bank to their wedding. This is why we are searching for an excellent tailor shop. Finally, we found Bhambi's Custom Tailors, one of the most renowned formal wear for men tailors in New York.

Since the wedding is very elite and at a very lavish place called Westbury Manor, we must have excellent and stylish formal clothing. But during our hunt for the perfect clothing, we started to talk about the formal wear for men and compare tuxedos vs. suits.

formal wear for men

What is formal wear for men?

The discussion between me and my friend started with formal wear for men. This then led to a debate on tuxedos vs. suits and which of them is better as formal wear for men. If you have the same confusion as us, the following points might help you.

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The question of formal wear arises when someone receives an invitation about the dress code. There are usually two types of events the black-tie event and the white-tie event. The black-tie event is when the men need to wear the dinner jacket with the matching trousers. This also needs a pleated white shirt, a bow tie, and formal shows. Whereas the white-tie event, you need to wear a black tailcoat with a formal white shirt. It is important to add a waistcoat and bowtie with formal trousers and lace-up leather shoes.

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There is a tiny room for improvisation in formal wear for men. If there is nothing in formal wear, then a dark blue tuxedo can work as both a formal and men’s semi-formal dress code.

dark blue tuxedo

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If going to fancy weddings and events, then most probably, the white-tie event dress code will be applied. This means wearing a tailed coat with a bow tie and other essential accessories.

Suit vs. Tuxedo:

We both were having confusion between a tux and a suit. Here are a few things that might help figure out the difference between a tuxedo vs. suit. It will guide which one is better for formal wear for men.


tuxedo vs suit

The significant difference between a tuxedo vs. suit is the satin details. The tux has satin details such as satin buttons, side stripes, etc. But looking at the suit, the buttons that fabric-covered or plastic without any satin details.


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Tuxedos are usually styled with various accessories such as cummerbund, waistcoat, bow ties, and even long ties. Whereas the suits can be dressed up or down according to personal liking. A suit can be worn with and without the vest and style it with bow ties or long ties.


tuxedo vs suit

Black dress shoes are styled with tuxedoes. However, it is allowed to wear loafers, dress shoes, and even slip-on shoes with suits in formal wear for men.

Shirt Style:

tuxedo vs suit

Suits can be worn with various dress shirts but in solid color. The tux needs to be worn with white shirts with a wing collar or turndown collar.


The suits can be worn at casual events and formal events. But the tuxedos are specially for formal events such as weddings, galas, etc.

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Essential items for formal wear:

Following are the things that are important in formal wear for men.

Formal Jackets:

Style a simple, minimal, and clean look jacket with both the tux and the suits. Wear a midnight blue tux, as it looks exquisite and sophisticated.

formal wear for men


There are two types of lapel shawl or peak lapel. Choose the one that compliments the tux and also the body structure.

formal wear for men

Formal Bow tie:

Go for a traditional bow tie with the tux. If you want to experiment, look for more diverse options in formal wear for men.

formal wear for men, bow tie

Classic Cufflinks:

Adding cufflinks can make the look more sophisticated and put together. There are so many fun cufflinks available for the suits.


Classic Bracelets:

Add a few other accessories to enhance the look, such as bracelets. Make sure it is subtle and not very bold.

formal wear for men, bracelets

 Formal wear vs. Semi Formal Wear:

Our discussion started from the best formal wear and it went to the difference between formal and semi-formal wear. Therefore, following are some points that create a significant difference between formal wear for men and men's semi-formal.

  • The formal wear for men always has dark color suits or tuxedos. But for the semi-formal, you can go flexible with the color and pattern. Men’s semi-formal also is the perfect mixture of comfort and style.
  • The men’s semi-formal allows them to be more creative. It allows to can play with different materials, colors, and textures to look different yet fashionable among the people.
  • The formal attire is about being classy.
  • If wearing a formal dress, it is important to nail the suit's fit.
  • In conclusion, semi-formal allows men to be versatile. But the, formal wear has a set of rules that needs to be followed.

Essentials items for semi-formal wear:

Following are the things that are different from formal wear for men.

Semi Formal Jackets:

It is not essential to wear a waistcoat or jacket; you can even choose to wear a blazer.

semi-formal wear for men, jackets

Special Cufflinks:

Add cufflinks to the semi-formal look to make it more fashionable.

semi formal wear for men, cufflinks

Special Bracelets:

Go for unique bracelets that will enhance your outfit.

semi-formal wear for men, bracelets


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