Guide on Men Wedding Guest Outfit | Wedding Guest Attire Ideas For men

One fine afternoon, while sitting in a coffee shop on one of the tables beside the window. Christopher and his friend were discussing what to wear to their common friend's wedding. Christopher told his friend all about the men wedding guest outfits according to different attires. Here is what Christopher was talking about:

Popular Dress-code Terminology

White Tie Wedding:

men wedding guest outfit, white tie dress code

If the wedding invitation card says 'white tie wedding,' then it's best if you seek out professional help for this one. A white tie wedding is the most formal event out of all. It involves women in their floor length gowns and men in their most formal mens wedding guest attire.  

Men wedding guest outfit in a white tie wedding involves just what its name tells, that is a white tie. Traditionally white tie attire required men to wear a tailcoat. Now, men can wear a tuxedo jacket instead. The waistcoat of a men wedding guest outfit should also be white. Black shoes are a necessity.

Black Tie Wedding:

men wedding guest outfit, black tie dress code

A black tie wedding means that the wedding is an evening event. It is the next formal event after white tie. Even though it is formal, women can opt to wear a cocktail dress instead of floor length gowns. For men wedding guest outfit, the attire is specific and to the point.

In a black tie wedding, mens wedding guest attire means wearing a tuxedo. Men should opt to wear a black tuxedo with a crisp white shirt. They have to pair the outfit with a black bow. There can’t be many variations in men wedding guest outfit in a black tie wedding.

Cocktail Attire Wedding:

Cocktail Attire Wedding

A cocktail attire wedding means to look as elegant as possible. Cocktail wedding attire can be a bit confusing since it’s a semi-formal event. Here you can add variations to your typical formal look. However, the mens wedding guest attire is still to wear a suit, and women must wear dresses.

Men wedding guest outfit in a cocktail wedding involves wearing a suit and a tie. The suit doesn't have to be black. If it's an evening wedding, then pastel colors will look best. However, for night time, men wedding guest outfit go for a gray or blue suit.

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Casual Attire Wedding:

casual attire wedding 

Casual wedding attire means that the wedding is laid back, so men wedding guest outfit should be something comfortable yet professional. Casual wedding attire can be confusing too, as you don't want to wear anything too casual. It all depends on the venue to decide what to wear.

Mens wedding guest attire in a casual wedding doesn't involve a tuxedo, suit, or tie. Even the top buttons of the shirt can be left undone. Casual wedding attire usually means trying new colors. This may be the time to wear light-colored pants. Avoid adding sneakers to your men wedding guest outfit.

Accessories that Level Up Your Outfit


bowtie, men wedding guest outfit

No formal attire can be complete without wearing a necktie. There are countless options available. Make sure to choose a bowtie that would match the shirt of your men wedding guest outfit. 

  • A necktie is a perfect accessory to pair with your outfit to show the bolder part of your personality.
  • A bowtie can make your men wedding guest outfit look perfect in every way possible.
  • For formal mens wedding guest attire, you can choose to wear any color of the bow tie. However, black is mostly preferred.

Tie clip:

tie clip

Whether for a cocktail wedding or a black tie wedding, tie clips make you look like the perfect gentleman. If you feel like something is missing from your men wedding guest outfit. Wear a tie clip immediately and see how it elevates your look!

  • Tie clips are always in style for mens wedding guest attire.
  • For a cocktail wedding, the best choice will be to go for a silver tie clip. It makes the entire men wedding guest outfit look sleek and elegant.
  • Make sure to wear a tie clip that’s broader than your tie.



Cufflinks are just the accessory to add to make a plain old shirt look clean and crisp. Whether a formal meeting or a casual wedding, wearing cufflinks is necessary.

  • Without cufflinks, a mens wedding guest attire looks plain and boring.
  • Cufflinks add grace to a men wedding guest outfit. It brings elegance and a good dressing style to the overall look.
  • The choice of cufflinks on a men wedding guest outfit for a casual wedding can say a lot about the look. The safest option would be to go for silver cufflinks.

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Pocket square:

pocket square 

Men wedding guest outfit for a white tie wedding is all about adding the tiniest details to the overall formal look. Pocket squares make the perfect accessory to amp up a white wedding attire.

  • For a white wedding, men wedding guest attire should not have the same colored tie and pocket squares.
  • Pocket squares make the man look presentable with a good fashion sense.
  • It acts as the perfect accessory to complement and go in sync with the rest of the look.


men beaded bracelets

Bracelets make the perfect accessory for a casual men wedding guest outfit. They not only make the overall outfit attractive but make the hands look slimmer too.

  • For casual attire, beaded and anchor bracelets will make the perfect choice.
  • Any jewelry can make a man look attractive. Bracelet is the most sought after jewelry item that men reach for.
  • Even though bracelets have no symbolic meaning, they add just the touch needed to make you look cool and confident.

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