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How to select types of chain jewelry? Choosing the right men's chain jewelry is not only a trial but an experience. I have been wearing silver, white gold, or platinum chains which have always been one of the most distinctive signs of my appearance. Now I learned that chain jewelry has so many varieties and brands. So, it is challenging to select which type of chain is best to suit me.

Snake Necklace

Angel Wing Ring offers two types of chain necklaces. The Flat snake chain and ball chain.

I have seen an actor in Los Angeles wearing a solid flat mariner anchor chain with a suit and tie. I don't compliment what he is wearing.Based on my experience and thoughts on men's jewelry, I want to explain the types of chain jewelry for different occasions.

Popular Chain Necklace For Men

The necklace is the popular style that men should combine into their daily outfits when choosing chain accessories. These are some types of chains that I use in my everyday life:

Plain Necklace:

Wear a plain chain necklace that shows casual and contemporary style. It makes a fresh, clean, and elegant look. It is one of the popular types of chain that you should combine in your collection of men's chain jewelry.

Necklace combined with a Cross:

Wearing a necklace connected with a cross is a symbol of faith. This necklace shows your belief in religion and shows that you are very religious.

Cross Pendant Necklace

Azuro cross pendant is a statement pendant. It applies Azuro's iconic circle of leaves design and we crafted each leaf on the surface to have a real touch of the cross pendant.

Necklace with Pendant Design:

Wearing a pendant necklace symbolizes some meaning. It shows the feeling of love or being close to someone. It is a meaningful way to express emotions.

Deer Gold Pendant Necklace

The idea of the creation originated from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A masculine figure in the wild forest takes a confident man to master this gold deer pendant.

Popular Chain Bracelets For Men

Bracelets are the most accessible and easiest to wear of all types of chains. They can be worn in different ways, and some are of them are mentioned here which I use personally:

Box Chain

Box chain bracelets create massive demand. This is because it feels elegant and casual but can still maintain a classy image. You can wear this famous men's chain jewelry in different styles.

Cable Chain

The cable chain is a whole chain. If you find a straightforward chain bracelet, this is definitely for you.

Wheat Chain

By wearing it, you will look like you have something that stands out. It is one of the popular types of chain that is hard to break, resists stretching, and lasts longer than other chain styles.

Types of Chain categorized By Material

Silver Chain For Men

Silver Chains for Men

Silver chains are precious metals. Box and wheat chains are famous for silver chains. Silver, or a light-colored metal, is an excellent choice for people with cool skin tones. Sterling silver necklaces are among the best types of chains due to their soft nature. Sterling silver consists of 92% pure silver and aluminum alloy.

Gold Chain For Men

Gold Chain for Men

The gold chain is often associated with high-class, elegant, and sophisticated men. Anchor chains and chains with cables are popular choices for gold men's chain jewelry. Gold chain jewelry compliments people with warm skin tones. Among the types of gold commonly used for jewelry, 18K gold, comprising 75% gold, and 14K gold, consisting of 58.3% gold, are the most common. Jewelry can also be made from 10K gold (41.7%).

Types of Chain Categorized By Chain Types

Types of Chain : Cable


Cable chains are made up of regular links or rings of uniform round or oval wire connected to form a chain. These types of chains are widespread.                    

Types of Chain : Box

Types of Chain : Box

Typically, a box jewelry chain consists of folded links that are square. The chains are interconnected tightly, resembling a square box with smooth edges. It signifies honesty and consistency.                                        

Types of Chain : Ball

Types of Chain : Ball

It is composed of balls and sockets of metal beads and wire connectors that can be linked together to produce a flexible length of beads. These chains are sometimes called dog tag chains because they are commonly used to wear their dog tags as identification.

Types of Chain : Snake

Types of Chain : Snake

The chain is formed by assembling curved plates. A snake chain has a solid appearance instead of being made up of open links and is highly flexible.                    

Types of Chain : Rope


It is a braided rope assembly made from open wire links. The braided design of this types of chain is similar to the braiding found in fiber ropes and twines. There are several varieties of rope styles, including wheat, Singapore, and French rope.                          

Types of Chain : Wheat


Types of Chain : Wheat

The wheat jewelry chain has a v-pattern of links arranged in a pattern that looks like wheat when viewed from the side. It is also known as Spiga in Italian men's chain jewelry.   

Types of Chain : Anchor

Types of Chain :  Anchor


Anchor chains are unique types of chain jewelry, which can be pretty heavy and are a good choice for men. An anchor chain consists of chain links attached to jump rings through which a bar passes.               

Types of Chain : Foxtail


Foxtail chains are made by weaving wires into a V-shaped pattern. You can create loose or tightly woven types of chains. Although constructed differently, the chain appears to be similar to the wheat chain.              

Types of Chain : Figaro


Figaro is a common variation of three short links. Each pattern is followed by one long link of approximately equal length. Links are curled in this type of men's chain jewelry.

Common Questions for Men's Chain Jewelry

Snake Necklace

Angel Wing Ring offers two types of chain necklaces. The Flat snake chain and ball chain.

1.     How is chain jewelry measured for men? What are the sizes for men's chain bracelets and chain necklaces?

Measure the length of your necklace and the circumference of your neck together. You can determine the length and style of the chain you should wear around your neck by doing this. The sizes for men's chain jewelry (bracelets) are 8 inches and 20 inches for men's chain necklaces.

2.     How thick should a man's chain be?

Men's different types of chains should be 2-6 mm thick. If you add a pendant, I recommend 4-6 mm width.

3.     How to clean chain jewelry?

Pour some soap and warm water into a bowl. Let the any types of chain soak in the water for 15 minutes. Rinse the necklaces in clean, cool water. Let them dry over a paper towel.

4.     How to fix and repair broken chain jewelry?

A jeweler can repair the link by cutting it open at one of the broken ends. He threads it through another link and then soldering it shut.

5.     Can I shower with a chain?

You can take a shower while wearing a 100% gold (24k) any types of chain. The chain will not tarnish or rust. You can also shower with sterling silver jewelry which may cause tarnishing.


by Azuro Republic