12 Powerful Feng Shui Crystals – Their Uses, Properties, and Benefits

12 powerful feng shui crystals uses properties and benefits

“Feng Shui” is a Chinese word, which means “wind-water” in English. Feng Shui crystals have been used for over 4,000 years. Many believe Feng Shui crystals have the ability to attract and promote protection, fortune, love, and health.


I’m not a religious person, but I do consider myself to be spiritual. I’m not one to shy away from ancient wisdom. Over the years I’ve slowly accumulated a collection of crystals with healing properties. When I’m getting ready for the day, I like to match the crystal on my feng shui bracelet to my intention for the day.


There’s a lot to know about feng shui bracelet. It can get complicated and confusing fast. To give you a quick crash-course without getting too in the weeds, in this article I’ll go over the 12 most powerful feng shui bracelet and how to use them to promote balance, health, wealth, protection, and love in your life.


Feng Shui Tiger’s Eye Bracelet

tiger eye feng shui crystal  properties uses and benefits

Tiger’s eye is said to evoke the essence of a tiger by supporting clear sight – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Its bold color looks great on most people. I wear tiger’s eye when I’m faced with a hard decision and want to see the situation clearly. It’s associated with the element of earth.


Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet

snowlflake obsidian glass bolcanic feng shui crystal

Obsidian forms inside active volcanos, from molten lava. Thanks to its origin and its shine, it’s sometimes known as “volcanic glass.” It’s a favorite for those practicing inner feng shui or meditation. It provides a layer of protection from negative energy and clears negative thoughts from the wearer’s mind. The sleek black color is also very grounding. I wear it in times of heightened stress or anxiety.


Feng Shui Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

lapis lazuli feng shui crystal


Lapis lazuli is a striking stone associated with the element of water. It’s excellent for attracting wealth or amplifying luck – especially in intellectual or romantic settings. Thanks to its association with romance and its deep blue color, it’s a great feng shui bracelet to wear on a first date.


Feng Shui Sodalite Bracelet

sodalite feng shui crystal

Sodalite is mainly associated with self-reflection and the wisdom that stems from introspection. Worn with a wealth mindset, it can help you make savvy financial decisions – which is why I wear it to meetings with my financial advisor. When worn with a mindset toward health, it can assist in healing ailments and promoting longevity.


Feng Shui Jasper Bracelet

raw natural red jasper feng shui crystal

Although it’s a variety of quartz, jasper has a look all its own. It can be an excellent crystal to wear as jewelry because the minerals inside it often create eye-catching designs. It’s associated with relationship development. Red jasper specifically can improve luck.


Feng Shui Agate Bracelet

agate feng shui crystals

Agate is an extremely versatile stone in feng shui bracelet, especially for those with anxious minds. It’s used to reduce the tension in whatever room it’s in. If you find yourself navigating a lot of stressful situations, agate can be an excellent accessory. I wear it to help myself keep a cool head if I know a meeting is likely to get heated.


Red agate can be useful to improve relationship luck, particularly as relationships progress. That’s why I like to wear it on third and fourth dates.


Feng Shui Howlite Bracelet

raw natural feng shui crystal uses benefits and properties

If you’re on a journey of self-discovery and personal development, howlite is an excellent feng shui bracelet choice. It’s associated with character building, particularly developing emotional intelligence and self-awareness. Because personal growth is a constant journey, it’s an ideal feng shui bracelet to wear every day, perhaps on a subtle ring.


Feng Shui Hematite Bracelet

hematite feng shui crystal properties uses and benefits

Hematite is said to absorb negative energy and has powerful abilities to smooth over difficult situations. It’s also useful for people working on maintaining focus and seeking wisdom. I wear it when I’ve noticed a pattern of negativity in my life, either from myself or others. It’s associated with the element of water.


Feng Shui Turquoise Bracelet

turquoise natural feng shui crystal uses properties and benefits


With its distinctive color, it’s no surprise turquoise is associated with the element of water. Just like water, turquoise is associated with balance. It’s an excellent feng shui bracelet to wear during periods where you feel overwhelmed or off-kilter.


Feng Shui Jade Bracelet

jade fengshui crystal uses properties and benefits

Associated with the element of earth, jade is known to enhance personal growth and harmony in group settings, particularly family units. It’s a popular gem to display in the business world. Artisans and jewelry-makers often carve jade into real-world shapes. When they do this, the crystal amplifies the energy of whatever object it’s shaped like.


Feng Shui Carnelian Bracelet

Carnelian Feng shui crystal properties uses and benefits

Carnelian is associated with fire, thanks to its vibrant natural color. Be careful when shopping for carnelian. It’s a relatively rare crystal, so be careful when shopping for it. Dyed agate is often sold as a cheaper imitation of carnelian.


In its authentic form, carnelian is used in feng shui to boost luck in wealth or relationships.


Feng Shui Azurite Bracelet

raw natural azurite feng shui crystal

Azurite is often used to reduce confusion and tension as it opens the wearer’s mind to new perspectives. It’s an excellent aid to more accurately see the world around you, or to find new approaches to old problems.


I usually wear a feng shui azurite bracelet when I’m struggling to make the right decision in a hard situation. The deep blue color soothes me whenever I look at it, serving as an effective reminder to stop what I’m doing and consider all my options, not just the ones that seem most obvious to me.


I also like to meditate with azurite near me. On particularly busy days at the office, I make a point to slip into my office and shut the door for a few minutes of peace.


How to Wear Feng Shui Crystals

While you certainly can just buy a loose crystal and display it somewhere you see it every day, I prefer to wear my feng shui bracelet. I find they serve as a constant reminder of the mindset or intention I’m aiming for. And, of course, they make a great fashion statement and conversation starter. These are my favorite ways to wear a feng shui bracelet:



how to wear feng shui crystal necklace

You can find a feng shui bracelet used as beads or in pendant form. They tend to make a bigger statement, style-wise, than other ways of wearing crystals. Because a necklace is next to your face, people tend to notice them more. Depending on the length, they’re also close to your heart or your throat. I recommend choosing your necklace length according to your intention. Consider what you want the crystal to remind you of.



mens lapis lazuli feng shui crystal ring

Rings are generally a subtler way to wear crystals. A delicate ring decorated with small crystals can evoke personal meaning and remind you of your intention throughout your day. 

But if you want to make a big statement with your crystal, rings are also a good way to do that. Jewelry on your hands tends to stand out, so you can have a bigger impact with a smaller crystal if you wear it as a ring.


Feng Shui Bracelet

the gatsby men tring feng shui bracelet with tiger eye obsidian garnet and feng shui crystal

A feng shui Bracelet is a happy medium between necklaces and rings. They can layer nicely under a long-sleeved shirt or stand out on your wrist if you’re wearing short sleeves. I recommend wearing a beaded bracelet or a wider cuff with a single decorative crystal on it.

A feng shui bracelet is an excellent way to convey meaning and keep yourself in balance as you go about your day. Choose your crystal based on your intention and wear it proudly.


by Azuro Republic