Best Men’s Cologne Guide on How to Apply Cologne: 11 Best Men’s Cologne for 2024

The serene air of the café Chris was in was an absolute delight after his long day from the office. He had to meet his friend here; he'd invited him for some tips on how he can spice up his life and appear more groomed. Once they finally met, it finally hit Chris, cologne! He smirked, "Do you know how to apply cologne?" His friend shrugged just like a beginner would. When it comes to presenting yourself, the importance of cologne, whether at a party, meeting, or wedding, cannot be understated. We're going to be guiding you about everything you need to know about men's cologne.

Best Men's Cologne Guide on Why Wear Cologne?

Men nowadays seem to have shied away from the concept of wearing fragrances. Perhaps it's the fact that most men seemingly have no idea about the benefits of wearing a best-smelling cologne. Knowing how to apply cologne has tons of benefits. Firstly, it increases your overall attractiveness by making you smell good while also covering any other notes. It aids you in establishing an emotional connection with everyone around you as they start identifying you with a good smell. Women, in particular, tend to be highly attracted to a man that smells good because it shows that you are a put-together man and your mere presence allures them due to your best smelling cologne. 

This men's cologne guide should help you achieve all these benefits while also developing a habit that you can pass down to your children to boost their confidence!

Best Men's Cologne Guide On How To Put On Cologne:

We've all been around men who wear too much cologne. To avoid smelling a bit too strong, knowing how to put on cologne is quintessential. The best way to put on cologne is first to make sure that your skin is dry. Then, hold the bottle about 3-6 inches away and start spraying 2-4 squirts. 

Best Men's Cologne Guide On Where To Apply:

When it comes to putting on cologne, the type of the fragrance and where you spray cologne on can make all the difference. Surprisingly, the location of where you choose to spray yourself emits a specific personality trait. The change in fragrance is mainly due to different body temperatures on various areas of your skin and how you apply cologne.

  • Neck: Meant for solid and confident personalities. Emits a highly sharp smell that lasts long. Since this is a part of your body that generally has a higher body temperature, you can expect strong undertones to accompany whatever fragrance you put on.
  • Shoulder: For those who like to be up-close and personal. The shoulders won't always bring out the most robust smell. But, if you are close with someone, they'll be smelling some delightful, seductive undertones.
  • Chest: The chest is meant for every sort of personality. Whether you are shy, timid, or are highly confident and charismatic, the chest is generally the go-to spot for any guy that likes to make sure his fragrance is smelled wherever he goes.
  • Forearm: If you like to keep your sleeves rolled up and are confident of yourself, the forearms are an excellent place to apply cologne. 
  • Wrist: For those who are timid, this one's for you. The wrist isn't an excellent transmitter of fragrance, but it provides a very soft, tangy smell.
  • Jacket: For the absolute alphas who love to make a statement. Having your fragrance on your jacket ensures everyone in your vicinity knows absolute what you are about. The pungent smell you'll be emanating will undoubtedly get the attention of every lady near you!
  • The lining of the jacket: If you want to stay neutral but still want to make a statement, having some of your fragrances neatly sprayed on the lining of your jacket ensures that whenever you take it off, the fragrance will be alluring but not daunting!
  • Pocket squares: For the gentleman, the Pocket Square is an absolute classic. If you are wearing a tux or want to go somewhere formal, having fragrance on your pocket square remains classy while also being sexy enough to give you that mysterious macho vibe.

How to wear Cologne Based on Your Personality?

If you are confident, feel like being the life of the event, we recommend putting some fragrance on your jacket, forearms, neck, and shoulders. These help you stand out and make sure you make the most out of the day.

If you are instead lowkey, we recommend putting fragrance on your chest, pocket squares, and the lining of your jacket as they give off a more soft vibe.

To attract women, your best bet should be dawning a fragrant leather jacket with emphasis made to your forearms and neck. This method should help attract any lady in the crowd.

Best Men's Cologne Guide On When To Apply:

Knowing what type of cologne to apply on every occasion is of pivotal importance. Once you're familiar with how to apply cologne, understanding what type of notes you would want to emanate for, say, a party, helps you realize the difference between all of them. The best cologne to attract females is one that always fits the occasion. You don't want to smell too strong at a wedding or have a very soft fragrance at a raging party.

When you go to work, we recommend going for a cologne with more woody or citrusy notes because you want your fragrance to smell light, refreshing and give you a boost in energy throughout the day. Make sure to keep it neutral as the fragrance can be off-putting for your co-workers in certain situations.

No one goes on dates every day. But, when you do, you want it to be extraordinary. When that's the case, you should probably be choosing a fragrance that emanates confidence and makes the day memorable and is the absolute best type of cologne to attract females. So, go for those oriental, flowery notes. If you are going out with your significant other, pick a fragrance that you both like instead.

If you are going to a special event, whether it's a party or a wedding, we recommend going for something eccentric, so you stand out. Make sure to pick out your favorite fragrance with some spicy notes or mixed with some vanilla. You can also try some aquatic scents if you're going on a vacation.

Make sure to go for light fragrances like floral, earthy, or citrusy ones for your daily driver. Since it'll be warm during the daytime, heat will help make the scent travel further and last longer. So, going for a more potent cologne can get overpowering.

Best men's cologne guide: 7 Do & Don’ts:

Once you are up familiar with what type of cologne you need to buy, where you need to apply it and when you need to use it, here are some tips that should help you put on cologne.

  1. Apply after a shower: When you go for a shower, your skin pores open, allowing the scent to get into your skin. This process helps the fragrance last longer and smell much more fulfilling. Ensure that your skin is dry before you apply. You spray your cologne, though!
  2. Don't put cologne in your bathroom: Colognes are generally fragile and are meant to be kept in safe spaces. Do not put them in your bathroom as the environment might generally be humid or hot. This way, you will reduce the lifespan of the perfume and might also hinder its quality.
  3. Do moisturize first: Having extremely dry or wet skin can hinder the notes your cologne will give off. Your pores won't absorb the fragrance completely, and the scent will fall off quicker due to dryness. A quick fix is to apply a moisturizer like Vaseline first so that your skin can fully absorb the scent.
  4. Don't always spray on your jacket: Make sure to take a quick read of the material your clothes are made of before you put cologne on them. The chemical might end up hurting the clothing in some cases. Plus, your skin will naturally retain the fragrance for a more extended period than your clothes. So, try to always spray your cologne on your skin for the best results.
  5. Don't Over Spray: As we've mentioned above, there's a particular technique to spraying that gets the best results. If you end up over-spraying, you'll completely ruin the fragrance and make it highly overpowering. Remember, in the world of colognes, less does more!
  6. Don't Rub Your Wrist: Rubbing fragrance on any part of your body can completely ruin the scent. It can dull the top notes (the ones you smell after 5 minutes of wearing the cologne) and mixes with the natural oils of your skin, changing the way it'll smell.
  7. Don't combine too many colognes: When you learn about applying cologne, you might try to experiment with different scents and how they might smell when mixed. While this can be a fun practice, make sure not to combine too many colognes, or else the smell can get quite overbearing.

Best Man's Cologne Guide On How To Choose / Try-On:

When you put on cologne, three distinct types of notes make up the final fragrance. These are the top notes, middle notes, and base notes.

Compared with the other two, the top notes are light and give off the first impression of the fragrance itself. They usually fade away the quickest but are extremely important to the consistency of the fragrance.

When you are spraying cologne, the middle notes make their appearance right after the top notes. They are considered the perfume's soul and have a powerful influence on the entire fragrance. 

The base notes appear at the very end and make the entire body of the cologne. They provide the 'lasting' smell that can go on for hours after putting the cologne on. As you can notice, trying on cologne can be a lengthy process. Therefore, you should wait about 5-60 minutes before you can experience the top, heart, and base note altogether.                                                                     

Best men's cologne guide - 16 Best men's cologne:


We've also listed down the best men's cologne for you to get a hold of. These range from expensive colognes to a variety of pheromone colognes as well. 

Best men’s cologne_Dior_Sauvage
  1. Dior, SAUVAGE:

Launched in 2015, the fragrance has Calabrian, Sichuan, and Ambroxan notes. It has a highly musky, super sexy smell meant for masculine men.

Best men’s cologne_Tom_Ford_Oud Wood

  1. Tom Ford, Oud Wood:

Part of an exclusive collection by Tom Ford. The fragrance has woody and oud main accords. It is suitable for those who want to attract women with cologne.

Best men’s cologne_Maison Margiela Replica_Jazz Club

  1. Maison Margiela Replica, Jazz Club:

With a warm, enveloping woody sensation that reminds you of a fireplace, this fragrance is perfect for men who wear fragrances daily.

Best men’s cologne_Ralph Lauren_ Polo Black
  1. Ralph Lauren, Polo Black:

With mainly tropical and fruity accords, this is the perfect cologne for men who go out for long hours.

Best men’s cologne_Versace Eros
  1. Versace, Eros:

A spicy mint extravagance, the Eros Versace is an expensive cologne but is well worth the price. The fragrance is meant for those who like to splurge on the absolute best.

 Best men’s cologne_Calvin Klein_Eternity for Men
  1. Calvin Klein, Eternity For Men:

Leaves a very soft scent trail and lasts about 6-8 hours. It is known for its unique smell, and its generally reasonable price makes it a crowd favorite.

Best men’s cologne_Chanel_Bleu de Chanel
  1. Chanel, Bleu de Chanel:

One of the best men's pheromone colognes out there, this fragrance works wonders for those who wish to attract women with their scent.

Best men’s cologne_Armani_Code
  1. Armani, Code:

Armani Code is an Amber Spicy fragrance with Lemon and Tonka Bean notes. The fragrance is perfect for those who want to try out something unique in their daily mix.

Best men’s cologne_Hugo Boss_Boss
  1. Hugo Boss, Boss:

With a woody base and fresh, sharp notes, you'll be pleasantly surprised with the aroma this cologne carries for confident men.

Best men’s cologne_Bottega Veneta_Pour Homme
  1. Bottega Veneta, Pour Homme:

This go-to fragrance provides men of all personality types with a scent to remember as an absolute favorite for many. 

Best men’s cologne_Versace_Versace Pour Homme
  1. Versace, Versace Pour Homme:

Launched in 2008, the fragrance is a modern take on what makes a classic cologne smell good. 

men’s cologne_Maison Francis
  1. Maison Francis, Kurdijan, Amyris Extrait:

A reflection of the constant energy of Paris. This fragrance is meant for those who wish to attract women.

Best men’s cologne_Le Labo_Santal 33
  1. Le Sabo, Santal 33:

Considered an extremely transparent fragrance, it is meant for those who want to wear this cologne daily.

Best men’s cologne_Aesop_Marrakech Intense
  1. Aesop, Marrakech Intense:

Meant to enlighten the scents of local Moroccan dishes, the fragrance is meant for exotic men.

Best men’s cologne_Prada_L'Homme
  1. Prada, L'Homme:

With woody tones and a delightful powdery scent, the relatively expensive cologne is meant for those looking for luxury.


  1. Creed, Aventus:

With a warm sunny smell, this cologne is perfect for those who wish to wear something in the workplace every day.

Sum Up:

After his lengthy explanation, Chris's friend finally understood, smelling good does make a difference, and wearing good cologne is the sign of a well-groomed man. Chris then concluded with his favorite quote from Tom Ford:

"Good manners and good cologne is what transforms the man into a gentleman!



by Azuro Republic