What's So Special About Wooden Bead Bracelets? The Properties of Men's Wooden Bracelets

I have always been very attracted by the beauty of mountain climbing. All these outdoor activities made me found peace and got much closer to nature in the last couple of months. Surrounded by all the trees and forest, made me feel the energy within. I purchased some handmade men's wooden bead bracelets crafted by the locals. They caught my eye and attention. I start adding them into my bracelets collection, and had my friends asking about them.  

 men's wooden bracelets

What are the special features of men's wooden bead bracelets?

There are several remarkable features of men's wooden bead bracelets. Firstly, good-quality men's wooden bracelets are derived from particular tree types. These three types are specifically chosen because of their pattern and scent, which will be showcased in the bracelet you're wearing.

Next, men's wooden bead bracelets have also been used for a long time in various religions to pray. Using these bracelets helps many religious people to focus and achieve a more mindful, grounded meditation process.

Why should you consider adding men's wooden bracelets to your collection?

1. Special material

Instead of going about your routine and wearing bracelets with metal and gemstone beads, bracelets made by wood allow you to switch it up slightly. Made of wood- as the name suggests- these bracelets are chic and elegant and provide you the chance to create an entirely different aesthetic.

2. A wide variety of wood colors and patterns

Just as humans differ from each other, trees do too. Their difference comes about in patterns and colors. Different tree types have many different colors, meaning that you can get a wide range of colors available in wooden bead bracelets. Besides this, each tree also has a unique pattern. This pattern helps decide the design and pattern on the bracelet. 

3. Special, distinct smells of wood

Although some woods don't have a characteristic odor, many types of woods have lingering solid scents. One such example is that of hinoki wood. It has a charming lemony tone to it that provides it with a unique, sensational smell. These smell amazing and can prove to be a game-changer, the hinoki wooden bracelets.

4. Can be used as an oil diffuser

It seems too good to be accurate, but men's wooden bracelets can also be used as essential oil diffusers. Wooden beads can absorb essential oils or fragrance oils and hold the scent for a couple of days. All you'll need to do is drop a few drops of your favorite oil on the wooden beads. The oils will seep into the wood and release the aroma over time naturally. Next time you have a handshake with others, they will be amazed of the smell from your wooden bead bracelet. 

5. Different outfit styles

Just as we accessory earrings and necklaces and match them to our outfits, we can do the same with bracelets. Although the fashion industry previously overlooked men's wooden bead bracelets, they have become a trend. With the many unique men's wooden bracelets available in the market now, you can always create a new outfit style ranging from outdoor to vintage.

6. Closer to nature

With wood on your arms, you'll also feel a lot closer to nature and its elements. This is a dream come true if you're someone who's very adventurous and likes to trek or hang around trees. Whether you're stuck at home due to covid or in a very closed-off space- a wooden bracelet will always provide you with a feeling of warmth and comfort of being surrounded by nature.

7. Appreciating nature

If there's one thing we can do amidst the crisis we're facing, it's that we should stop for a moment and think about what's truly important. We should appreciate the fantastic thing that has been close to us no matter what- mother nature. You can understand mother nature by wearing sustainable bracelets, as it will be a reminder for all wearers out there about the most important thing.

What is the cultural meaning of wooden bead bracelets?

 men's wooden bracelets

For thousands of years, spiritual enthusiasts have used mala beads during medication. In Buddhism and Tibetan culture, these are used to count the mantras that they recite. They hold the mala with one hand and let it drape across their fingers so it's easier to move. They then place two fingers on each bead, recite their mantra, and move on to the next bead.

The meaning of the mala beads is very symbolic and used in meditation and recitation of mantras for concentration and mindfulness. On the other hand, the Buddha prayer beads are said to bring about happiness and harmony. They help you learn more about others and accept differences.

How to use men's wooden bracelets to pray?

 men's wooden bracelets

Many religions use wooden bead brackets to count the number of mantras they read so that they don't lose focus. As humans, we tend to get distracted while reading and end up confusing the number of times we've recited a particular thing. In this case, we can use men's wooden bracelets to pray. Therefore, it's also used for meditation purposes. Controlling your breathing is one way you can meditate while using a mala.

Some suitable tree types for your men's wooden bracelets


Oakwood has a very distinct, sweet smell that will remind you of vanilla. Its pattern is straight-grained and has an uneven texture, with rays running alongside the grain. It is the most loved tree because it brings about strength, morale, resistance, and knowledge.


The prominent smell of sandalwood is woody with earthy and floral notes. Not only does it have a very chic pattern, wearing a sandalwood bracelet has a lot of benefits. Sandalwood bracelets can heal a person both mentally and physically. They can also altogether remove negative vibes from people.


Agarwood has a very unusual smell as it has notes of bright fruits and soft florals. Agarwood bracelets have true natural colors, and they have oil veins lining the wood fibers. They're mainly used to staying calm in stressful moments, providing good sleep, and protecting people from evil.


Rosewood has a scent that is sweet and fruity and has a woody and floral aroma. Rosewood works with the heart chakra and promotes compassion. It is claimed to be sacred as it provides spiritual healing and helps strengthen intuition.

Sums up

With all the options available, choosing a men's wooden bead bracelet can get tricky. However, you must get one you relate to the most, as the bracelet will be a part of your journey. We hope that your choice was made a lot easier after reading this article.


by Azuro Republic