From black lives matter campaign to global movement for justice – A piece of jewelry changes life

We have seen enough. George Floyd is just a trigger of this human right movement. There are thousands of black, colored people been targeted every single day. 


What happened on May 26th Minneapolis is just the tip of the iceberg. April 29, 2017, Balch Springs, Taxes, a 15-year-old honor student Jordan Edwards was shot in a moving car of five after a late party. April 4, 2015, North Charleston, South Carolina, Walter Scott was pulled over for a broken taillight. Fear of maybe going back to jail from his unpaid child support, he ran away from the police and was shot back behind several times. 

There are more cases that colored people get harassed, mistreated by a police force. We taught our children to look at the world with compassion, with love but police brutality, discrimination has never resolved or diminished as social progress. 

We are different, But We Matter

Children raised in the white neighborhood will never have this conversation with parents of how you must comply if you get pulled over by police. If you are black or colored, you will always be reminded of what you should and should not do in front of the police. 

We always know that the world is not equal but at least we are trying to find the common ground among differences. Some organization, brands, or celebrities are doing their best to advocate this idea. However, it is a situation like this that pulls us back from all our endeavors. Trust and belief are hard to build but can easily be shattered. 

mens bead bracelet

Azuro Republic stands for equality 

The founding of Azuro Republic is hoping to unite people through things we would all love: Jewelry. A piece of jewelry is a representation of an accomplishment, a reward for all the hard work in the making. You can have the same silver or gold design but mix with a complete color of gemstones. Some want to incorporate their culture, some want to add in colors they like. Whatever your reasons are, we want you to know that the moment you select your mens bead bracelet, maybe there is somebody somewhere around the world getting the same mens bead bracelet as you, and as supportive to what we are facing now. 

mens bead bracelet

mens bead bracelet 

Black Lives Matter Collection 

To honor and condole to the people who have contributed and suffered from this matter. Azuro Republic creates a full collection of Black lives matter. A combination of the obsidian bracelet with yellow agate can bring peace and give strength, the magnetic can unite people from different fields and races. 

mens bead bracelet

 The conversations about race should not stop, and we will continue to stand with the fight for racial justice. It is no longer enough for us to recognize racism, but to be actively anti-racist. We hope you can join us and continue to educate ourselves and listen to the voices that are speaking out.

Black lives matter.



by Azuro Republic