Benjamin Yalda — Kurdish Gentleman in Fashion

‘’Being a gentleman is a worthy goal.
Never hurt others’ feelings, be well dressed,
a gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out.’’

Who Is Benjamin Yalda

Working at Erbil International Airport, Benjamin (@benjamin.yalda) is not only a manager of visa & residency department but also a popular influencer sharing his outfits and lifestyles on Instagram. Benjamin got almost 20k followers on Instagram, for his outstanding taste of fashion and unique view towards men’s clothing. He undoubtedly has an eye on men’s dressing.

However, what surprised us is — he’s also a co-founder of a clothing brand.

Fashion about clothes has always been with Benji since his young days, and he decided to make it a formal and serious business - Mr. Erbil.

Mr. Erbil

  • Gentlemen’s House

  • Mr. Erbil (@mr.erbil) started with a club of Iraqi gentlemen who call themselves Mr. Erbil.

    As the name of the Iraqi-Kurdish capital, they are striving to change how the world sees Kurdistan and revolutionize the image of one of this oldest region in the world...

    Through Fashion.

    Their social media pages are brimming with style, with photos of the handsome men looking runway-ready in their tailored attire. Today, Mr. Erbil counts 91k followers on Instagram. They have appeared on the most important international newspapers and are launching their handmade stuffs.

    ‘’We want to provide people the most detailed and technical tailor, source of materials from the best factory and manufacturer, best choices of fabric…’’ said Benji.

    Mr.Erbil always want their buyers and supporters to wear the most sophisticated and classic clothes.

    You may wonder what would the price be affordable.

    Benjamin answered that they want everybody to have a taste of such fine tailored technic. Though the price depends on the fabric and on the designer style, they believe they are creating clothes for most of the people, not only for high-class level.

  • First Product

  • The first product of Mr. Erbil is their
  • 100% virgin wool handmade tie, which stands as a symbol of Mr. Erbil. They use the fabric of traditional clothes to do it and it comes 100% in natural colors: beige, brown, grey and black. By doing so, they want to build a bridge between a modern item and the history of Kurdistan.

    Gentlemen’s Lifestyle

  • The Balance between work and passion
  • People always think that it’s over their head to strike a balance between work and what they are interested in. This is his schedule:

    09:00 - 17:00   Work 
    17:00 - 19:00    Brand and fashion stuff 
    -------------- Half hour rest --------------
    20:30 - 22:00   Work out in the gym 

    Here comes the question, how did Benjamin make it? It’s really difficult to take part in such many stuff at the same time as a husband of his wife, a superior of his company, and a cordial co-founder of Mr. Erbil.

    ‘’ How did you balance those things in your life? We all know that most people in the world lead a futile life busy making living without pursuing their dreams.’’ I asked.

    ‘’Action requires consistency. I think if you want it really bad and have a strong belief, you will find a way to do it no matter what.’’

    Interest may be the path to your dream, but persistence is the indispensable vehicle you drive in.

    Dream Catcher

    Benjamin also shares a tip with us to encourage young men and his fans to insist on their dream. Although making a living is always like a obligatory, you can still make a list of priority.

    Time is vital.

    You can divide your time into parts and assign them to different things on your list. Besides, the sequence depends on how much you want that thing or how important they matter in your life; if you strongly want it, you will squeeze time to do it no matter what.

  • Hip-hop Lover

  • Aside from the brand, I was so curious about what he does in his leisure time. 
    But when I asked Benji, his answer is:

    ‘’Ugh...I like to write songs and poems, and sang hip-hop in the past.’’

    It’s a really strong contrast that a gentleman like him like writing songs and hip-hop music. But that makes him a vivid image, not only a brand producer and a stylish gentleman but also a maniac hip-hop lover.

    No wonder I can feel the gutsy soul and spirited concepts in Mr. Erbil.

    People in Kurdistan, Iraq

    Kurdistan located with Iran to the east, Syria to the west, Turkey to the north, and other parts of Iraq to the south, to the south of the entire Kurdistan region. The area is under the jurisdiction of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the capital is located in the largest city, Erbil.

    When most people think of Iraq, they are plagued by visions of war and violence, so this group of visionary Kurdish men including Benjamin, fights for changing that stereotype through fashion.

    Sometimes we look at fashion and social media as shallow, but sometimes it can change the image of a country. Benjamin and his partners want people to know how’s their lives there and what’s their consensus towards culture, and to let people there wear decent clothes as they want.

    ‘’Being a gentleman is a worthy goal. Never hurt others’ feelings, be well dressed, a gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out.’’

    Benjamin profoundly inspired Azuro Republic a lot.


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