17 Best bracelets for men | jewelry gifts for men from best brands

I was dazzled by all the gifts choices in the mall. I wanted to find a gift for my boyfriend and thought the perfect one would just show-up to me like a snap-of-a-finger, but I couldn’t be more wrong.

“I should have done my homework before I came.”

“What are the best gifts for men?” 


We all love the idea of giving someone the perfect gift. The look of joy on their face, their gratitude, the ability to show affection through gift giving – it’s enough to make anyone smile. However, gift giving can also be anxiety-inducing.

“What if my boyfriend doesn’t like the gift I buy for him?”

“What if my dad already has this scarf?”

“If I don’t drain my bank account on a gift for my boss, will I look cheap?”

“What if my best friend compares this Christmas present with what I bought him for his birthday?”

The good news is, it’s normal to fear being a bad gift giver, and there are ways to help ensure you give your loved ones something they’ll treasure.

17 Best bracelets for men from best brands

Gone are the days of bracelets for men all looking the same. In this day and age, you can find the perfect pieces for all the men in your life, no matter their style. If you are like me struggling with the idea of jewelry gifts for men who have everything, we introduce some of the best bracelets for men and men's bracelets brands. Next time, you will not wander in the mall and rush for the jewelry gifts for men, but enjoy a romantic dinner with your man on that memorable date. In addition to Azuro Republic’s selection of classic and standout designs, below I present 17 selected best bracelets for men from successful brands that you can get as the best jewelry gifts for men who have everything right now.

#1 Best Bracelets for men: Beaded Bracelets for men

best bracelets for men, beaded bracelets for men

Azuro Republic / Gold Enamel Turquoise Obsidian Bracelet

Obsidian is the dark gemstone found in lava and the native Americans call these stones “The Apache’s Tears”. These beaded bracelets for men combine with luxurious vitreous enamel, and represent guardianship and braveness. They are one of the best luxury gifts for men as the mens bracelets have such a special and nice meaning. 

Black Obsidian beaded bracelets for men combined with a Gold Enamel Turquoise Obsidian represents guardianship and braveness. With the obsidian stone's healing properties, the black obsidian mens bracelets serve as a protective and energy clearing guard.

Gold Enamel Turquoise Obsidian Bracelet

Ready for your inner self to fuel and refine your style?

#2 Best Bracelets for men: Silver Bracelets for men

best bracelets for men, silver bracelets for men

Buck Palmer / Classic Buck Cuff

The classic silver bracelets for men are where the Buck Palmer brand started. Made from 925 sterling silver and hand finished, so no two pieces are the same. They’re the definition of rustic elegance and are silver bracelets for men that can fit any outfit with its pure color and shape. Simple with just the right amount of shine, they are the best jewelry gifts for minimalists.

#3 Best Bracelets for men: Leather Bracelets for men

best bracelets for men, leather bracelets for men

Alexander McQueen / Woven Leather And Silver Tone Wrap Bracelet

Black calf leather double-wrap bracelets for men with antique silver-finished hammered studs. Finished with an engraved Alexander McQueen coin and a metal skull charm. The leather bracelets for men are one of the best jewelry gifts for those who desire something by a renowned designer – something that commands extra respect.

You can also choose leather bracelets for men from Versace, which are similar to the ones above and are also great jewelry gifts for men.

#4 Best Bracelets for men: Leather Bracelets for men

best bracelets for men, leather bracelets for men

Versace / Croc-effect Leather And Gold Tone Wrap Bracelet

Made in Italy, from croc-effect leather, it has a buckle fastening so men can find the most comfortable fit and the leather bracelets for men would be decorated with the house's iconic Medusa head hardware. It comes in a presentation box so it is a great jewelry gift for men as well.

#5 Best Bracelets for men: Beaded Bracelets for men

best bracelets for men, beaded bracelets for men

Azuro Republic / Rose Gold Classic White Jade Bracelet

White Jade represents the qualities that a person is trusted among others, and the quality of unselfishness. People who choose to wear white jade beaded bracelets for men are said to be the leader and are usually trustworthy among the group. Centered with a rose gold bead, the mens bracelets are simplistic yet luxurious accessories that will be the best jewelry gifts for men.

The white jade mens bracelet in combination with classic rose gold beads promotes tranquility and radiates a peaceful glow. Leadership roles wear white jade beaded bracelets for men as they are the most trustworthy among a group, and can use the properties of bringing harmony and improving cooperation in the workplace.

Rose Gold Classic White Jade

The White jade bracelet in combination with classic rose gold beads, promotes tranquility and radiates a peaceful glow. Made up of stunning nephrite jade stones with a translucent gleam, the white jade bracelet representing unselfishness and hope.

#6 Best Bracelets for men: Silver Finish Leather Bracelets for men

best bracelets for men, leather bracelets for men

Bottega Veneta / Intrecciato Leather And Burnished Silver Tone Bracelet

Bottega Veneta's signature intrecciato technique lends itself particularly well to jewelry - it's discreet yet instantly recognizable. And while not ostentatious, it will be leather bracelets for men that discerning eyes will certainly not miss the quality.

#7 Best Bracelets for men: Buckled Leather Bracelets for men

best bracelets for men, leather bracelets for men

Miansai / New Gamle Leather Bracelet, Gold (Silver) Plated

Many who wear mens bracelets go for one by the Miami-based Miansai. Bold, modern, and innovative, the leather bracelets for men would be one of those to consider for a classy vibe.

#8 Best Bracelets for men: Woven Leather Bracelets for men

best bracelets for men, leather bracelets for men

Tom Ford / Woven Leather And Gold Tone Bracelet

Tom Ford's leather bracelets for men have been woven in Italy from supple chocolate leather and finished with a gold-tone signature 'T' buckle. Calm and refined, the best mens bracelets will add a unique look to any outfit.

#9 Best Bracelets for men: Chain Bracelets for men

best bracelets for men, gold chain bracelets for men

David Yurman / Small Fluted Chain Bracelet

David Yurman would be a bracelet brand that is inspired by classical and original motifs, and are meticulously crafted by artisans. This jewelry collection transcends the everyday, making the ordinary exquisite for him. Men are great for wearing vintage gold bracelets for men and they are great jewelry gifts for men as well.

#10 Best Bracelets for men: Beaded Bracelets for men

best bracelets for men, beaded bracelets for men

Azuro Republic / Silver Classic Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

Lapis Lazuli, a lofty silicate mineral composite, is as beautiful as bright stars in a blue sky and represents the quality of unselfishness and generosity. Engraved with the classic silver bead, the jewelry gifts for men add an extra touch of sense and sophistication to the men wearing them. Moreover, they would be bracelets for men that represent the personality of your receiver and also a warm compliment for him.

Armed with this guide, you can now shop for the men in your life without fear. When in doubt, remember why you’re giving them a gift; this thought will guide you in deciding what to buy them. And always accompany your gift with a personal touch, whether it be a note or by personalizing the item itself.

Made with beautiful Lapis Lazuli Stone, the famous ''Bluestone'', and 925 sterling silver beads, the silver beaded bracelets for men are a fashion statement, made to express your inner self. The beaded bracelets for men will encourage yourself without holding back, and with its 925 sterling silver beads, allows defining yourself confidently.

Silver Classic Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

Lapis lazuli is one of the best-known blue stones thanks to its iconic color, but it doesn't end there, to fully understand this beautiful blue stone, we first take a deep look at the lapis lazuli meaning and why we believe this lapis lazuli men's bracelet is for you.

#11 Best Bracelets for men: Gold Bracelets for men


mens gold bracelet as the best men’s jewelry choice. mens bracelets in gold.Cartier's best bracelets for men.Juste un Clou bracelet is the best mens bracelet and gold bracelet.

Cartier / Juste Un Clou Bracelet

Designed in 1970s New York, the first Juste un Clou bracelet reflected a wild, freewheeling era. Bold, modern, and innovative, the gold bracelets for men are a creative twist on a familiar object, making the ordinary exquisite for him.

#12 Best Bracelets for men: Silver Bracelets for men

mens chain bracelet for best men's jewelry.silver bracelets for men of David Yurman.product of the best mens silver bracelets.medium box chain bracelet as best mens bracelet.

David Yurman / Medium Box Chain Bracelet

David Yurman silver bracelets for men are inspired by classical and original motifs and are meticulously crafted by artisans. Each mens bracelet is designed to be worn alone, layered, or complemented with unique pendants or amulets from other collections.

#13 Best Bracelets for men: Leather Bracelets for men

product picture of mens leather bracelets with silver tigers.leather bracelets for men are best gifts for men.best man gifts are mens leather bracelets.black leather bracelets for men.

Thomas Sabo / Leather Strap Tiger

The leather bracelets for men unleash the unbridled power and energy of the tiger. Made of hand-woven leather, the mens bracelets look special and enable a simple opening. An engraving pattern reminiscing of a tiger’s skin purifies the bracelets’ expressive look.

#14 Best Bracelets for men: White Gold Bracelets for men

mens white gold bracelets are classic mens bracelets. Cartier mens chain bracelets are best man gifts for men.mens best bracelet with silver color.white gold mens bracelets are best gifts for men.

Cartier / Santos De Cartier Bracelet

The men’s white gold bracelets for men, comprising delicate links, worn alone or co-ordinated, have the classic, elegant, exquisite look which fits in any style of outfit. White gold mens bracelets in chains can be simple but still stylish.

#15 Best Bracelets for men: Silver Bracelets for men

mens silver bracelets with black titanium are best gifts for men.best man gifts are mens silver bracelets.classic bracelets for men as best gifts. product picture of mens bracelets.

David Yurman / Chevron Woven Bracelet In Black Titanium

David Yurman skillfully reinterprets chevron, the ancient V-shaped pattern used in architecture and art, in this modern, sculptural collection of silver bracelets for men. Viewed in relation to one another, each half of the motif is a mirror image of Cable.

#16 Best Bracelets for men: Beaded Bracelets for men

Beaded bracelets with silver feathers are classic mens beaded bracelets. best man gifts are Thomas Sabo mens beaded bracelets.bracelets for men in beads are best gift ideas.

Thomas Sabo / Bracelet Feather

If you want to give your mens bracelets an individual touch, the artistically crafted feather gives the beaded bracelets for men a special Boho look. The mens bracelets not only give an expressive look but also with symbolism and their length adjustable.

#17 Best Bracelets for men: Leather Bracelets for men

mens leather bracelets from David Yurman are best gift choices for men. product picture of mens leather bracelets with exotic stone cross.best mens leather bracelets as best man gifts.

David Yurman / Exotic Stone Cross Station Leather Bracelet With Black Onyx

The mens leather bracelets’ designs feature rare and unique stones handpicked from around the world for their coloring, composition, and symbolism. With the mix of black leather and silver metal, the leather bracelets for men will not look bored but bring a symbolic and fashionable style.

If you want to find some bracelet brands or mens bracelets ideas for your beloved girl or woman, please see more at < here >


How to Combat Gift Giving Anxiety 

We all have important men in our lives – dads, boyfriends, platonic friends, coworkers, sons, etc. Sometimes these men can be especially hard to shop for. If the mere thought of shopping for a particular man in your life makes you panic, start with these tips before you even set foot in a store:

  • Start by writing down what’s meaningful to you about this person and your relationship with them. Consider what you’re trying to achieve with this gift. Are you trying to tell them how much they mean to you? Do you want to help them show off their style? Commemorate a milestone together? Your answers will guide your decision-making. It will also keep your focus on your loved one, not your nerves.
  • Emphasize the thought you put into the gift, not its quantity or cost.
  • Accompany any gift with a thoughtful gesture or a handwritten note. This takes some pressure off the gift itself and associates it in their mind with how they feel about you. They’ll treasure your gift even more because when they look at it, they’ll remember your kind words.

Now that you're in the right gift giving mindset, you're ready to start shopping.

How to find the best luxury gifts for men?

You may encounter many special holidays and anniversaries in a year and have difficulties in choosing the best men’s gifts for your partner. Here are some methods for you to choose the suitable gifts for men, and also we recommend 10 best bracelets for men from luxury brands.

How do we find the best luxury gifts for men? We would not speak for all types of men but at least from our observation in men's accessories all these years. Men look at these 4 points for jewelry or luxury gifts for men.


Most men would prefer accessories or jewelry that they can use daily or very often. They don’t like to bring one, two, three different shapes or sizes of necklaces or mens bracelets. They could have multiple accessories, but only wear one bracelet at a time. Also unless he is very into streetwear, you want to avoid anything with sharp edges, or too complicated.

comparison picture of multiple accessories and one bracelet. enlarged mens bracelet pictures in different styles. mens bracelets including mens beaded bracelets and mens silver bracelets.

Color matching

If your man has a great sense of fashion, then you don’t need to worry about this. If not, do think about what colors of clothes are in his wardrobe. You don’t want him to go on a date with you wearing a beautiful green beaded bracelet but dress in a reddish polo


We would recommend some of the men’s brands that offer great quality products. Price and quality are usually correlated, but many independent brands are crafting the best selections.

#1 best luxury gifts for men: men’s leather shoes

product picture of mens leather shoes.leather shoes as best man gifts.best leather shoes for men.George Cleverley’s black leather shoes for men.mens shoes made of antique leather.

George Cleverley / Antique Black Calf

The men’s leather shoes have whole cut imitation oxford with a straight cap and green stitched detail, also featuring leather linings, hand-welted, leather soles. The patina that develops on the leather, the comfort of molded upper and insoles, the intense character they have to make the men’s leather shoes the best luxury gifts for men.

#2 best luxury gifts for men: men’s ties

mens ties are best man gifts.product picture of hand-printed mens tie.ties with hand-printed patterns are best gifts for men.E.Marinella’s best tie style for men.ties a man should own.

E.Marinella / Sartorial, Hand-printed Tie

The men’s tie is hand-made from the hand-printed silk to the individual cutting of each square, to the hand-closing of the final product. Characterized by rich colors, never excessive, and by floral or geometric micro-designs.

#3 best luxury gifts for men: cufflinks

mens cufflinks for best man gifts.Product picture of Azuro classic mens cufflinks.The classic mens cufflinks are best gifts for men.cufflinks are great men's gifts ideas to consider.

Azuro Republic / Azuro Classic Cufflinks

Finished with sophisticated setting craftsmanship, the Azuro Classic Cufflinks are cufflinks for gentlemen by gentlemen. The Azuro Classic Cufflinks are personalized cufflinks for men made from Rhodium, 24 Gold, and Rose Gold plated with a high metallic luster.

#4 best luxury gifts for men: men's watch

Rolex gold classic watches can be the best man gifts.the best mens watch on the book.product picture of best gifts for men.classic mens watch in yellow gold. Rolex best mens watch of all time.

Rolex / Day-Date 40

The Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 in 18 ct yellow gold with a white dial, fluted bezel, and a president bracelet. This men’s watch is one of the most classic and elegant style accessories that fits well with an exquisite suit.


Here you can find bracelets for men at a range of prices. When searching for the best luxury gifts for men , we would suggest these brands where the price range is acceptable. For  gifts for men who have everything, you should go with quality over quantity which the price of each item would be higher than women’s accessories in general.

Other gift ideas for men, for different occasions

Christmas gift ideas for men

  • Cufflinks. This is a great gift for any modern gentleman. Whether he wants to quietly distinguish himself with a classic look like obsidian, or make a statement with a bright gemstone like lapis lazuli or turquoise, cufflinks recognize a man’s station in life while allowing him to show some flair.
  • A luxury bottle of his favorite whiskey, or other drink of choice
  • A customized bracelet. You can choose stones and beads that symbolize something important to him so he can carry them with him everywhere. Or, keep it understated and classic with a simple engraved message.

For the friend struggling with social isolation during COVID-19

In most areas of the world, people are still practicing social distancing in some form. Most of us aren’t seeing our loved ones in person as often as we’re used to. This rapid change in social support has some people feeling overwhelmed. 

One great way to connect with loved ones right now is to send them a gift to let them know you’re thinking of them. Make sure to accompany any quarantine gift with a heartfelt note, handwritten if possible. Gifts are nice, but the true gesture here is human connection.

  • A piece of jewelry made with healing in mind. Many stones are associated with certain traits. Chrysanthemum, for instance, is associated with positivity and joy, making it the perfect gifts for men for someone struggling to find peace right now.
  • An indoor activity they can do at home. Think of what your friend enjoys, or a hobby they’ve always wanted to try but have never gotten around to. The sky’s the limit here – art supplies, a journal to write in, an embroidery or candle-making kit, or a puzzle are all great indoor activities to stimulate your friend’s mind while letting them know they’re on your mind.
  • Customized jewelry. Many of us aren’t getting dressed up as often as we used to, but this can affect our self-image and self-esteem. Expressing our sense of style, even if there’s no one to see it, is an important way we get in touch with ourselves. Sending your loved one mens bracelets customized to their style is a great way to tell them you appreciate them.
Gift Ideas for Men
"Bracelets for men are precious, stylish and meaningful."

Jewelries or Bracelets for men are what I strongly recommend you to choose. The three features are the most important points. With these features, mens bracelets can satisfy all of your expectations and demands on the best  gifts for men. And it can show that you are thoughtful and have a sensitive sense of fashion.

It can also go well with a nice watch, no matter if your friends like to accessorize or not, mens bracelets are brilliant choices as luxury gifts for men.Gift Ideas for Men

  • A framed photo of a place they love, or a place they want to visit. This has the dual benefit of making their home a little more beautiful while they’re spending more time inside than usual, in addition to reminding them of the light at the end of the COVID tunnel.

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