Finest Shirtmaker in London - Dooley & Rostron

The first interaction with Adam, the founder of Dooley & Rostron, and Oliva, the marketing director, was refreshing.

Dooley & Rostron upholds the heritage Frank Rostron Bespoke Shirtmaker was so loved for - in a rich history of luxury tailoring, creating the finest bespoke shirts and handcrafted suits for many noted faces such as celebrities, sports stars and politicians

Long-standing Frank Rostron Bespoke Shirtmakers has rebranded to Dooley & Rostron, offering full bespoke line and ready-to-wear services. The new flagship seating on King Street West brings the heritage of Savile Row to the eye of the metropolitan.

Upholding the rich heritage of the handcrafted shirt-making processes and integrating the sizing technology and online tailoring services. With a quarter of a million refurbishment, the store offers a personal service allowing customers to browse through all the fabrics and RTW products, a downstairs tailoring station in witnessing where the magic happen, and an outdoor Café to enjoy the vibe on King Street.

We have met and partnered with many of the tailor stores around the globe, and what impressed us the most about Adam is his dedication and the willingness to make a change without sacrificing the quality.

It is our honor in working with our dear friend, creating many aspiring designs and accessories. Custom jewelry or tailoring is similar in its making. A form of art, a way of telling a story. If next time your are round the King Street, Manchester. Make sure you pay a visit to Dooley & Rostron, and Adam.

Handcrafted at its finest.

The Odin stack is a fusion of the red tiger eye stone, turquoise stone, obsidian stone, and sodalite stone bracelet. It is a guide to heighten your sensitivity and create the ultimate connection with your inner self. You can find this beautiful peice in Dooley & Rostron.


by Azuro Republic