5 Tips to Dress Like in Mad Men | The Don Draper Style Guide

‘Mad Men’ is the gripping drama that follows Don Draper throughout New York in the 1960’s as he manages his executive position at one of the most prestigious ad agencies in the state. Draped in mystery and intrigue, Don Draper is the epitome of a business mogul and self-driven man who strives to usurp his competitors.

Whilst Draper’s personality has some flaws, his dress sense most certainly did not falter. A man focused on dressing to impress, placing emphasis on his suaveness and professionalism.  

Whilst his character may seem unattainable, his fashion certainly isn’t! So today I will guide you through the five tips Don Draper taught us about fashion in ‘Mad Men’.

How Do I Look Like Don Draper?

dress like mad men don draper white suit

Don Draper was most famous for the artisanally tailored suits that fit him perfectly and that he could wear with ease on his day to day routine to appear clean, fresh, and crisp regardless of the situation. So a clear starting point for attaining the Don Draper look would be to invest in some beautifully tailored suits that accentuate your form and allow you to stand tall and with pride.

Famous for his suits, Don Draper wore an eclectic mix, including a:

  • A sleek and smart white dinner suit, that was appropriate for white tie events (featured in season 2).
  • A plaid sports jacket, that brought classicism and functionality together (featured in season 5).
  • His smart, crisp iron-grey classic suit paired with a skinny tie and crisp white shirt (his signature look throughout all seven series).


What Kind Of Suit Does Don Draper Wear? 

dress like mad men don draper

Most commonly wearing sharp, classical suits, Don Draper had a signature smart look of either an iron-grey or blue suit paired with a crisp white shirt, a skinny tie, and smart dress shoes. Blue suits are an easy way for any gent to emanate sophistication, making it a must-have for any man looking to expand his suit wardrobe. However, Draper certainly ventured into the world of colors and patterns throughout the duration of the show - emphasizing that being a man doesn’t stop you from being adventurous with your fashion!

Draper also ventured into the world of silky cream suits (featured in season 6) and checkered suits (featured in season 4) which shows that fundamentally any suit that is correctly pressed and styled, can appear suave and professional.


What Kind Of Sunglasses Does Don Draper Wear?

dress like mad men don draper

Don Draper is famous for his squared aviator sunglasses from Randolph that he wears throughout the show when driving, smoking, or in the sunny land of California. These glasses complete his classy attire and allow him to exude fashion and mystery.

It is crucial for men to invest in a suitable pair of sunglasses that can become a staple piece of theirs - however, ensure that they will suit both formal and casual attire. My personal recommendations would be a high-quality pair of aviators or tortoiseshell sunglasses made by Rayban or Randolph to guarantee you both quality and style.


What Was Don Draper’s Secret?

dress like mad men don draper

Beneath it all, the key to Don Draper’s success was a signature style and a consistent sense of who he was. His authoritative and commanding presence was solidified by his professional and smart attire that was unwavering throughout the entirety of the show. This secret allowed him to take command within his career and succeed, whilst also taking command of his personal life and attaining both success, money, and women.

It is crucial for any man to adopt his signature style, as this can be applied to all aspects of your life and help you further both your career and personal prospects - as often sophistication and subtle elegance connote with professionalism and command.


What Was Don Draper’s Haircut Called?

dress like mad men don draper

Don Draper’s famous haircut is the ‘slicked side part combover’, which is where the back and sides are kept short using scissors (never a clipper) and the top is kept between 3-4 inches long and styled using gel or wax alongside a comb to create that smooth combover that appears professional and attractive.

However, if the Don Draper style is too long for you, Roger Stirling’s haircut may be ideal. This is where the sides are clipped short and tapered into the top which is between 1-2 inches maximum to ensure that you can still combover the top, which still retains the professionalism desired by the previous haircut.


dress like mad men don draper

‘Mad Men’ has provided us modern gentlemen with a set standard as to how we can dress like a traditional and classical man and emanate our masculinity throughout our lives. The incorporation of suits as a daily dressing standard once again expresses to those around us our command over every aspect of our lives.

Personally, the style shown throughout ‘Mad Men’ is one that I myself try to adopt more consistently throughout my daily life, as I believe that the key to command a room and to take charge of your personal life and career is to start by physically expressing your sophistication and intellect through your attire.



by Azuro Republic