Laurel 18k Gold Seasame Beaded Bracelet


The Laurel collection is the most iconic design to represent Azuro Republic. The built-in push clasp, the centerpiece of the jewelry, is designed from the Azuro circle of leaves and we even wire the bracelet with metal string for enhanced durability and strength.

Our design concept is from the interwoven leaves of the bay laurel plant. It was worn on the head of emperors to signify imperial power and authority.
In the modern world, a laurel wreath symbolizes success, peace, and equality.

Apply the premium AAA Seasame crystal and build it into a beaded bracelet for men. The Laurel 18k gold beaded bracelet gives a subtle look to your style.

(Size Guide)
  • Metal: 18-karat yellow gold with Push Clasp and Metal Wire
  • Crystals: 8mm Seasame
  • Chakra & Healing Properties
    Sacral Chakra: Restore balance & harmony
    - Physic: Fight infection
    - Mental: Reflection negativity, clears confusion, increase confidence, balance impulsness
    - Spirit: Promote discernment

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Danny B
Improvements: Drop your prices be reasonable

I was expecting more for the price that I payed. Gold clasp not as solid as it was told to me it was by chat. The bracelet is nice but very very overpriced and same as the other bracelet I purchased the Kratosi nice but very overpriced
You have a great website nicely presented good European name and based in China great deceiving operation
I don’t mind paying as you can see I spent$1500 but was expecting much more for that money
Will not buy again

Dear Danny,

This is Emma from Azuro Republic Customer Service Team. Thank you sincerely for sharing your thoughts about your recent purchases. Your candid feedback is vital, and I want to assure you that we take your concerns seriously. I apologize for any discrepancies in conveying the quality of our products, particularly regarding the gold Laurel clasp. We are committed to providing a high standard, and I understand the importance of clarity in our communications. Your disappointment is genuinely felt, and we want to rectify this situation promptly.

To provide clarification, we assure you that the Laurel clasp is made of solid 18K gold, and our products undergo meticulous craftsmanship in Taiwan, adhering to stringent quality control processes. We do not source or manufacture our items in China. Our global presence includes offices in the UK, the US, Germany, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Each of our designs is entirely original, taking up to 10 months from the initial sketch, 3D designing, wax module creation, metal module crafting, to the final stages of polishing, handcrafting, and fine-tuning. This comprehensive process, from design inception to manufacturing, reflects the dedication of our tireless team.

Furthermore, I also want to clarify that the total for your order is USD 894, and I'm uncertain about the discrepancy in the cost you mentioned. If there's any confusion or discrepancy, we would like to investigate this matter thoroughly to ensure transparency in our pricing. In consideration of potential customs fees, we comprehend the intricacies of international laws and have taken steps to divide your order into two packages, aiming to mitigate the impact of Australian customs fees. Nevertheless, despite our efforts, your order may still be liable for VAT, import duties, and/or taxes, especially for the solid 18k gold product.

Your feedback about the chat conversation is duly noted, and I want to investigate further to understand how we can improve. Could you please provide additional details about the specific issues you encountered? This will aid us in tailoring a resolution that aligns with your expectations. Should there be specific expectations or adjustments you had in mind, please do not hesitate to share those details with us. Your satisfaction remains our top priority, and I'm committed to ensuring we address your concerns effectively. We genuinely appreciate your patronage and look forward to your response.

Thank you and warm regards,
Emma | Senior Manager of Azuro Customer Service Team

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