What is 925 sterling silver And How to tell if it is real? | Does Sterling Silver Tarnish?

There’s no question that sterling silver is beautiful and shiny. It’s no wonder it’s one of the world’s most popular jewelry metals. However, many people don’t know what makes 925 sterling silver different from regular silver. If you’re considering buying sterling silver jewelry, we recommend knowing the difference between sterling silver and pure silver. Knowing what your jewelry’s made of will help you choose the best pieces.

# 925 Sterling silver: What is sterling silver 

1. What is 925 Sterling Silver?

925 silver is an alloy, or blend, of different metals, that contains 92.5% pure silver. While it might sound less than ideal to wear jewelry that isn’t made of pure silver, 925 sterling silver actually has several benefits. It’s used for jewelry not as a cheap knock-off of pure silver, but because blending silver with other metals gives it a beautiful sheen and makes it more durable.

2. Is 925 Sterling Silver Different from Sterling Silver?

925 silver, 925 sterling silver, and sterling silver are all the same thing. They’re made from the same silver alloy blend containing 92.5% pure silver. The only key difference is the name. No matter what your jeweler or jewelry shop calls it, you can be confident you’re getting a beautiful, durable piece of jewelry.

3. What’s the Difference Between 925 Sterling Silver and 999 Fine Silver?

As we’ve said, 925 sterling silver contains up to 92.5% silver, 7% copper, and a smattering of other metals. 999 fine silver contains 99.9% silver. Fine silver is softer than 925 silver. It bends easily under pressure. This has pros and cons. It makes for easily adjustable pieces, which is excellent for getting the perfect fit for cuffs and certain rings. It also doesn’t tarnish as much as 925 sterling silver. It’s much rarer. And an alloy with less nickel and copper means people with skin allergies can wear silver jewelry with less irritationHowever, 999 silver is much softer than 925 silver. This makes it less than ideal for everyday wear.

what is .925 sterling silver

# 925 Sterling silver: How to tell if your 925 silver is real

1. Take the Item to a Jeweler

A jeweler can test jewelry pieces for authenticity. They’ll be able to tell you with certainty whether or not the piece is authentic.

2. Magnet Test

If the jewelry sticks to a magnet, then it’s fake. Pure silver isn’t magnetic. So if a piece of jewelry has a significant amount of silver in it, it won’t be drawn to magnets.

3. Rub Test

Rub a soft cloth on the piece, then check the cloth. If you see black marks, you’re in luck – that’s real silver! Real silver tarnishes when it’s exposed to air, which is exactly what those black marks are. 

4. Smell Test

When in doubt, give it a sniff. Cheap metals usually have a smell, while silver doesn’t. A strong smell usually indicates the metal has a high percentage of copper, meaning it’s less valuable.

 5. Weight Test

If you have a piece of jewelry that you already know with certainty is made of real silver, compare the weights of the two pieces. If the weight feels the same, your silver jewelry piece is probably genuine. If there’s a significant difference in weight, they may be made of two different metals.

6. Scientific Test

Now’s your chance to play scientist. Grab some protective goggles and gloves. Drop a bit of nitric acid onto a small part of your jewelry. If it turns green, it’s not made of actual silver. Nitric acid is a chemical with a high copper content, so it discolors non-silver items.

what is .925 sterling silver

# 925 Sterling silver: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is 925 Sterling Silver Cheap?

Sterling silver is much cheaper than comparable metals like gold. However, imitations of sterling silver jewelry are widely sold in the market. Jewelry is considered to be made of “fine silver” if it contains 92.5% or more of silver.

2. Is  925 Sterling Silver Good Quality?

Sterling silver’s main benefits are that it’s durable and light. The added metals in sterling silver make it even stronger than gold.

3. Can  925 Sterling Silver be Worn Every Day?

Yes. It’s one of the best metals for everyday wear. Blending pure silver with copper and other metals forms a strong alloy that can stand up to everyday bumps and bruises.

4. Can I Shower with Sterling Silver?

Showering with sterling silver jewelry on won’t harm the metal, it could speed up the tarnishing process. This is especially true if your tap water has chlorine, salt, or harsh chemicals. We recommend removing your sterling silver before showering.

# Does Sterling Silver Tarnish?

Many people have the question if the sterling silver tarnishes? The answer to the question is yes! There are many reasons why the sterling silvers get tarnished. One of the most common reasons is when the sterling silver gets in contact with different chemicals. Sulfur and chlorine are two main chemicals that can cause the sterling silver tarnishSterling silver tarnish can also happen if exposed to moisture for a very long time.

sterling silver tarnish

How long does it take for sterling Silver to Tarnish?

Tarnishing silver depends on how you take care of it. Generally, sterling silver can takes two months or even years to get tarnished. That is to say, different factors can contribute to the speed of tarnishing. Suppose you have purchased sterling silver that is not good quality and has a high proportion of alloy. Then it can rust more quickly than the silver of high quality. If you keep it safe and away from the humid environment and chemicals, you can increase the tarnishing time.

Tips for limiting sterling silver tarnish:

Here are tricks that will help you keep your silver as good as new for a longer duration.

1. Store it properly:

The significant thing you should do is keep the sterling silver in a dry spot. Please keep it in a zip lock bag so that no air can enter and cause the sterling silver tarnish. Afterward, please keep it in a cupboard or safe place to keep it extra protected.

2. Avoid contact with moisture:

When you are wearing the sterling silver accessories, ensure that you don’t go near water. The moisture can accelerate the tarnishing process; therefore, avoid contact with moisture.

3. Do not use chemicals:

Chemicals can damage the sterling silver a lot and cause it to rust. Therefore, keep any chemicals away from your sterling silver. Sulfur and chlorine are two significant chemicals that will cause sterling silver tarnish.

4. Wear it regularly:

Make sure you wear your sterling silver jewelry and make the most of it. You don’t want to keep it in your drawer where it will rust and you can’t use it afterward. 

5. Proper cleaning of the silver:

You must take proper care of the sterling silver jewelry. Taking care and preventing the tarnishing of sterling silver is not a big deal.

The best way to keep it from getting tarnished is by cleaning it after every wear. Make sure you wipe off all the dirt and oils accumulated on the jewelry.

Other than this, you can even go for polishing. If you have sterling silver that is already tarnished, you can get it polished. This will help you get back the shine of the silver.

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