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Christopher is sitting in a crowded coffee shop in the heart of New York City. All around them, there is the hustle and bustle. The cacophony of sounds is incessant. Mobiles are going off, and within Chris' circle of friends, it seems every second someone receives a text, a notification, or a call.

The constant stimulation is overwhelming enough that everyone takes notice. "Wasn't it great when there were no mobile phones, and one could have a meaningful discussion with a friend without getting interrupted every half a second?" asks Chris' friend Manny.

Grounding Crystals

"I think it's all about perspective. I keep myself calm and grounded in the present," explains Chris. "I know my cellphone should work for me and not the other way round. Most people appear busy but are lacking in direction or purpose in life. This can be very demotivating at the end of the day and source of mental health issues."

"Really? How do you resist the temptation of looking at your phone when it lights up?" quizzes Linda.

"It is pretty simple. I keep myself focused and in control with a little help from my grounding crystals," replies Chris pointing at his bracelet containing Tiger Eye, one of his favorite grounding crystals.


Gold Classic Tiger Eye Bracelet

This healing bracelet, with a touch of gold, is the men's beaded bracelet to have with you when there is an important decision to be made, as the stone of tiger eye bracelet will balance your inner self and you will accept whatever life throws at you.

What Is "Grounding" Exactly ?

If you are anything like I was, you would ask what is 'grounding' exactly how can grounding crystals benefit me?

Let me elaborate. Grounding refers to a calm state of mind. It is a mindset in which you are fully focused on the present. You can silence any kind of white noise that is necessary to give you a clearer perspective.

grounding crystals

Remaining grounded is helpful in every area of life, be it your career, interpersonal relations, or even your relationship with yourself. Gaining a clear perspective is integral to better decision-making as well as improved communication. I personally greatly credit grounding crystals for helping me get better at expressing myself.

Benefits For Using Grounding Crystals

I have been using crystals for calming and grounding for years now and cannot believe that I had lived a large portion of my life without them. If I start listing grounding crystals' benefits, it will take a long time to relate each benefit.

grounding crystals
Overall, however, grounding crystals keep you focused. This means you can improve your performance in daily life and be successful in whatever you do. I have been able to do better and achieve success because grounding crystals help me keep my presence of mind and allow me to concentrate on the important things.

Keeping grounding stones has another very important benefit. They enable you to overcome stress by reducing unnecessary thoughts and worries. I find that grounding crystals give me a sense of peace which is exactly what I need to combat anxiety and negative thought processes.

What Will Happen If You Are Not Grounded?

Remaining grounded in life is not just critical for achieving success but also for maintaining mental and physical well-being. You can experience increased anxiety and stress if you are not grounded. You may feel dizziness and confusion, which may lead to serious physical symptoms, such as palpitations and even static shocks.

anxiety and stress

How To Use Grounding Crystals?

Now that you know just how important using grounding crystals is, you might be wondering how to get the full benefits of grounding stones? 

It doesn't have to be complicated at all. I use grounding crystals by incorporating them into my daily meditation. I follow a simple seven-step process that starts with practicing deep breathing. Envision yourself becoming one with the ground as you exhale. And once you inhale, imagine that you are absorbing the positive green energy from underneath your feet. Try to feel your feet as they firmly touch the ground. Think of your feet as growing roots and becoming one with the ground. You are now strongly rooted, steady, and protected. Nothing can shake you from your resolve.

grounding crystals meditations

8 Best Grounding Crystals

Here are 8 of the best grounding crystals:

#1 Grounding Crystals - Hematite

Grounding Crystals - Hematite

Hematite is a sort of iron ore, so the crystal has a metallic sheen and usually comes in black or grey color. It is a grounding crystal used specifically for achieving stability and getting protection. It is also known for being effective against physical ailments.

Silver Classic Hematite

Azuro Republic presents its Silver Classic Hematite bracelet, a classy and fashionable bracelet for men, made our of 925 silver beads and the finest hematite stone.

#2 Grounding Crystals - Quartz


Quartz has amazing healing properties. Clear quartz, in particular, is known for improving clarity and reducing confusion. quartz is also a stone that amplifies the effect of other crystals and is frequently used along with other crystals for a magnified impact.

#3 Grounding Crystals - Bloodstone


Grounding Crystals - Bloodstone

Bloodstone is a popular healing stone. As its name suggests, it is linked to blood. Bloodstone is known for grounding and protecting the wearer by filtering out negativity. Bloodstone has been shown to improve creativity and enhance intuition.

#4 Grounding Crystals - Obsidian


Obsidian is a black crystal known for its ability to ward off negative energy. It keeps you grounded and provides stability by getting rid of negative thoughts, and helps you to overcome hardships.

Silver Classic Obsidian

The stones from our black obsidian bracelet are composed of dark-colored natural volcanic glass, where some native Americans call these stones “The Apache’s Tears”.

#5 Grounding Crystals - Onyx


Onyx is a grounding stone with multiple healing properties. Onyx is effective against heart, kidneys, hair, and eyes problems. It is also used to reduce stress and anxiety and relieve other psychological disorders. It also encourages better sleep.

#6 Grounding Crystals - Red Jasper


Red jasper is known as an endurance stone. I have used the stone to keep myself grounded and on track. The endurance aspect means you remain focused and can overcome difficulties with ease.

Classic Gold Red Jasper Bracelet

The Red Jasper stones combine with 24k Gold Plated Beads make up the Gold Classic Red Jasper Bracelet that symbolizes dedication and diligence.

#7 Grounding Crystals - Black Tourmaline

Grounding Crystals - Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is another amazing grounding stone that absorbs negative energy. Whether it be internal or external, negative energy can be very destructive. Anxiety and stress are all manifestations of negativity which the black tourmaline is effective against.

#8 Grounding Crystals - Tiger Eye

Grounding Crystals - Tiger Eye

The Tiger eye is a pretty useful grounding crystal. It provides the wearer with the strength and courage to remain on a chosen path. The crystal is also used against curses and for enhancing willpower.

Gold Classic Tiger Eye Bracelet

We bring you the Gold Classic Men’s Tiger Eye bracelet, made for those men in leadership positions, as the stone of this tiger eye bracelet helps you stay centered and calm despite the ups and downs.


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