Top 8 Healing Crystals for Men | Life Changing Crystals and Healing Stones Properties

Starting the day at 5:30 a.m. every day, I head out to Central Park for a morning jog. Staying healthy both in the mind and body is important when it comes to working laboriously daily for hours non-stop, and keeping a routine is what makes us stay on track in this hectic career life. The soft autumn breeze refreshes my mind as I jog along the path, and the warmth of the sun gives me a sense of relaxation. With this salubrious habit, I am motivated and ready to go to work.

Having a daily routine like this one is common for the people in the investment banking world- one of the most challenging jobs of the era - because we need to keep a clear mind and stay motivated to overcome all the trials and tribulations our job encounters. But despite doing so, there aren’t many people that stayed working in this area for as long as me. This has always been a mystery because, with the same habits and routine, it seems to be reasonable for them to keep going as I did. 

What made me different from them? What gave me the strength to adhere to my job?

I’m not sure what exactly brought me strength during the lowest of times, but looking back, the biggest difference from my colleagues and I is the way I chose to cleanse my disposition. Some of them chose to seek refuge in bars for a quick drink, or take up meditation, but I chose to look for help in a particular field, gemstones.20 Healing Crystals with Their Meanings and Benefits

Healing Crystals and Their Characteristics

1. Gemstones for Men: Agate (Hope)

mens beaded bracelet  Agate Crystal and Sterling Silver Devil Eye Brown Agate Beaded Bracelet

The Agate crystal has the power to bring hope, security and inner strength. When you are depressed or feeling at lost, you can consider using these healing crystals to cheer you up. It is a crystal for men that have the the trait of keeping you grounded and out of the state of panic. Most people choose Agate as their first healing crystals to buy.

Healing Gemstones Property: Heals skin disorders and strengthens blood vessels.

2. Gemstones for men: Sodalite (Truth)

mens beaded bracelet Sodalite Crystal and Sterling Silver Sodalite Howlite Beaded Bracelet

Sodalite is a healing crystals of truth, it promotes self-expression. With this crystal for men, you can gain confidence in expressing yourself and communicating with others directly. If you are trying to find your direction in life, or you wish to connect with yourself more, then this is the go-to crystal for men. 

Healing Gemstones Property: Increases blood flow circulation and clears electromagnetic pollution.

3. Gemstones for Men: Turquoise (Optimistic)

mens beaded bracelet
Turquoise Crystal and Sterling Silver Turquoise Beaded Bracelet

Turquoise healing crystals have been used for quite a while by Native Americans; it is a crystal for men especially known for its ability to ward off evil, bring an optimistic view on life, and gemstones for good luck. If you wish to change your perspectives for the better, then there is turquoise bracelet with healing gemstones with your name written on it! 

Healing Gemstones Property: Enhances the immune system.

4. Gemstones for Men: Lapis Lazuli (Confidence)

mens beaded bracelet
Lapis Lazuli Crystal and Lapis Lazuli with 24k Gold Plated Devil Eye Beads Beaded Bracelet

The society nowadays put great pressure on people, causing them to lack in self-confidence. With the help of the Lapis Lazuli healing gemstones, confidence can be easily earned back. Besides boosting confidence, this crystal for men can also bring peace and compassion.

Healing Gemstones Property: Boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure, alleviates insomnia.

5. Gemstones for Men: Howlite (Creativity)

mens beaded bracelet
Howlite Crystal and Rose Gold Howlite Beaded Bracelet

White Howlite Healing Crystals can strengthen our memories and bring awareness, but most importantly, stimulate our creativity. This crystal for men is favored by old and young, it calms our minds and a howlite bracelet with healing gemstones can give us new ideas to challenge ourselves with.

Healing Gemstones Property: Cures Insomnia and balances calcium levels in the body. 

6. Gemstones for Men: White Jade (Peace)

mens beaded bracelet
White Jade Crystal and Rose Gold White Jade Beaded Bracelet

The White Jade healing crystals can block all negativity, bringing a sense of comfort and peace. By blocking negativity, distractions are also blocked, and these white gemstones will give you the chance to focus completely on the work you need to finish.

Healing Gemstones Property: Assist the body to heal itself, helps with kidney and bladder problems.

7. Gemstones for Men: Obsidian (Clarity)


mens beaded bracelet
Obsidian Crystal and Obsidian with 24k Gold Plated Beads Beaded Bracelet
As you come across countless problems to overcome, it is easy to be obscured by the frustration you have. The Obsidian is a crystal for men that helps clears your mind, and these healing crystals can bring clarity and optimism. If you feel like you are lost in life, an obsidian bracelet with healing gemstones can be the light that leads you the right path.


Healing Gemstones Property: Aid the release of addictions, negative behaviours, and emotional obstructions.

8. Gemstones for Men: Tiger Eye (Warrior’s Spirit - Courage)


mens beaded bracelet
Tiger Eye Crystal and Tiger Eye with 24k Gold Plated Beads Beaded Bracelet
Known for the special trait of bringing wealth to the wearer, the Tiger Eye healing crystals would be one of the most in-demand crystal for men. It inspires ambition, purpose, and courage, which is the most significant keys to success. Tiger Eye bracelet is popular among entrepreneurs, all wishing for a successful and good career.


9. Gemstones for Men: Chrysanthemum (Optimism)

Chrysanthemum Crystal and Rose Gold Chrysanthemum Beaded Bracelet
The Chrysanthemum beads displayed chrysanthemum flower patterns that gives the gems a dimensional touch, and stands out vividly from your wrist. Combined with Pure 925 handcrafted silver beads, the classic Chrysanthemum bracelet for men can bring healing energy to enlighten your spirit and spice up your personal style.

Best Gemstone and Types of Gems for Anxiety 

Have you ever felt so anxious that even breathing exercises don’t seem to help? Anxiety can cripple you and prevent you from achieving your goals. Medication can be used and is helpful, but if you are looking at a holistic approach then types of gems with healing may be the thing that you need. They can provide calming energy in an otherwise chaotic and anxiety-inducing times. 

Crystals can be used for more than beautiful adornments. They have been used for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, and every crystal represents different healing properties. 

The top 5 healing gems for calamity

  1.  Charoite is a gorgeous purple gemstone  that is also dubbed the gem of Transformation. It can connect the wearer to the divine source and help fight compulsions and obsessions. It can help fight negative energies such as anger and fear as well. Charoite Crystal and Stainless Steel Charoite Beaded Bracelet
  2. Howlite is an interesting-looking gemstone with a marble-like appearance. It’s gemstone meanings include how it’s great for ridding your mind of destructive thoughts that may affect your motivation and productivity. Healing bracelets with howlite can bring serenity and peace and help eliminate emotional pains and unhealthy attachments.Howlite Crystal and Rose Gold Howlite Beaded Bracelet
  3. Amethyst stone comes in an enchanting purple with beautiful streaks of white or cream. The amethystt is a protective crystal and amethyst properties can bring healing and purity to the wearer. The amethyst properties include dispelling negative thoughts and surrounds the wearer with soothing energy. 
  4. Clear Quartz is the types of gems dubbed as the master healer with reason. The clear quartz on healing bracelets can be an energy amplifier and helps dispel negative energy. It is a gemstone that can help you remain centered and brings a wonderful inner sense of peace. 
    Quartz Crystal and Sterling Silver Quartz Beaded Bracelet
  5. Sodalite is considered a gemstone of insight. The sodalite gems mainly come in an exciting blue with white hues. It can also be found as yellow sodalite, red sodalite, white sodalite, or green sodalite gemstones. The sodalite healing properties can promote inner peace and clear one’s aura.
    Sodalite Crystal and Sterling Silver Sodalite Howlite Beaded Bracelet

The top 5 healing crystals for happiness and positivity

  1. Turquoise comes in tantalizing blue gems and helps soothe the body, mind, and soul. The turquoise stone is a healing gemstone that can balance one’s emotions and promote spiritual grounding. Turquoise Crystal and Sterling Silver Turquoise Beaded Bracelet
  2. Rose Quartz promotes emotional balance. The gems come in a soothing rosy pink or dusky pink and rose quartz meanings include promotion of inner peace. The healing gemstone help heal emotional wounds and promotes the feeling of contentment in the wearer.
  3. Chrysanthemum stones closely resemble the beautiful characteristics of the Chrysanthemum flower. The healing gemstone can be black or brown with white patterns. The healing gemstone are nourishing gems and the rejuvenating types of gemstones to create a deeper connection with one’s emotional body. Chrysanthemum stones promote self-healing and help make sense of what is otherwise a difficult and confusing world. Chrysanthemum Crystal and Rose Gold Chrysanthemum Beaded Bracelet
  4. Selenite is a protective stone that comes in gorgeous colors of white, grey, golden brown, yellow, or green. Selenite crystal meanings include peace and tranquility and elimination of negative thoughts. Healing gemstones like the selenite stone can get rid of mental blockages and clear confusion.
  5. Jasper is a beautiful opaque healing gemstone with emotional healing properties. With  jasper healing stone jewelry can lift one’s spirit and induce joy. The gemstone helps cleanse your aura and bring peace and comfort in one’s life. Jasper Crystal and Jasper with 24k Gold Plated Beads Beaded Bracelet

These types of gems are more than beautiful pieces that can be added to  healing jewelry. With different gemstone meanings, they can  also promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. 

The Tiger Eye healing crystals was the one I chose to help me along the way. During the financial crisis in 2008, I had hit rock bottom. Companies and banks collapsed, and the clients I managed had lost large amounts of money, which later caused legal issues and compensation problems. I was on the verge of losing my job and going into debt, and I was so close to giving up like the people around me.

Out of desperation, I took a chance in buying Tiger Eye healing crystals. At first, I still struggled in hopelessness, but after a month, I suddenly gained the courage to stand back up and venture forward, traveling to China in search of new investments. The crystal for men gave me strength that made me the way I am today; choosing the best healing gemstones with the right perspective and disposition, you can easily find the right direction.



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