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Black obsidian, also known as "the protector," is one of the most trendy crystal for healing. Let Azuro give you a guide on black obsidian meaning and black obsidian healing properties.

Thanks to its striking black appearance, obsidian is immediately recognizable even to novices. It has a place in many crystal enthusiasts’ repertoires, but the black obsidian healing properties are especially useful for those looking for protection from negativity.

Obsidian healing properties protect you from negative energy in all kinds of forms, making it a versatile companion for those working on unpacking past trauma or even those struggling with their own negative self-talk and thought patterns.

Obsidian crystal's protective qualities don’t discriminate based on the source of negative or bad energy. It can also be useful for risk-takers, people who take big swings and leave themselves to pick up the pieces. Black Obsidian properties can not only protect against the negative consequences of those risks, but also promotes the introspection necessary to make the most of acting impulsively on faith.

Black Obsidian, Black Obsidian meaning and uses, meaning of crystalsWhat is the Black Obsidian meaning: 

Black obsidian is a smooth stone made of naturally occurring volcanic lava. It’s often called volcanic glass, thanks to its volcanic origins and its trademark smooth, glossy sheen. During formation, volcanic lava cools very quickly, creating a glass-like surface (without the need of a rock polisher) rather than crystal formations. Obsidian can be pure black or have milky flecks along its surface.

Obsidian is found naturally all over the world, wherever volcanic eruptions have occurred. It’s also been used for centuries. The Mayans used obsidian slabs to foretell the future.

Keep in mind there are a lot of different types of obsidian, each with their own strengths, unique obsidian healing properties, different black obsidian meaning, and striking appearances. For the purposes of this article we’ll be talking mainly about black obsidian's meaning, but it’s well worth looking into the other useful and beautiful varieties – especially rainbow and snowflake obsidian.

Scientific Facts about Black Obsidian

  • Formation: SiO2, MgO, Fe3O4
  • Hardness: 7
  • SG: 2.35-2.6
  • RI: 1.45-1.55
  • Region: Europe, North America, South America, Australasia, Japan

Obsidian is formed by lava. The compressed rhyolitic lavas at depth contain up to 10% of the water which keeps the lava fluid, and clear in texture. The rapid cooling of erupted lava allows obsidian to form a glassy luster.

Black Obsidian’s Healing Properties

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The first thing you need to know about black obsidian meaning is that it’s fast-acting and powerful. You don’t need to overdo it with your black obsidian. Once you enact it in your practice, you’ll immediately start to see its effects. There are 3 major black obsidian meaning. Obsidian is the money crystal. It attracts money and can magnify the flow of wealth and attract wealth while you sleep. Also, the crystal stimulates inner charka and creates a protective shield to block hostile energy and diseases, therefore protect the wearer.

Black Obsidian Healing Properties: Physical 

  • Strengthen Body
  • Absorb Negative
  • Relax Mind
  • Improve Sleep

Obsidian healing properties are effective for deep tissue healing and keeping the body strong and healthy overall. This can even extend to animals, alleviating an ailing pet’s discomfort.

But perhaps its best strength is to help uneasy sleepers. Keep obsidian under your bed, under your pillow, or elsewhere in your bedroom to help ward off anxious thoughts and absorb negative energy. For best results, pair your obsidian with the mantra “I am loved and protected. It is safe to relax and sleep.” This will help focus obsidian’s power and prepare your mind to relax, and engage the black obsidian meaning.

Black Obsidian Healing Properties: Emotional

  • Find Balance
  • Improve Grounding
  • Boost Introspection

Some people might look at the sleek, inky blackness of obsidian and see negativity and lack of vitality, but keep in mind that life is all about balance. Many black stones are actually excellent for grounding, just like the black obsidian healing properties. This is because they invite introspection and can give the eye something to focus on during meditation. That’s why we recommend using obsidian for grounding exercises, especially in times of worry or anxiety.

Black Obsidian Healing Properties: Spiritual 

  • Protect Spirit
  • Mirror Inner-self
  • Prevent Negativity
  • Secure Wealth

Obsidian's healing properties is perhaps best known for its protective qualities. It wards off negative energy, whether it’s coming from you or someone else. By absorbing this energy, black obsidian prevents negativity from seeping into your being and keeps it external and away from your core.

But obsidian crystal also mirrors your inner being. This stone for the truth-seeker reflects your traits back to you. Rather than telling you what you want to hear, obsidian shows you all angles of yourself for you to see clearly. Black obsidian healing properties makes it excellent for self-reflection, meditation, introspection, and shadow work.

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Obsidian as a Zodiac Birthstone

Silver Enamel Grey Obsidain

Now let's talk about Black Obsidian's meaning for Zodiac Birthstone. Obsidian stones, aka "The Apache's Tears," shield against bad luck and absorbs surrounding negative energies to convert into positive aura. Get this healing crystal bracelet to level up your style.


Due to the black obsidian healing properties, the stone is often related to Scoprio. This water sign is often mistaken for a fire sign due to its fiery, passionate, and intense energy. Think of Scorpio as the raging waters of a river. For Scorpios, obsidian offers protection and rejuvenation, as well as an invitation to turn inwards for introspection. Shadow work and self-reflection can be a healthy and productive place to divert all that energy, driving Scorpios to stay grounded instead of always looking outward.


Another Zodiac sign related to Black Obsidian Meaning. Honest and adventurous, Sagittarians often have a tendency to dive into new endeavors with both feet – often without fully panning out their path or final destination. Since obsidian provides protection for risk-takers, this fire sign can benefit from having it around.

Obsidian’s Ties to the Root Chakra

Black Obsidian meaning and uses, Black Obsidian healing properties, crystals and their meaning, Black Obsidian crystals, Black Obsidian stone, Black Obsidian Bracelet, Chakras for Black Obsidian, Black Obsidian ChakrasAlso known as your base chakra, your root chakra links your entire body to the energy of the world around you – including your own spiritual and emotional energy. Your root chakra supports everything else around you – when it’s open and flowing correctly. When it’s blocked, any other chakra work you do will be based on a shaky foundation. That’s why obsidian can be such an effective support for the root chakra, it's well-connected to the black obsidian meaning

Root Chakra 

  • Let go old baggage
  • Release toxic energy
  • Build spiritual foundation
  • Improve grounding

Obsidian's healing properties is excellent for letting go of old baggage, cutting toxic ties that no longer serve you, and letting go of unwanted energies that are holding you back. This hard work is necessary to build a solid spiritual foundation, and it often pays to have your old friend obsidian there to aid you.

If you’re eager to reap the benefits of black obsidian meaning and properties, grounding energy, by all means, seek it out. However, there’s one thing to consider: cleanse your obsidian regularly. When it’s full of negative energy, obsidian will actually push negative energy back outward, like a cup overflowing. So cleanse it regularly. For inspiration about how to do that, see our blog post on how to cleanse your healing crystals. And if you want to know more about crystals and their meanings, you can check our 20 best healing stones for men and Azuro's fine made black obsidian bracelet.


by Azuro Republic