Top 5 Trendy Bracelet Styles of 2022 | Jewelry Worn by Male Celebrities

The large, gold-plated doors slowly opened as I approached it, welcoming me into the venue. I could see people dressed in luxury from head-to-toe; it was the Met Gala, an event where celebrities and entrepreneurs gather together. 

Grabbing a glass of a 1962 Dalmore Whiskey, I make my way to greet this year’s co-chair.

“Chris! Took you long enough to get here.” Maximilian said cheerfully.

“You know me, always fashionably late.” I let out a grin and smoothed out my fitted Givenchy suit.

He introduced me to the people around him, celebrities such as David Beckham and Johnny Depp.

Just then, something caught my eye. I noticed that many of the people were wearing trendy bracelets. What are the meanings behind them?

Perhaps I could try some popular mens beaded bracelet too!

Trendy Bracelets For Men:

1. Best Trendy Bracelets For Men:  Mens Beaded Bracelet

Bead Bracelets worn by Zayn Malik

(Mens Beaded Bracelet worn by Zayn Malik) 

Silver Classic Gold Obsidian

Check out our Zayn Malik inspire Silver Classic Gold Obsidian. The healing properties of black obsidian bracelet can protect you against negativity.


(Mens Beaded Bracelet worn by Joe Jonas) 

Beaded bracelet is a the type of trendy bracelets for men to get if you are going for a more sophisticated or cultural look! Mens beaded bracelet It is also a part of the type of bracelets that have the style of small charms to put between the beads to bring good luck or protection. If you are feeling bold, this celebrity  bracelet also have a large variety of colorful beads for you to choose from. These trendy bracelets for men can show off your vivacious attitude!

The Odin

The Odin stack is a fusion of the red tiger eye stone, turquoise stone, obsidian stone, and sodalite stone bracelet. It is a guide to heighten your sensitivity and create the ultimate connection with your inner self.

Enamel Grey Obsidian

Obsidian stones are composed of dark-colored natural volcanic glass, where some native Americans call these stones “The Apache’s Tears”.

Before you go further, take a test to find out your style!

mens beaded bracelet bracelet for men mens bracelet celebrity bracelet

celebrity robert downey jr. wearing tiger eye stone mens beaded bracelet with suit

Gold Classic Tiger Eye Bracelet

Check out our Robert Downey jr. inspired Gold Classic Tiger Eye Bracelet. Tiger eye crystal will help strengthening your courage and confidence. A bracelet made for leaders.

Shamballa Bead Bracelet worn by Justin Bieber

(Shamballa Mens Beaded Bracelet worn by Justin Bieber) 

One of the most trendy bracelets for men is the Shamballa style men beaded bracelets. It represents the growth of our personalities and can also eliminate hate, fear, and envy from our minds. If you can’t decide which type of trendy bracelets to start with, the Shamballa style men trendy bracelet is a great choice!

2. Best Trendy Bracelets for MenSilver Bracelets

 (Silver Bracelets worn by James Dean)

Silver bracelets (ID bracelets) have been a trendy jewelry ever since the 1940s. These trendy bracelets for men were originally worn during the World Wars, but people soon started wearing them as trendy wristbands. They are the most popular celebrity bracelets. You can also engrave the names of your loved one onto the silver bracelets, which will be a perfect gift for special occasions. If you are looking for the perfect trendy bracelets for men to buy, silver bracelets may be your answer!

Trendy Silver Cuff Bracelet

Intertwined 6 silver wires into a cuff design. The twisted rop cuff bracelet has a beautiful silhouette to compliment any style of dressing.

3. Best Trendy Bracelets For Men: Red String Bracelets

Red String Bracelet worn by Leonardo DiCaprio

 (Red String Bracelet worn by Leonardo DiCaprio)

The red string bracelet have many meanings behind it, but people nowadays mostly wear it as a good luck bracelet. It is the most popular celebrity bracelets among those who hope to have great success. If you are looking for a lucky and celebrity inspired bracelets, red bracelets can be trendy bracelets to be taken into consideration!

Before you go further, find out which bracelet suit your style!

4. Best Trendy Bracelets For Men: Stone Bracelets 

Stone Bracelet worn by David Beckham

(Stone Bracelets worn by David Beckham)

One of the trendy bracelet style in recent years are stone bracelets. Known for their healing powers, stone bracelets are the talk of the fashion industry. Depending on which healing stones are used to make them, they have different powers and meanings.

The Silver White Evil Eye Tiger Eye Bracelet

Tiger eye bracelet represent for men in leadership position, as the tiger eye stone helps you stay centered and calm despite the ups and downs, while the evil eye protect you from negativity.

They may be used as a way of spiritual healing or eliminating negative thinking and inspire inner strength. You can read more about the healing stones and learn more about each special power they have when choosing your stone bracelets. Not only do they bring out a mysterious and intriguing vibe aura, but these trendy bracelets for men are also very beneficial to your health!

Gold Tiger Eye Stone Bracelet worn by Liam Hemsworth

(Gold Tiger Eye Stone Bracelets worn by Liam Hemsworth)

Now, one of the most trendy bracelets for men in the fashion game, the Gold Tiger Eye bracelet is one of the most in-demand stone bracelets by celebrities. The healing stones are also known as “The Shapeshifter”, which will motivate the wearer and give them the courage to succeed in life. If you are not sure which stone bracelets to try, you can try the Gold Tiger Eye Bracelet!

celebrity chris hemsworth wearing mens beaded bracelet with tiger eye stone  (Chris Hemsworth wearing a Tiger Eye bracelet) 

The Gatsby Stack Bracelet

The Gatsby introduces adjustable bracelet with handmade knots finished with the tiger eye stone. The properties of this bracelet set will help you stay focused and determined while overcoming obstacles.

5. Best Trendy Bracelets For Men: Leather Bracelets

Leather Bracelet worn by Johnny Depp

(Leather Bracelets worn by Johnny Depp)

Leather bracelets are a timeless trend that is loved by old and young. Leather Bracelets can bring a cool and alternative auras to your outfit. With the right clothes to match, you may look like a rock-star ready to sing out your heart on stage! With these trendy bracelets for men on your wrists, you can enhance your confidence!

Dark Brown Leather Wrap Bracelet

Applied authentic Nappa leather and dyed the color with environmentally friendly material. A dark brown leather wrap bracelet is one of the best sellers.

Different Types Trendy Bracelets For Men and Brands 

Jewelry for men has become increasingly important as it becomes a key component in the mens style guide. A gentleman could dress in a fitting pair of trousers, suits, a simple t-shirt or shirt all he wants, but without the crucial details that complement his style, the outfit will not be complete. Wearing jewelry or stylish mens bracelets can be comfortable for a gentleman and a subtle touch without being too flashy. 

Today we will have a look at different types of the best bracelets for men.

1. Mens Chain Bracelet

There is something about a gold chain bracelet or silver chain bracelet that doesn’t lose that gentlemanly touch when worn. It is a safe option if you are just stepping into the world of mens fashion bracelets. David Yurman understands the need for a classy chain bracelet. Whether you prefer a large bod chain, a curb chain or a bold chain, there is something from the David Yurman Chain bracelet collection to suit different needs. For example, this gorgeous Herloom chain link bracelet can be taken from the boardroom to the club with ease!

david yurman silver chain bracelet

celebrity drake wearing gold chain bracelet with silver chain necklace

celebrity orlando bloom wearing gold chain bracelet for magazine shoot

ysl bracelet silver chain bracelet for men celebrity bracelet scott eastwood bracelet

2. Mens Cuff bracelets

Mens cuff bracelets are considered trendybracelets for men because they are simple and manly. This type of mens sterling silver bracelets doesn’t close at the wrist and can be engraved with a special message, depending on the design and size of the bracelet. A beautiful example to consider in this category is the Singular Cuff, 14k Gold from Miansai. It will go beautifully on any outfit.

Omega 18K Gold Cuff Bracelet

The Omega cuff bracelet for men mirrors the Omega sign's shape and underlines its class and elegance with a flat top.

mens cuff bracelets gold cool bracelets for men

3. Beaded Bracelet

Mens beaded bracelets are more than just a trendy bracelets, but the perfect fit for that adventurous man. It is crafted with healing gemstones on a string or leather and can be made in different colors using different gemstones. A beaded bracelet is special because of the healing gemstones that are used. They each have unique meanings and healing properties that benefit the wearer. An example to be considered is the Silver Classic Obsidian from Azuro Republic. This black beauty can be worn on different outfits and will have no trouble complimenting that watch or outfit!

Classic Beaded Bracelet

Black Obsidian stone and Premium 925 Sterling Silver beads with exquisite handcrafted design make up the Silver Men's Black Obsidian bracelet that leads the gentlemen toward the path of braveness and truthfulness.

mens beaded bracelet celebrity bracelet zac efron bracelet bracelet for men obsidian bracelet

mens beaded bracelet cool bracelets for men

mens beaded bracelet tom hardy bracelet healing bracelet for men healing crystals with gaia stone

celebrity bracelet mens beaded bracelet for men prince harry bracelet mens stone bracelet

4. Mens Leather Bracelets

Forget about leather boots, belts, or jackets, leather bracelets are among trendy bracelets for men with reason! They are perfect for a casual look and can be complemented with metal or a bead or two. There are different options to choose from, from the triple-wrapped leather wristbands to the braided mens leather bracelet. A good example is the Aqueduct blue and black mens leather bracelet with blue steel from Tribal Hollywood. It has a splash of blue and a dash of metallic colors for that exquisite look. 

Leather Wrap Bracelet

Applied authentic Nappa leather and dyed the color with environmentally friendly material. A seagull gray leather wrap bracelet is one of the editor's picks.

mens leather bracelets cool bracelets for men

celebrity michael b jordan wearing leather bracelet for men with white shirt bottega leather bracelet

5. Mens ID Bracelet

A mens ID bracelet is great for displaying medical information of the wearer. It is especially useful for when one needs immediate special attention for their medical condition. A mens Id bracelet is customizable to carry the wearer’s information so that the right help is given in an emergency. Consider the curb link mens ID bracelet from Tiffany as well. 

tiffany and co mens gold bracelet mens id bracelet curb link bracelet
celebrity jeremy meek wearing gold bracelet and gold necklace for men

6. Health Bands

The health bands, much like the mens ID bracelet, is used to display important medical information in case of an emergency. Different materials can be used in making them, from silicone to stainless steel. Laurenshope has a variety to choose from to suit different styles. You can get a beaded one, a slip-on, or waterproof bracelet. The Maverick bracelet which is made from stainless steel with color finish and is water resistant.

health bands mens bracelets cool bracelet for men


Mens Style Guide: How to Wear Mens Bracelet 

Today’s gentlemen has a pick of what he can and can’t wear, depending on the occasion and his outfit. He can choose to wear a necklace or a bracelet and not many eyebrows will be raised. A mens bracelet can add a bit of flair to his outfit and this mens style guide will open your eyes to cool bracelets for men.

Styling Mens Designer Bracelets

A mens bracelet is not only great for accessorizing an outfit, they are a good way to showcase one’s personality. You might be thinking that they should only be worn on a casual outfit. That couldn’t be further from the truth! There are type of bracelets that can be worn with that business suit and add a dash of mystery to your outfit and take away the sternness of a business suit. 

There are many different type of bracelets to choose from. You can go for the chain bracelet or the beaded bracelet. You can go for that leather bracelet or you can opt for the slip-on. You can go for that wooden bracelet or that shiny metal. The choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless. 

How and When to Wear Mens Bracelet

That being said though, it is important to understand how and when to wear your mens bracelet. You don’t always go for a baggy bracelet, as it might not match your outfit that day. It is also important to know your wrist size so you get the right fit. Pay close attention to how thin or thick your wrist is. You don’t want to go for a small beaded bracelet or mens bracelet with a thicker wrists. You will end up looking like you have tight restraints on. Also remember to steer clear of chunky bracelets if you have a thin wrist.

When you have the right wrist size for your mens bracelet, the next thing you should consider is when to wear cool bracelets for men. Are you going for a board meeting or formal gathering? Or is it a casual outfit you wish to accessorize?  The occasion will determine whether you should be subtle or bring out your “flashy” side. For example, you don’t want to go to a formal function wearing bold designs such as thick chain bracelets or leather bracelets, you will stand out like a sore thumb! Instead, you should consider subtle designs such as slim mens sterling silver bracelets or mens beaded bracelets (mind the color), or a cufflink (not too flashy though!).

Now that you have the size and you have chosen your bracelet and where you will be going, the next thing to consider is how to wear it. Should you wear it above or below your watch for example? If you intend on wearing a watch then your bracelet should be worn below it. 

Last but not least, you should consider which hand you should wear the mens bracelet on. Should it go on your left or right wrist? This is not a critical point as the choice is yours really, but, if you really need help then you should consider wearing it on your dominant hand. 

Remember, simple is classy in this men’s style guide. You don’t want to overwhelm your outfit with a chunky, shiny bracelet! Take great care when matching your outfit. You want a subtle but classy match at the end of the day.

After seeing so many celebrity bracelets, maybe I could try this bracelet trend! Besides working, I also spend time focusing on style. But lately, I’ve run out trendy bracelets ideas to try.

From leather bracelets to stone bracelets, they are all different, yet they all manage to make a statement that compliments the outfits. Many people  are also covered with tattoos, and their celebrity bracelets help accentuate the art on their arms, making them look classier than ever.

I look down at my own tattoo sleeve, perhaps I could wear trendy bracelets to balance out the Rolex on my left hand. I could find the perfect bracelet for my tattoos, maybe even try mens beaded bracelets! It would be a small, yet significant change. I finish my whiskey and pull out my phone, making a note to search for my ideal celebrity inspired bracelets later tonight.



by Azuro Republic