Men’s Necklace Lengths Guide | How To Wear A Necklace For Men With Class | How to Layer Types of Necklaces for Men

After years of working in the fashion industry, many of my friends often come to me for some advice on wearing men's jewelry. Men Necklaces, in particular, is the most asked about. It is true, necklaces are a tricky accessory to wear, especially when it comes to wearing them with men outfits. But like bracelets, well-fitting men necklaces can do you wonders. It plays the role of accentuating your style and making you seem fashionable and classy. 

One of my close friend, Matt, used to come to me quite often to talk more about how to wear different types of necklace chains to work, so I showed him a the men's necklace lengths guide and a few tricks to solve his problems. After following these simple rules and the men's necklace lengths guide, Matt has been over the moon, being able to wear his favorite men necklaces effortlessly with his business outfits. 

How To Wear A Necklace For Men With Class

To some people, necklaces are a border that seems impossible to cross, especially for men. Men necklaces, especially the necklace lengths, are a challenge to overcome, as they are quite hard to wear, but with the right ways and information, men can wear them confidently on the streets or in meeting rooms. In this post, we will provide you the best men's necklace length guide and a comprehensive necklace length chart.

Men necklaces are supposed to complement the outfit, not overwhelm. Simple is the key to rocking these chains around your neck, there is no need for flashy pendants and shimmering crystals when it comes to wearing them to work. 

The two types of clothing gentlemen wear in their everyday lives are suits and casual shirts. But how do you wear a necklace with them? What are the correct men necklaces size to go with these two types of clothing? 

Before we get into the details of suits and casual shirts, here is a men's necklace lengths guide that everyone who is interested in wearing the perfect men necklaces with their outfit should know about.

The Ultimate Men's Necklace Lengths Guide

mens necklace lengths Guide and Chart

The men’s necklace length chart shows all. Do remember that there's no right or wrong on your necklace lengths. You can always play with different necklace lengths and material to create a more unique style.

#1 Mens Necklace Lengths : 18 inch

The 18-inch men’s necklace length should be the shortest men's necklace length you can find on the market. For men, an 18-inch necklace is often found too tight that some would even consider it as a choker. The 18-inch men’s necklace length might choke the wearer's adam’s apple and you might find it uncomfortable.

#2 Mens Necklace Lengths : 20 inch

The 20-inch men’s necklace length is the most common length. The chain usually falls at your collarbone. People usually wear it undershirt, and the chain will fall between the 1st or 2nd button on a button-down shirt. It is also a very good men’s necklace length for men’s beaded bracelets because it highlights the aesthetics of each gemstone.

#3 Mens Necklace Lengths : 22 inch

22-inch men’s necklace length is considered the perfect chain length men wear. The chain can be worn both underneath or outside your shirt. It will fall a couple of inches below the collarbone and be right under the 2nd button of a button-down shirt. It is very suitable for both men’s beaded bracelets and men’s pendants.

#4 Mens Necklace Lengths : 24 inch & 26 inch

The trendiest men’s necklace length in the fashion world. These are two of the most stylish and comfortable lengths for pendants. The pendant of the necklace will be hanging right in front of your middle sternum. The 24 & 26-inch chain necklace should be worn over the shirt.

#5 Mens Necklace Lengths : 30 inch

Usually the longest men’s necklace lengths you can see at the store. For 30-inch men’s necklace length, people tend to wear it outside the shirt and wear it without any pendants. The 30-inch men's necklace length is perfect for a pure chain. The look will be similar to the typical old-school rapper you can find in the MV.

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How to layer necklace of different lengths like a pro

After you learn about the pros and cons of different men’s necklace lengths, it’s time to take it to advance lesson. Learning how to layer your necklace is a work of art, you need to consider the visual effect, consistency, and colors of each combination. It’s tricky to wear multiple necklaces at once, and there are no exact rules for it. However, there are still some standards you can follow.

  1. Layer necklaces with different thicknesses and necklace lengths. It is very important to show different “layers,” so you want to avoid similar-looking necklaces, in order to create the layered feeling.
  1. Play with different colors. If you’re a beginner, try to match them with a similar color tone. Since the length and thickness are already different, you can try picking up similar colors to create consistency. The point is to balance out the messiness of layering, otherwise, the visual effect might look messy. The simplest example is matching gold chains with different lengths.
  1. Combining multiple pendants. The is the most interesting, stylish but also the riskiest layering technique. To combine multiple pendants, you need to think about the style of each pendant. You might find it weird to match a cross pendant with a skull (unless you have some statements to represent.) We recommend you to layer small pendants with different necklace lengths, it is stylish and also the safest way to layer a necklace.

Upgrade Your Style with Necklaces

The silver lion pendant necklace is one of our iconic lion necklaces for men. A lion pendant is a reminder of carrying passion and ambition to everyday life.

How to Wear Men Necklaces with a Suit

Necklace with suit, how to layer necklace men

Suits are known as the most sophisticated and elegant style of clothing, with its professional aura and seriousness, it’s quite a challenge to wear a men necklaces with it. If you emphasize on the material and men's necklace lengths, then different necklace chain types would fit well with the suit you are wearing. 

#1 Simplicity is the Key: The first rule in wearing a men necklaces with a suit is to leave behind the tie and unbutton the first button of your dress-shirt. You don’t want too many things around your neck, it would make your outfit seem messy. 

#2 The importance of length: Choose the correct length. According to the men's necklace lengths guide, the best length for wearing men necklaces with a suit is between 20-24 inches and tuck it underneath your dress shirt. This is because subtly showing your men necklaces at work is what makes it significant, yet low-key. The collar of your shirt covers a part of the silver chain necklace, giving it a mysterious vibe. 

#3 Subtle, not overwhelm: Thinner silver chain or strings are recommended. You don’t need thick men necklaces to draw attention away from your entire outfit. Remember, simplicity is the key. 

Lion Gold Pendant Necklace

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How to Wear Men Necklaces with a Casual Style 

Casual shirts can be worn in two ways. Tucking it in can make you look slightly more professional while keeping it untuck is a casual look. Here are a few rules a gentleman needs to take notice of when it comes to wearing men necklaces with casual shirts. 

Mens Necklace Length, casual style

#1 Subtle with a hint of mystery: Similar to a dress shirt, while wearing men necklaces with a shirt, it is recommended to unbutton the first button of the shirt if you have one. By doing this, you will be able to show more of your neck with help from the men's necklace lengths guide. You will be able to show more of your necklace yet hide parts of the necklace chain to make it less flashy. 

#2 Different sizes, different style: Choose the correct necklace length. If you want to wear men necklaces over your shirt, giving a more laid-back style, longer lengths around 26-30 inches are recommended. If you wish to wear it underneath your shirt, 20 inch men's necklace lengths will be a great choice. 

#3 Be classy with meaning: Wear men necklaces that means something to you. It is a great conversation starter and suits the business casual atmosphere extremely well. Pendant necklace would be quite popular and most of them have meanings behind them. 

Types of Necklaces for Men

1. Leather String Necklaces

Leather String Necklaces are normally 18-20 inches, a great choice for when wearing casual shirts. They are often pendant necklace, with different kinds of stones and pendants attached to the leather string, bringing an edgier side to your outfit. These men necklaces often are more tribal and look ethnic, which is definitely something people would ask more about! 

2. Men Sterling Silver Necklace


One of the most popular necklace chain types for men is the silver necklace. The reason is that silver necklace is an all-match type of necklace. They go well with both suits and necklaces, and are simple enough to not overwhelm others, yet eye-catching enough to complement your outfits. With polo shirts and suits, a thinner sterling silver chain for men is recommended. 

Dog tag necklaces are a popular type of silver necklace, they are a great conversation starter.

Silver Necklace

Azuro cross pendant is a statement pendant. It applies Azuro's iconic circle of leaves design and with crafted leaf on the surface to have a real touch of the cross pendant.

3. Chain Necklace

Chain necklace can bring out more of a dominant feeling, so it is recommended to wear a silver chain for men that is thinner and under your shirt, which makes it not too overpowering. If you are looking for something less flashy, then you can also try the these obsidian necklace which can bring out an edgier aura to your outfits and an enigmatic feeling. Obsidian necklace will also fit well with both suits and casual shirts. 

Gold Obsidian Crystal Necklace

Gold Obsidian Necklace is one of the black crystal necklaces. Obsidian crystal represents protection, strength and attracts positive energy. Pick your Black Obsidian gold necklace now.


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