10 Amazing Sustainable Jewelry Brands for Sustainable Jewelry and Ethical Jewelry

Do you like my necklace? I just got it, and I absolutely adore it. Want to know the best part about all of my jewelry? It's completely eco-friendly! Have you never heard of ethical jewelry? Well, Chris has got you covered. I know everything there is about sustainable jewelry. Take a seat, and I'll guide you through the basics and tell you about all the brands I love.

Remember that being eco-friendly doesn’t hinder your desire for fashion merchandise at all! Just take a look around at the options for sustainable jewelry out there. It's so simple to look trendy and fashionable with the wide variety of ethical jewelry available from multiple places all over the world. Over the past years, I have discovered plenty of ethical jewelry brands worth more attention because it protects the environment and people’s rights to the best of their ability. I’ll tell you everything I know about sustainable jewelry brands so you can start to use them too!

Question about sustainable jewelry:

Now before we get into the details, let me tell you what sustainable jewelry really is. I’m sure you’re aware of sustainable materials such as glass or wood. Sustainable jewelry is made out of materials of this nature so that they can be recycled later on, preferably multiple times. Reusing things is critical!

Ethical jewelry is somewhat similar to sustainable jewelry, but there is an addition. During production, if there is no negative impact on the environment or people who make the jewelry, it is categorized as ethical jewelry. They include the packaging under these rules too!

So there is a slight difference between the two, but both are equally important when you're looking for jewelry.

Best Sustainable Jewelry Brand Selection:

Finally, we're at the best part! I have spent so long visiting different stores and researching to obtain a list of brands that only sell ethical jewelry. Here are some of the best sustainable jewelry brands out there.

Sustainable Jewelry Brand 31 Bits
  • Sustainable Jewelry Brand :31 Bits

31 Bits is known for aiming to provide support for the masses. They are immensely socially conscious and believe that giving displaced women in Northern Uganda jobs is a clear opportunity to combat poverty. What's even better is that they may do so with fashion. 31 Bits pays good wages and allows their workers to work at whatever time is feasible for them. Their products are usually made in Uganda and Bali out of metal. The packaging is also made out of recyclable cardboard, which makes this a wholly ethical jewelry brand.

Sustainable Jewelry Brand ABLE
  • Sustainable Jewelry Brand: ABLE

ABLE works with communities worldwide to help stop the vicious cycle of poverty. They produce slow fashion and provide living wages to women who work for them. They believe in a world where jobs are provided to women so they may care for themselves and their family. What's great about them is how transparent they are. They publish their minimum wages on their website. The products themselves are made out of handcrafted and sustainable jewelry materials.

Sustainable Jewelry Brand Aurate New York
  • Sustainable Jewelry Brand: Aurate New York

Aurate’s motto and method is sustainable jewelry. All of Aurate's products are made out of 100% recycled gold. They use conflict-free diamonds and obtain precious gems from family-run establishments. They make sure that mines offer fair pay, support local communities, and, have acceptable working conditions, and respect local indigenous communities before creating a contract. Aurate aims to provide equal opportunities to all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, background, or sexual orientation, making them a sustainable jewelry brand. Aurate also donates books to support children in need across U.S. schools.

Sustainable Jewelry Brand Catbird
  • Sustainable Jewelry Brand: Catbird

Catbird is another brand that carries ethical jewelry. The gold and diamonds have been ethically sourced and completely conflict-free. They are known to use recycled or reclaimed diamonds as well. This means that they remove these stones from older jewelry pieces and use them after they are polished. This way, there is zero environmental impact as new diamonds are not mined, to begin with. As a result, Catbird produces beautiful jewelry without harming the environment or any individuals.

Sustainable Jewelry Brand Mejuri
  • Sustainable Jewelry Brand: Mejuri

Tracing everything is highly important to Mejrui. They believe that this helps them manage and improve the environmental and social impacts. They are always diligent about choosing partners as they must align with their values. In fact, sixty per cent of their partners for production are world-renowned suppliers who are certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council. They always prefer materials that they can easily trace back to their origin. Lastly, all their partners follow a code of conduct that ensures safe working conditions, fair labour practices, and transparent communication. They aim to strike a balance between recycled materials and fairly mined ones that support all communities associated in the process. Mejrui prides itself on its ethical jewelry.

Sustainable Jewelry Brand Monica Vinader
  • Sustainable Jewelry Brand: Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader is a brand that carries only sustainable jewelry. Even Positive Luxury has recognized them for their move towards net zero. They use 100% recycled gold and silver for their sustainable jewelry and is always aiming to avoid and reduce emissions. They only use ethical diamonds that are approved by the Kimberly process, and all of their packagings are recyclable. Monica Vinder considers sustainability to be important as well. As a result, their packaging is made out of purely recyclable materials so that nothing harms the environment.

Sustainable Jewelry Brand Nisolo
  • Sustainable Jewelry Brand: Nisolo

Nisolo sells more than just sustainable jewelry. It sells a wide variety of accessories, and everything it creates produces 0% net carbon, and the brand always provides living and fair wages to everyone involved. From the products themselves to the packaging, everything is curated to be recyclable and ethical. All these attractive benefits allow Nisolo to create the finest ethical jewelry for you while making sure they do their part to tackle poverty to the best of their ability.

Sustainable Jewelry Brand Soko
  • Sustainable Jewelry Brand: Soko

Soko is a brand based in Kenya that uses recyclable gold, brass, silver and even materials like ceramic beads and wood. It is a women-led sustainable jewelry brand. They believe in financial inclusion and economic sovereignty for lasting impact and change in society worldwide. They aim to reduce inequality and poverty by building a healthier environment by creating high-quality jobs for everyone. They are a great brand to purchase sustainable jewelry from.

Sustainable Jewelry Brand Taylor&hart
  • Sustainable Jewelry Brand: Taylor&hart

Using wholly ethical and sustainable jewelry is immensely important to Taylor&hart. Because of this, they make sure that every single material they use is ethically sourced and always curated in sustainable living conditions. It aims to be completely transparent with its customers from the get-go. To them, ethical sourcing is similar to a hygiene factor and walk you through the entire process from the second you be conversing with them. If you're looking for ethical jewelry, Soko is for you.

Sustainable Jewelry Brand Ten thousand village
  • Sustainable Jewelry BrandTen thousand village

 Ten thousand village sells a variety of items, including sustainable jewelry. The best thing about them is how they provide products directly from those who handcrafted them. They are a platform where multiple people who handcraft items can sell their products worldwide with ease. This allows multiple people to get a stable job which further helps in the race to end poverty. They always make sure that everything, from the jewelry itself to the packaging, is entirely sustainable, so you will have nothing to worry about.


by Azuro Republic