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Popular in jewelry and for use in healing rituals, Sodalite is a colorful and powerful stone. It means healing and grounding and is considered a member of the quartz family. It is well-loved for its powerful healing properties, specifically.  There are many ways that you can use it for daily life and healing.

What is the sodalite meaning?

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Sodalite is a potent and focused stone when it comes to its potential use in daily life as well as with a focus in its healing properties.  As far as both sodalite meaning and sodalites properties, there are several main facets.

Firstly, the sodalite meaning has many interpretations and uses since its being a member of the quartz family gives it many different color combinations and displays.  It is often seen as the gemstone that helps lead you toward an inward journey of some for.

Some see the sodalite meaning as an inner energy boost, especially relating to chi.  Others will focus more on helping you to learn how to speak your truth to the world that is waiting to hear it.  Other sodalite properties include showing you how to prioritize your own needs before you take care of the needs of others.

Sodalite healing properties

There are many sodalite properties to know about and enjoy, and we’ve split them into chunked categories for you.

Sodalite meaning, sodalite chakra, crystals meaning, crystal and their meaning, crystal powers, sodalite healing properties, sodalite crystals

Sodalite healing properties: Physical 

As introduced above, this helps you enjoy an energy boost.  As far as how you’ll feel that physically, there are a few ways.  Some find that they are more energetic in the mornings and can get out of bed much faster.  Others enjoy it in metabolism that is fast and steady, helping them reach their goals.  This also can help strengthen your cardiovascular system through the thickening of the walls in your arteries for better blood flow.  Lastly, it can strengthen your sleep cycle so that you’ll enjoy more sleep and better quality sleep to help you out with even more energy later on!

Sodalite healing properties: Mental

One of the coolest sodalite properties for mental health is that it will really boost that self-confidence so that you can enjoy the potential to do more with your energy.  It is known for helping you tap into that gut instinct and intuition that will help you reach ad decision and take on those challenging things that suddenly aren’t going to be so challenging anymore.  This also gives you strength in your clarity, too.  You’ll make decisions easier and you’ll find that the pathway from problem to solution is easier to navigate, too.  Many find that it is a great starting point for more bravery, too!

Sodalite healing properties: Spiritual 

This kind of sodalite meaning will change depending on what color you choose.  However, most will find that this is great for helping you to heal your throat chakra.  This helps you find your voice and speak your truth.  It opens your heart and helps you to create a more engaging connection with the world around you.  As well, you can enjoy clearing your body of negative energies so that you can fill your spiritual self with only positivity instead.  It’s great for reaching more peace of mind and a positive spirit guide daily for both everyday events as well as more challenging moments.

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How to use a sodalite stone in daily life

In one situation, you are nervous about talking to your boss about a raise.  You know that you deserve one but you aren’t sure you can pull off the request.  Sodalite on your necklace will give you that strength of self so that you can march in there and request the raise with confidence.

In another situation, you are feeling a bit negative and down.  Sodalite jewelry can help you see the positivity in the bright sunshiney day, the smile of your partner as they see you come through the door, etc.  It brings positivity to you.

In a physical sense, you are feeling like your body is rundown, so wearing sodalite will help you to use sodalite meaning as a way to strengthen your body and help you feel better all around.               

Sodalite as a Zodiac birthstone

The sodalite meaning is also connected to the Zodiac sign of Gemini.  Since it is focused on helping each person find their voice, this is a great choice for Geminis which tend to be very flighty and difficult to “pin down” in many cases.  It is a well-matched stone to help both embrace their true selves and still help them be stronger in that sense of self, too.

Chakras associated with sodalite

Sodalite meaning, sodalite chakra, crystals meaning, crystal and their meaning, crystal powers

There are two chakras that make these sodalite healing properties such a compelling choice for those who want it.  These are the third eye and the throat chakra.  Since it helps clear the throat and heals it, Sodalite meaning here means that you will be able to speak your truth without fear or lack of confidence.

The third eye is all about opening it and seeing the world around you with the right outlook and principles so that you can engage more with the world in a sentimental and spiritual way.

Without question the sodalite meaning and the sodalite properties are going to help you to reach a more fulfilling and satisfying life if you are ready to reach out and grab it for yourself.


by Azuro Republic