A Complete Guide to Ring Resizing | The Method and Cost behind Ring Resizing

I was with my good friends at the usual coffee house, having some chit-chat after a long week. I remembered how my friend wanted a new ring and asked if he had got it. My friend sighed and said he bought a beautiful luxury ring but had trouble wearing it because he picked the wrong size. Christopher chuckled and said that ring resizing is a lifesaver. I leaned in and spoke with kind eyes that there was nothing I would love more than explaining ring resizing.

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Things to notice before doing ring resizing?

Ring resizing can be risky sometimes. Be sure to think twice before making the decision. If you’re not sure, consider the following before altering the ring size for men:

  1. The standard rule for wearing a ring:

Your ring should be tight but loose enough to slide over the knuckle.

  1. The standard rule for ring resizing:

Usually, we don’t adjust ring sizes for men over two sizes. If you’re sure that about these, then go ahead and do it!

How do jewellers do ring resizing?

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How to make a ring smaller?

Jewellers perform ring resizing by making them larger or smaller. To make it smaller, they cut a piece of metal out of the band. The size follows the ring size for men that needs to be obtained. Once an amount is removed, melt down the metal and stick the pieces back. The jeweller then polishes and buffs the ring to make the band smooth again.

How to make a ring larger?

To make the ring larger, the jeweller stretches the ring if it is thick enough. If it isn’t, they insert a new piece of metal by slitting it and then moulding another piece into it. The jeweller then polishes and buffs the ring to make the band smooth again.

Factors to determine the ring resizing cost and time:ring resize, ring resizing, ring resizing cost, ring resizing at home, ring resize time

Multiple factors would determine the ring resizing cost. These include ring types, metal, complexity, and the jeweler. A simple ring resizing cost would be around $20 to $60. For a more complicated ring resizing, the cost would be around $50 to $150. Remember that, regardless of the ring design, making it larger will always cost more.

Here are some of the main factors for ring resizing cost:

  1. Bigger or smaller:

Take into account whether you’re making a ring bigger or smaller. Making them bigger costs more as you are inserting more metal into them.

  1. Ring Thickness:

The thickness of your ring determines how much more metal is to be inserted and whether it can be stretched. The price and time are decided accordingly.

  1. Design:

If you have a more intricate design, it will take more time to avoid mishaps to restore its original glory. Complex ring resizing costs more time and money.

  1. Crystal/ Stone:

If the band has crystals or stones, they need to be reinserted after resizing. This extra work boosts time and the ring resizing cost.

  1. Metal

If a more expensive metal is to be added, the ring resizing cost would be a lot more, so this is also an essential factor.

Types of jewellery metals for ring resizing:

  1. Yellow gold:

The prices of gold tend to fluctuate, but yellow gold is one of the less expensive metals for ring resizing.

  1. Sterling silver:

Like yellow gold, sterling silver is a less expensive metal for ring resizing as it is easy to work with.

  1. Copper:

Many jewellers don’t have copper metals, so they may replace them with a more expensive metal. It is easy to work with but uncommon.

  1. White gold:

White gold gets its finish from a rhodium plating. After ring resizing, the ring needs a reapplication of the plating.

  1. Rose gold:

Rose gold is difficult to work with as it is brittle and may crack during ring resizing.

  1. Platinum:

Platinum ring resizing requires a unique set of tools. Since it has a high melting point, it is also more labour-intensive.

  1. Titanium:

Titanium is tough to work with, and some jewellers refuse to resize them at all.

  1. Tungsten:

Tungsten rings cannot be resized at all because the metal is too hard.

  1. Stainless-steel:

These rings can easily be resized because of how popular stainless-steel rings have become.

Some ring types you should avoid resizing:

Even though ring resizing is popular, there are still a few metals you should avoid resizing as it is too risky or impossible. This includes copper, rose gold, platinum, titanium, and tungsten. Keep in mind that rings with too many gemstones on the body can be hard to resize too.

How to do ring resizing at home?

ring resizing

It is better to go back to your original jewelry to resize your ring larger. We don't recommend doing it yourself. The jeweler will be more familiar with the ring you're resizing. This can ensure the ring is resized correctly while maintaining the ring's integrity during the resizing process.

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If you want to perform ring resizing at home to make it smaller, there are several options online that have a high chance of damaging your rings. Tape or food-grade silicone is not ideal. If you really want an at-home alternative, try plastic ring guards. They are easy to use and comfortable but are not a permanent solution.

I smiled and told my friend that that’s all. My friend beamed in response and frantically shook my hand, thanked me for saving his new luxury ring, and offered to pay for my coffee.

“Hey, that’s what friends are for!” I responded.


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