How to manscape properly | Manscaping tips for every body part

Hey brother! Are you doing okay? You don't look great. The problem isn't your outfit at all; I think it's your appearance. It just isn't neat enough. You should really adapt to manscaping more regularly. I don’t care if you don’t have the patience to manscape regularly. You absolutely have to, and I'll tell you why it is so important. I’ll guide you through everything you need to know about how to manscape.

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Why do you need to “manscape”?

Before I get into the specifics, brother, I need you to understand what it means to manscape. In simplistic terms, it is the removal of your body hair to enhance your appearance. I've been manscaping for ages, and I think I look great. It is needed for multiple benefits.

There are so many benefits of manscaping out there. To name a few, it gives you a more attractive appearance as body hair is often unattractive, it improves hygiene as dust, dirt and other impurities easily get trapped in hair, and it displays respect for formal occasions. You don't see a man in an unkept stubble at a formal meeting, do you?

Although it is essential to manscape and has so many benefits, you can encounter a few problems. These concerns include irritation, ingrown hair and cuts. But you don't have to worry about these concerns. All you need to do is follow a few crucial tips to avoid them.

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Manscaping tips for different body parts

There are multiple arts of your body that need manscaping

  • Manscape your “face” (ear, nose, eyebrows)

You can easily manscape your face. For your eyebrows, you must trim the long hair and pluck any hairs that are out of place. You can simply trim the hair in your ears, but if they come back too fast, consider plucking or getting it waxed professionally. Hair from your nostrils tends to stick out. To avoid this, trim those hairs but do not tweeze as the skin is thin and prone to bleeding, which can cause infections.

  • Manscape your "chest"

There are multiple ways to manscape your chest. First, decide what look you are going for, neat trims or a bare chest. For a trim, simply use any trimmer to shorten your hair but if you prefer the latter look, go for a manscape razor and some shaving cream to achieve it. Don't apply too much pressure onto your skin, or you may end up cutting yourself.

  • Manscape your "back"

A lot of people prefer a bare back. If you would like to achieve this yourself, find a manscape razor or trimmer with an extended handle so that you can get to every area with ease. If this sounds like too much work, you can always get it waxed professionally, as this will make your hair grow back slowly.

  • Manscape your "armpits"

It is essential to manscape your armpits, especially in the summer. All you need to do is trim them when your hair seems to be growing too long. Since they are sensitive, you may experience irritation. To avoid this, apply some moisturizer after shaving or trimming or any light creams designed for your armpits.

  • Manscape your "arms & legs"

Many people prefer not to manscape their arms and legs, but I love to do so because it provides a clean and natural look. It is pretty easy to shave it off, but sometimes this leads to ingrown hairs. To avoid this, use shaving cream and apply an aftershave lotion once you are done. Remember to exfoliate every once in a while too. If this seems like too much work, waxing is always a great option.

  • Manscape your "private part"

Always make sure you use a small razor or trimmer, so you know exactly what you're doing. Pull your skin taut to avoid any cuts, and apply shaving cream to make it easier.

Manscaping tools you will need

#1 Manscaping Tools: Body groomer

A body groomer helps with trimming your hair. It is an electric device that you can glide over any part of your body to cut your hair. These come with different ends to help you get all body part efficiently.

#2 Manscaping Tools: Manscape razor

A manscape razor is one of the most common devices used for manscaping. You can use this anywhere, and it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to fulfil your every need.

#3 Manscaping Tools: Tweezer

Tweezers are great for plucking tiny stray hairs on your face. They are mainly used for eyebrows but can be used anywhere to pull out a few hairs.

#4 Manscaping Tools: Comb

A comb is perfect for taming any hair you have on your body. If your hair seems messy and tangled, you may comb it before shaving or trimming so that it is easier to remove.

#5 Manscaping Tools: Scissor

An alternative that provides trimming in smaller areas is scissors. These are great for eyebrows, eyelashes or anywhere where you only intend to get a slight trim.

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