A Guide on Gold Filled vs Gold Plated vs Gold Vermeil. Pros and Cons of Different Gold Jewelry

Christopher twirled his rings around his fingers and began to wonder how exactly each one of these sparking gold rings differed. He traced around the gold plated one, then his gold-filled ring and his favorite golf vermeil ring. He realized that the only reason they were different was the quantity of gold that each of them contained. I'll tell you everything I know, he said and started describing his ventures of discovering the world on gold.

What is gold filled:

Gold-filled jewelry has become very popular in the market. This is because it is the closest thing you can get to karat gold but at a much lower price. They have a very high quality and never let anyone down. But what is gold-filled jewelry? I'll tell you everything!

What is gold-filled: composition

You may have understood what is gold-filled, but do you know what it is made of? A percentage of it is pure gold. In the USA, for example, the industry standard is 1/20th of t% pure gold weight. The process involves pressure bonding of multiple layers of 14k gold with extreme heat over a high-quality brass core. It produces a high-quality and durable piece of gold-filled jewelry. 

What is gold filled: usage and benefit

So, what is the real purpose of using gold-filled jewelry? I can list three benefits for you:

Great substitution:
Because of its relatively lower price than pure gold and high quality, people often prefer buying gold-filled jewelry because it is cheaper and won't tarnish quickly.

Beneficial for allergic people:
Some people who have sensitive skin are allergic to some jewelry metals, including copper or silver. Gold-filled jewelry is an excellent option because the thick outer coating of gold can easily block the metal inside from touching you, and thus, it will keep you safe.

Easier to maintain:
Gold-filled jewelry is easy to maintain. Your gold-filled accessories can be worn every single daily with the absence of fear of fading or rubbing off. In a lot of cases, gold-filled jewelry can stay good for as long as thirty years.

What is gold filled: price

When you talk about the price of gold-filled jewelry, you're in luck if you're trying to save some coin! Gold-filled jewelry is much cheaper than solid gold, but of course, it is more expensive than anything gold-plated as it has a higher percentage of gold in it. This is still a good investment as it has better quality than plated gold, so it is an excellent choice for good quality and inexpensive jewelry.

What is gold filled: care method

It's straightforward to care for gold-filled jewelry. Other jewelry can tarnish easily because gold is simply on the surface, but this goes deeper, so all it needs is polishing with a cloth every once in a while.

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What is gold plated 

So, what is gold-plated jewelry? It is similar to gold-filled jewelry, but the amount of gold in them is much less. Gold plated is a small and thin layer of gold over the actual metal.

What is Gold plated: composition

Gold plating is a delicate process where a thin layer of gold is transferred onto sm kind of base metal. The plating has a thickness of around 0.17 is known as electroplated gold, or gold washed or flashed. This layer is extremely thin and is about 0.05% of gold. So, gold-plated jewelry is more likely to tarnish.

What is Gold plated: usage and benefit

Gold plated jewelry is fabulous for people who seldom wear jewelry or don't have the budget for solid gold. It looks like pure gold from afar, so you can get an affordable alternative for a fashionable piece of luxurious jewelry without breaking the bank.

What is Gold plated: price

Amongst all of the other options, gold-plated jewelry is the cheapest option as it only contains a minute percentage of gold. It is the best option if you're looking for affordable yet cute jewelry.

What is gold plated: care method

It isn't easy to take care of gold-plated jewelry because of how thin the gold is. This makes it more prone to tarnish and oxidization because most base metals are highly prone to it. The best way to maintain them is to keep them from anything that could cause them to tarnish, such as sweat or water or simply wear it less. If you can't do this, try plating the metal with nickel before gold as it keeps the base metal from affecting the gold layer above.

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What is Gold vermeil?

Gold vermeil is less known and is often confused with gold-filled jewelry. Regardless, it has its place in the jewelry market, and people love them.

What is Gold Vermeil: composition

The industrial standard of gold vermeil jewelry is something to note. It is a combination of gold and silver. It is usually a 20 karat gold plating over sterling silver. The thickness of the plating is roughly 17 times than of regular gold plating.

What is Gold Vermeil: usage

Gold vermeil is very similar to gold-filled jewelry, but the base metal has a much higher quality metal. It is usually made of 92.5% pure silver. This makes it much more durable than regular gold-plated jewelry.

What is Gold vermeil: price

The price of gold vermeil is relatively moderate. It is not too expensive but not that cheap either. This is because it is not pure gold but isn't simply plated either. It lies in the middle as the plating is thicker and the base metal is more expensive.

What is Gold Vermeil: care method

Gold vermeil is cared for just as gold-filled jewelry is. It is relatively less prone to tarnish or wear and tear, but you should not treat it as solid gold and not care for it at all. Be gentle for a more extended wear period.

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What are the composition differences on types of gold jewelry? 

When it comes to gold-filled vs. gold plated jewelry, it depends on how much you like jewelry. Pick the latter only if you don't intend to wear it often because it can get ruined quite easily as it only has one very thin gold layer.  Gold-filled end up as a much better option if you're willing to invest a little more as it has more pure gold.

As for gold vermeil vs. gold-filled, gold vermeil has a base metal, but it is less likely to spoil quickly, but it still can. Gold-filled may seem like a good option, but the base metal's quality is unpredictable, so its longevity may be low.

So, how does these gold jewelry's usage different?

For gold filled vs. gold plated, you must not use gold plated jewelry too much, or it will tarnish. Gold-filled can be used more, but the base metal may cause corrosion over a period of time. As for gold vermeil vs. gold-filled, gold vermeil is a better option as the base metal is less likely to react with the gold, making it wearable for a longer time.

Gold vermeil vs gold filled vs gold plated, What is gold filled, What is gold plated, What is gold vermeil

Price comparison:  Gold vermeil vs gold filled vs gold plated

In gold filled vs. gold plated, gold filled is more expensive as it has a higher percentage of gold, but gold plates jewelry only has one thin layer. In gold vermeil vs. gold-filled, gold vermeil is more expensive as the base metal is a precious metal which is not the case in gold filled jewelry.

How are the Care Method of gold-filled differ from gold plated and gold vermeil?

For gold filled vs. gold plated, you have to be very careful with the latter, so it doesn't get spoilt quickly, but jewelry is more forgiving in gold vermeil vs. gold filled. Even though the latter is less prone to tarnish, the base metal reacts with the gold over time and causes tarnishing. Gold vermeil lasts longer as the base metal is of better quality.

Gold vermeil vs gold filled vs gold plated: What to buy? 

Every type of gold jewelry has its own benefits. So, when you're picking one, you should consider several factors, including the following:

  • Wearing occasion

Figure out whether you intend to wear your jewelry daily or at a special event. This will help pick between gold-filled vs. gold plated as more money means more wear time.

  • Price

Know whether you want a piece that is affordable or luxurious. Keep your budget in mind and pick a type accordingly.

  • Care Method

Ask yourself if you have the time and patience to take care of your jewelry. It would help if you were vigilant and careful to pick between gold vermeil vs. gold filled.


by Azuro Republic