Bonham Strand: The Best Bespoke Tailoring Service

“Another day and another trip to Bonham Strand for Christopher,” I said as I walked into my usual favourite tailor shop and was greeted with a smile by the familiar clerk. This had become the new norm ever since I discovered the shop and all it had to offer. A good friend was with me and inquired about what was so great about the store, and I chuckled in response and said, “Where do I begin?”

What is Bonham Strand?

Bonham Strand is a bespoke tailoring service. This means that no two articles of clothing are alike. Everything is designed to fit you perfectly. Around 40 different measurements are taken to ensure that the garment fits like a glove. I think Bonham Strand still stands out from the other bespoke tailors because they have the best tailors in Hong Kong under one roof. The shop consists of 5 fantastic tailors and cutters with 20 to 55 years worth of experience under their belts. “A garment cut by an individual, for an individual, by an individual.”

Their Process:

Bonham Strand is one of the few places that still follow the golden rules of bespoke tailoring to work with both cutters and tailors under one roof, which is why I absolutely adore them. They have a short yet well thought out process to design their clothes once a client walks into their store.

  1. Fabric selection:

    They offer many Italian and England fabrics from well-known creators, including Loro Piana, Drago, and Dormeuil, and they are updated depending on the season, so they stay in style. The fabric is chosen based on a customer’s use and preference.

  2. Suit customization:

    They pay attention to detail and love customizing. You can pick different pants, collars, pockets and anything you like. There’s even an endless list of button choices.

  3. Professional measurement:

    Master tailors accurately measure based on the customer’s preference and constantly communicates. The same tailor eventually puts your suit together.

  4. Pattern cutting:

    A different pattern is created and manually marked for each set. The same stencil is used for future clothes unless the customer wants alterations.

  5. Baste fitting:

    The basic parts are sewn together, and the customer wears it. Any alterations are marked.

  6. Second fitting:

    The suit is almost done, and that’s what I’m here for. Mr Lai here will mark any changes and continue altering it till I say it’s perfect.

  7. Recutting:

    If there are alterations, the suit is opened, recut and put back together.

  8. Buttonholes sewing:

    This is the final touch. Buttonholes are cut and sewn.

  9. Finalization:

    The suit is ready to try, and it can now be taken home and enjoyed. Here’s Mr Lai with my suit now. Bonham Strand never fails to disappoint.


Because of how beautiful their designs are, I adore pairing them with a good bracelet. I’m wearing my Gold Classic Tiger Eye Bracelet with the suit I’m picking up today. Look how fabulous it looks. But, that’s not all! Their large variety, which I’d love to elaborate on in a bit, allows me to accessorize to my heart’s content. I have a suit that goes perfectly with each of my bracelets. 

Gold Classic Tiger Eye Bracelet

Tiger eye stone Tiger eye is exclusive made for the gentlemen in leadership positions. The tiger eye stone healing properties strengthen your courage and confidence. The classy appearance and color tone brings out the elegance of your custom suit.


Their suit I wore to the party yesterday went great with my Cranberry Sauce Stack Beaded Bracelets and do you remember when I wore that grey suit everyone loved? I matched it with a Hematite Beaded Bracelet. Last year, on the charity event that we went to together, I wore the suit that you admired while coming in here. Yes, the one in the shop window. Of course, I put on two bracelets, the Steel of Hearts and the Silver Dragrose. What can I say, I love both Bonham Strand and Azuro, and they look even better together!

Variety and Quality:

Bonham Strand has a vast range of options for their suits in both styles and even fine details. They always have samples to help you decide and are always open to making changes later on, too- it’s like being part of their family once you buy from them. Variety and quality are things they never compromise on. This is precisely why I have learnt to love them and why I always recommend them when someone asks me where I got my gorgeous suit from. Check their Instagram for more of their amazing works.


by Azuro Republic