Elio Ministeri - The Sophisticated Gentleman

Based in Italy, Elio Ministeri is a man of style and class. As a photographer and fashion enthusiast himself, he inspires his followers around the world on his Instagram @elioministeri with quality content. From elevating everyday casual wear, to putting together a multilayer formal wear, Elio continues to engage his audience with his versatile, sophisticated, and elegant looks.


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Besides his passion in menswear, Elio also devotes himself to his up and coming blog https://elioministeri.com/. There he recounts his amazing adventures around the world, shares his insight on men’s lifestyle tips, and recommends the latest fashion trends every gentleman must be aware of.

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Elio is definitely a creative individual who shows passion in what he does. He is also a man who cares about the details, which shows in the accessories that he chooses to wear, in order to complete his look. From classic sunglasses to luxury bracelets, Elio makes good choices in accessorizing, making him the modern day gentleman that he is. It was our pleasure to connect with Elio and we look forward to seeing more of his work!