5 Popular Men's Hairstyles 2024

There was a time when grooming was stigmatized as being too feminine. Men who would bother with their looks were ostracized from society. But times have changed, and now people of all genders care about making a good impression. The way you present yourself to the public eye says a lot about you. Your hygiene, your hair, your attire; nothing goes unnoticed. 

popular mens hairstyle mens hairstyles 2020 haircut for straight hair men

But why is hair so important for men? In this article, we will not only share classic men's haircuts with you but before we do that, let us tell you why hair is so important.

  • Style dictates a person's stance, their confidence, and to some degree, their outlook. Men who seem to care about their appearance also care about other things making them a preferable job candidate or the perfect date. 
  • It's biologically ingrained in people to prefer the youthful look because of the associated fertility value.
  • Having a full head of rich hair along with a toned body represents manliness and has great sexual appeal.

Now that you know the importance of having good hair and grooming it to look more presentable, you'd be asking, "how?" If you want to know, read on. The first step to making yourself look decent is to get a good haircut.

The Classic Mens Haircuts 

1. The Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts became famous in the late 19th century and are still in fashion. The style is perfect for this pandemic when you'll go for anything that is low-maintenance. 

mens hairstyle 2020

One of the perks is that you can do this on your own without paying for it. People with flawlessly proportionate heads and angular faces with chiseled jaws and cheekbones sport this hairdo best.

2. The Slick Back

The ducktail or slick back is a timeless hairstyle. You can never go wrong with this popular men's hairstyle due to its retro vibe and the elegance it endows you with.

slick back hair mens hairstyles 2020

Don't forget to add a little extra into your hairdo, like having loose-ended strands or shaved sides! It complements all kinds of facial features making a face more pronounced. It works best with straight hair.

3. The Side Part

slick back hair mens hairstyles mens hairstyles 2020 short haircuts for men

A side part is one of the hottest men's haircuts. It constantly replaces the slick back hairstyle because of its ease in achieving the look. This is the cut most people in the workplace prefer because of its evergreen charm. The side part works best if you have long hair.

4. The High-top Fade

low fade haircut mens hairstyle 2020 short hairstyles for men

Popularized in the 1980s and early 1990s by black people, especially hip-hop and urban contemporary musicians, this popular men's hairstyle is back in fashion and is now surpassing race barriers. Especially practical for black people, it gives their unruly locks of Afro-textured hair a sharp, neat outline.

5. The Pompadour

Named after Madame de Pompadour, a mistress of King Louis XV of France, this popular men's hairstyle has feminine roots. Famous with people of all genders and even children, it has been in fashion since its inception. 

6. The Quiff

Quiff works best for those who want to nuance the Pompadour without having the hairdo's conspicuous look. This is one of the most versatile men's haircuts because it offers two alternatives, the classic and the contemporary, suited to different facial features.

Top 5 Most Popular Hairstyles of 2020

Let's face it; it's hard to find a hairstyle that suits you in 2020. They do not fit your hair-type, they don't look good according to your face, or they are just downright outdated. Well, your concerns are valid, and you have come to the right place.

What type of Hairstyles are Popular Right Now?

2020 has seen many hairstyles for men with longer hair. This is mainly because many of them have not been able to go to their usual barbers and thus have longer hair. Therefore, the demand for long hairstyles for men has increased drastically!

For readers wondering if long hair is in, well, it certainly is! Here are our favorite picks for long hairstyles for men:

Slick Back

mens hairstyle mens hairstyle 2020 slick back hair

For guys who have long locks, this one is for you. The Slick Back is best worn with a pony and is on the list of the most popular men's hairstyles in 2020. The Slick back looks the best with a well-tailored suit. However, it looks decent with streetwear / fast fashion wear as well.

Man Bun 


popular mens hairstyle long hairstyles for men mens hairstyle 2020

For Aquaman fans, the Man Bun is a modern classic. It looks perfect if you have an elongated facial structure and have a beard. This hairstyle can currently be seen on celebrities like Jason Mamoa and, that alone makes it a popular hairstyle for men in 2020.

What are Hairstyles that can Bring your Youth back?

For the older guys reading this, do not worry; the haircuts we are going to be talking about now are among the most popular hairstyles for older men in 2020. They are sleek, classy, and elegant and should look good on you.

The Low Fade

mens hairstyles 2020 low fade haircut

The Low Fade is a timeless classic. It graduates from a longer length on top and reveals the skin near the ears. For older guys, we recommend you cut it in a medium fashion. However, younger men can go for a higher cut as well.

Short and Spiked


Perhaps the most juvenile haircut on the list, short and spiked hair can appear quite youthful and edgy without looking out of place. It is a great hairstyle to have in 2020, especially for men who want to appear younger.

How to have a Classy Hairstyle?

A classy Hairstyle is one that appears neat and elegant while still having a tinge of modernity, especially for men's hairstyle in 2020. You can rock these hairstyles whether you have short hair or want to go for a hairstyle for men with long hair. 

For longer hair, we recommend that you rock your favorite suit and tie your hair up in a Ponytail. A good, classy ponytail looks wonderful on any guy with long hair.

For folks that have a medium cut, we recommend that you style your hair in a Quiff. It shows your hair's natural volume and texture while still looking stunning.


by Azuro Republic