7 Trendy Necklaces Styles You Must Know | Celebrity Necklaces Style Guide

I went to this charity event a few days ago, and it went terrific because it was for an important cause. A lot of renowned people had attended, including celebrities and people in the business industry. My date and I talked, but she hadn't spoken to many people there, so I introduced her to them.

She met many personalities, and her keen eye noticed certain similarities in all of them. My date was busy being starstruck, and I kept paying close attention to what they were wearing to learn from their fashionable taste. I noticed how there were specific trends when it came to what they wore around their necks.

Celebrity necklaces come in all shapes and sizes, from dainty necklaces to layered necklaces and are pretty fascinating. I don't want to keep all of this to myself- the world needs to know how to make their necks shine! Let me share some of the new trends in fashion that I have seen on celebrities with you. Remember that well-known designers often style these famous celebrities, so they are definitely in style.

Pendant Necklace:

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Robert Downey Jr. and Eminem are big fans of pendant necklaces, they've worn them at numerous campaigns, including this charity event. A pendant necklace always looks phenomenal with everything. They are the best way to elevate an outfit and make it look far more fashionable than it was alone. To understand the best times to wear a pendant necklace, you should know the following characteristics:

  • The Meaning and Outlook of a Pendant Necklace:

If we take a look at the direct meaning of a pendant necklace, it comes from the Latin word “pendre.” This is translated to “to hang down.” However, individual pendant necklaces have much deeper meanings based on their shape.

A circular pendant necklace symbolizes eternity, wholeness, life, perfection, and eternal love. A locket pendant necklace represents love, and medallion ones are for inner strength. Lion pendant necklaces symbolize strength, majesty, justice, and courage.

  • It Goes With All Kinds of Looks:

One of the best things about a pendant necklace is that it will go with every outfit you have in your closet. Of course, the design of the pendant poses some restrictions, but most pendants look good with absolutely everything. For example, Azuro's Gold Lion Pendant is suitable for almost all looks, whether it's formal or casual. It is a pendant necklace you definitely need in your closet.

Beaded Necklaces:

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There are a lot of men's necklaces out there. I found the beaded necklaces on Travis Scott, Jay-Z and A$AP Rocky. Beaded necklaces come in various colors and sizes, and some can even include gemstones of your choice. Some gems have meant being them as well. For example, some types of quartz are known to have healing properties and many people, including myself, wear beaded necklaces made out of jade or a similar stone because of their properties.

Beaded necklaces are great for just about anyone who is going for a casual or semi-formal look. You can also pair accented necklaces with formalwear to make yourself stand out from the crowd. There is no way a beaded necklace can go wrong, and people like Jhonny Depp and Maluma prove it.

If you're new to beaded necklaces and want to try out the most popular that will flatter every face and body type, try Azuro Republic's Gold Obsidian Crystal Necklace. It is perfect for every occasion and looks good with everything in your closet.

Gold Necklaces:

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Gold necklaces are trendy amongst men's necklaces in the fashion industry. Almost every man has worn one at least once. I explicitly remember seeing some well-known celebrities, including Jake Gyllenhaal, Kanye West, P Diddy, Zayn Malik and Albert Pujols, wearing these fabulous gold necklaces.

If you're looking for celebrity necklaces and happen to have warm skin undertones, then gold necklaces will never let you down. They will flatter your complexion and give your outfit an added touch to make you look like a complete gentleman. It also provides an expensive aura and makes you look like a man of taste. If you don't worry about some brightness, you should have a gold necklace.

Chains are the most popular gold necklaces. These can be big chunky necklaces or smaller ones like rope necklaces. You can apply a charm or gemstone to your men's necklace for an additional pop depending on their taste and the occasion.

Diamond Necklaces:

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Have you got the cash to spare on a jewel that's crystal clear and known to be the most rigid material on Earth? Diamond necklaces are a great way for you to bring out the sparkle in your eyes and your neck with just one jewel. All of us could wear necklaces of diamonds, and it is but what depends on us entirely is the grade of the diamond or their number on the collar. Some men like their bling big and bulky, while others prefer a more minimalistic look. The latter is for more formal occasions, while the former is for casual attire.

Celebrities love diamond necklaces and have been found on many necks multiple times. My absolute favourite has to be Drake, Nick Jonas and Will Smith. These men effortlessly look chic and put together by throwing on a diamond or a whole layer. If you're unsure, they're the ones to learn from! The most popular type has to be a simple chain with a diamond and a layered diamond necklace. They can never go wrong.

Dainty necklaces:

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Are big chunky necklaces not your thing? Maybe you're just getting into celebrity necklaces and aren't ready to go all-in? Give dainty necklaces a try! These are great if you have a small face or don't want anything too flashy. Put this on for a collected and smart look that could charm anyone. Many celebrities like dainty necklaces. Some of the ones I saw at the event were Ansel Elgort, Charles Melton, Yahya Abdul Mateen II and Lakeith Stanfield.

The most popular dainty necklace has to be a simple, small chain. These and chokers are the most well known and sought after dainty necklaces in the world of men's necklaces.

Crystal Necklaces:

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Crystals are the perfect addition to any necklace in the market. If you want something a little different from the traditional beads and stones, try out crystal necklaces. These are perfect for all men because of the variety. You can find them in so many different colours, sizes, cuts and shapes that suit the occasion and what you love. Most crystals have spiritual meanings behind them as well. If you're trying to carry your healing crystal around with you for positive energy, you can easily get it placed into a crystal necklace so you will look and feel great.

Popular celebrities such as Shawn Mendes, Machine Gun Kelly, Jaden Smith, Harry Styles and Jason Momoa agree that the most popular crystal necklaces pieces are a simple string attached to the crystal of your choices, such as rose quartz and jade. These small stones can do so much more than looking good. They have the power to singlehandedly bring positive energy, good luck and spiritual healing into your life. I adore them.

Layered Necklaces:
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Sometimes, we want to wear every single celebrity necklace out there at once. Trust me; I've been there too. Luckily, there's a solution: layered necklaces. These necklaces can be found already attached, or you can mix and match necklaces from your collection till you're happy with your look. The best practice is to pick out a necklace with different widths so that they don't end up getting tangles and looking like a complete mess. Almost all celebrity necklaces can be incorporated into this one. Try on different ones and see what would go best with your outfit. You're bound to finally wear the ones you were avoiding, or you'll put the one you wore least to good use.

Celebrities sometimes want to put everything on too! Celebrities that always rock the layered necklace look are Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Zac Efron, Justin Bieber, Pharrell Williams and DJ Khalid. I think the easiest way to rock a layered necklace look is a choker along with one or longer necklaces. If chokers aren't your thing, try one bulky chain along with a shorter pendant. Mix and match until you're satisfied and in love. You can always manipulate this necklace to your liking.

Where Do Influencers Buy Jewelry?

Today, we see almost all influencers with a beautiful pendant necklace adorned around their necks. There are mostly three places where they get them from; Azuro Republic, Mr. Porter, and Farfetch.

  • Azuro Republic:

Azuro Republic has a wide range of phenomenal pendant necklaces. They are handcrafted with the finest quality of 925 sterling silver, 24k gold, and AAA quality gemstones. The artisan designs make them wearable with almost any outfit. So, whether you’re looking for a way to upgrade your outfit for a casual event, or a formal one, Azuro Republic’s pendant necklaces can help. They really do protect and activate the spirit, body, and mind. Show off your fantastic sense of style by throwing on one of their many pendant necklaces.

  • Porter:

Mr. Porter has a wide selection of pendant necklaces for both men and women. They are made of a series of materials and gemstones that vary based on the pendant itself. With Mr. Porter, you can find dainty and simplistic pieces that still serve to be a true statement. There is a wide selection, so you can find a pendant necklace for a casual look and another for a formal outfit.

  • Farfetch:

If you want a pendant necklace that stands out, Farfetch is the place to go. They have colorful gems, 18k gold charms, and so much more in fantastic designs. Farfetch believes that most of their pendant necklaces are good luck charms, an excellent addition to a great pendant. No matter what outfit you have planned, they definitely have a pendant necklace that will go with it.


by Azuro Republic