Animal Jewelry Collection – Trends to Define Your Style

Gone are the days of minimalist, boring men’s fashion. Men’s jewelry trends are getting bolder – it’s about time, right? Animal jewelry and sterling silver charm bracelets, once strictly reserved for women’s fashion, are finally breaking into the men’s market. If you’re wondering what this trend’s all about and whether it’s for you, I’ve got your back. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about animal jewelry and how to start rocking them.


Animal jewelry and sterling silver charm bracelets


The bull bracelet is one of Azuro Republic most popular animal head bracelets in 2021

What Animal Jewelry Symbolizes

Humanity has drawn inspiration from animals for as long as we’ve existed. Early humans used animal feathers, bones, and shell pieces to adorn themselves. As technology and artistic ability advanced into the Stone Age and ancient Egyptians, artisans took inspiration from the flora and fauna of the natural world.

Today, animal jewelry and fashion are used to evoke certain feelings. A piece of cheetah-print clothing gives the wearer the confidence of a wild cat. In animal jewelry, the same principle stands. And on a more superficial level, they add a touch of uniqueness that can make your style stand out.

That’s why Azuro offers a jewelry collection inspired by three animals known for their strength, pride, and masculinity: the lion, buck, and bull.


Animal Jewelry: The Lion

GOLD LION CHARM Animal jewelry and animal charm braceletsThe quintessential king of the jungle, the lion symbolizes pride, dignity, and the charisma of a natural leader.


Animal Jewelry: The Buck

GOLD DEER CHARM Animal jewelry and animal charm bracelets

The image of the buck brings to mind the wildness of the untamed forest. Stoic, solid, and ever-changing, it will give the wearer a sense of quiet power and stability.


Animal Jewelry: The Bull

GOLD BULL CHARM Animal jewelry and animal charm bracelets

A symbol of prosperity, wealth, and abundance, the bull is a universal entity associated with luck and plenty.


what Materials Used to Make the Animal Jewelry Collection

Each Azuro animal jewelry is made with 925 sterling silver, plated with 3-micron-thick 24 karat gold plating. The fine craftsmanship, immediately evident in every hand-finished piece, will elevate your style for years to come.

The Animal Jewelry Collection charms are made to perfectly complement Azuro’s luxurious gemstones. Each of Azuro’s gemstone beaded bracelets is made with gemstones with healing properties, including tiger eye, turquoise, obsidian, and agate. They add rich color and purpose to every piece.


What are the best men’s bracelets?

When worn on a bracelet, an animal charm provides a focal point and a strong, bold accent. As every gemstone has properties and attributes associated with it, a corresponding animal jewelry helps drive home that message and remind you of who you want to be. This makes it more than just a piece of animal jewelry; it’s a statement, not only to others, but to yourself.


Animal Charm Bracelet: Silver Lion Tiger Eye Bracelet

Animal jewelry and sterling silver charm bracelets

Tiger eye is associated with leadership, serenity, and grace under pressure. This perfectly balances the pride and courage of the lion. This bracelet is perfect for those in powerful positions, thrill-seekers, and anyone looking to add energy and vigor to their life.


Animal Charm Bracelet: Bull Turquoise Obsidian Stainless Steel Bracelet

Animal jewelry and sterling silver charm bracelets

Turquoise is associated with peace, clarity, and tranquility. Emblematic of bravery and integrity, obsidian compliments this perfectly. Alongside the symbol of the bull, this animal charm bracelet is ideal for those seeking peace of mind as they surge forth with courage and strength.

Animal Charm Bracelet: Buck Agate Tiger Eye Silver Bracelet

Animal jewelry and sterling silver charm bracelets

Agate is associated strongly with heightened concentration, grounding, and reduced stress. Alongside tiger eye, which adds confidence and spurs creativity, this bracelet fits those with a lot on their plate. The buck, a symbol of boldness and courage, will remind you to power through every challenge you face.


What is the best ring for a man?

Wearing a piece of animal jewelry on your hand serves as a constant reminder of the meaning behind the piece. You’ll see it much more often than a necklace or tie clip. When choosing a ring or other piece to wear on your hands, choose pieces that really matter to you and inspire you. I like to wear animal jewelry on my hands that inspires me to action, since hands are one of the most active parts of our body throughout everything we do.

Animal jewelry worn on the hands can also be very expressive of our emotions and inner selves, as we often show our feelings and express our values through our hands. When worn on the hand, animal jewelry can remind you of the qualities you want to emulate and reflect of that animal. Choose these carefully, since you’ll see them often. Make sure the animal you choose to commemorate is one that truly resonates with you.

Here are a few excellent examples of meaningful animal jewelry to wear on your hands that evoke traits from the animal world:


Animal Jewelry: Cartier Chimera Bangle

Animal jewelry and sterling silver charm bracelets

The chimera symbolizes strength, power, pride, and discernment. The raw power of the creature, depicted in delicate gemstones like in this bangle, creates a feeling of balance in all things. With strength must also come beauty, balance, and delicacy.


Animal Jewelry: Gucci Garden Silver Snake Ring

Animal jewelry and sterling silver charm bracelets

Snakes are one of the animals most steeped in symbolism. In the Bible, the snake is associated with the devil. In Harry Potter, the serpent is the symbol of Slytherin, the house of Voldemort and his followers.

But snakes also have a lot of positive connotations related to healing and medicine. They’re cunning, quick, and can see the truth in all situations. If these contrasting values speak to you, consider wearing a reminder of the snake.


Animal Jewelry: Alexander McQueen Silver Lion Shield Ring

Animal jewelry and sterling silver charm bracelets,

As I said before, the lion is a quintessential symbol of leadership, pride, and strength. The de facto king of the jungle, the lion doesn’t need to demand respect – he commands it instantly with his charisma and simply by being who he is. Wearing a lion on your hand will remind you to lead with quiet command, not with coercion or brute force.


What Can a Necklace Symbolize?

Necklaces have an advantage over rings and bracelets for their size. You can make a much bigger fashion statement with a necklace than you generally could with a bracelet or ring. Even small, reserved necklaces tend to be much more visible than even the most garish pieces of other animal jewelry. Because of that, they can play a key role in projecting the image you want to into the world. 

A necklace’s placement on your body also matters. A short necklace or choker sits at the throat, which is associated with speech. A choker with a meaningful charm or pendant can remind you to speak your mind.

Longer necklaces that sit over your heart can remind you what’s most important to you, or what’s literally “close to your heart.” If a particular animal embodies values or actions you want to emulate, a thoughtfully placed necklace can remind you of that goal while projecting the image onto the world as well.


Animal Jewelry: Gucci Sterling Silver Necklace With Feline Head

Animal jewelry and sterling silver charm bracelets

A simple silver chain with an animal jewelry is an easy, accessible way to incorporate animal imagery into your look. Cats, like the one here, are often associated with solitude, adaptability, and mystery.


Animal Jewelry: Gucci Angry Forest Men’s Wolf Head Sterling Silver Necklace

Animal jewelry and sterling silver charm bracelets

Wolves are simultaneously portrayed as being pack-minded and hierarchical and fiercely independent. They’re also strongly tied to the moon. A simple silver necklace with a wolf charm can remind you to honor all parts of yourself, both alone and cooperative.


Animal Jewelry: Gucci Sterling Silver Anger Forest Bull’s Head Necklace

Animal jewelry and sterling silver charm bracelets

Simple silver necklaces can easily be dressed up with a stone, like this necklace has. The raging energy of a bull is tempered with the cool, calming color of the stone at its brow.


How to Wear Animal Jewelry?

For a long time, men’s fashion shied away from jewelry of all kinds, leaving all unnecessary adornments to women. That’s now a thing of the past – news that’s come as a huge relief to all fashion-minded men who know the importance of jewelry as a tool for self-expression and driving home an aesthetic. Now, it’s common to see men of all aesthetics and styles wearing bold animal jewelry pieces, and I for one am relieved at the change.

Animal jewelry with a bit of bone or earthy finish can perfectly match rugged outfits. One easy way to approach this style is with a leather bracelet with an animal motif. Many sleek, contemporary outfits benefit from animal jewelry – the bit of wildness and dimension rounds out a look, especially in the form of a necklace. A single animal ring on your finger at a business meeting can set you apart from your colleagues without distracting from what you have to say.

As for placement, play around and see what becomes you. Try rings on your right ring finger or the thumb or index finger on either hand. Bracelets can work on either wrist – just make sure they play well with your watch, if you’re wearing one. Experiment with layering.

You can see this trend being used by celebrities like Robert Downey Jr, who’s worn a bold buffalo head necklace in a past movie appearance. Joe Manganiello of True Blood fame makes fashion statements by using skulls, quintessential symbols of human beings as part of nature, in his minimalist fashion. And Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones is known to experiment with layered nature-inspired charms in his fashion.

Animal jewelry and sterling silver charm bracelets

I for one am glad animal jewelry is finally making it to men’s fashion. It’s a perfect way to pay homage to nature and reflect your values in animal jewelry to make your pieces more meaningful and lasting. Nature is timeless, and using animal jewelry that mean something to you in your fashion sets you up to choose jewelry pieces that you’ll want to keep wearing over and over again. They also make an instant conversation starter.

If you’re curious about this trend, I recommend jumping in with both feet. As long as you find what resonates with you personally, you can’t really go wrong.


This lion bracelet with a handcrafted finishing represents ambition and dedication


by Azuro Republic