3D Design in Jewelry: What it Means for You

Of the newest trends in jewelry design, 3D breaking onto the scene might be the most exciting development right now. In this article, we’ll answer all your questions about 3D jewelry design, the benefits of 3D jewelry design, and what that means for you.

What Makes 3D Jewelry Design Better Than Traditional Methods?

3D design has already made strides to streamline production in the fashion industry, including jewelry. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people can’t go to brick-and-mortar stores to try on pieces and see how they look and feel anymore. With 3D modelling, this isn’t a problem. You can try on a piece of jewelry from the comfort of your home thanks to visual modelling. 

3d design for mens jewelry in CAD software

On the design end, designers run into the issue of not being able to create inside their workshops and try designs that way. Luckily, virtual modelling lessens that impact and lets them continue the creative process – and even production – remotely.

Here at Azuro Republic, we utilize different methods during the design process, innovation and craftsmanship is our commitment to offer stylish and classy mens jewelry collections. Each of our mens bracelet is both handcrafted and designed with 3D softwares. Adopting a virtual and reality mix means we can highlight and refine the details on every product to ensure quality and optimized presentation. We select the best suited method for each category of mens jewelry. For example, our upcoming mens ring collection will focus on spotlighting handcrafted designs as a mens ring is much more intricate, requiring the work of skilled craftsmen.  

Benefits of 3D Design for Jewelry 

  • Faster Production

One of the best parts of 3D design technology is that it saves time. Rather than creating a flesh-and-blood prototype, designers can create their samples virtually and display them in virtual showrooms. This cuts production time, often by half.

  • Reduced Costs

Thanks to the advent of virtual showrooms, brands no longer have to create physical samples of jewelry pieces. This massively cuts down on costs.

  • Fewer Returns

How many times have you ordered a piece of jewelry online, only to be disappointed that it doesn’t look as good on you as it did on the model? Virtual modelling will greatly reduce this. With better virtual try-on tools, you’ll have a better idea of what your mens jewelry will look like on you before you even see it in person.

  • Decreased Environmental Impact

By no longer having to rely on physical prototypes and being able to more easily change patterns and designs, jewelry makers can focus on creating the best product they possibly can, the first time. This means fewer samples will be rejected and go to waste.

3d design for mens jewelry in CAD software sketch on paper

A Crash-Course in Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

Now that you know a bit about how 3D design in jewelry works, you might be thinking “Great! Does this mean I can start making my own jewelry?” And with the right program, the answer is yes. Even though 3D modelling and printing in the jewelry realm are cutting-edge and still fairly experimental, there are tools out there that you can learn how to use. 

And even if you’re not tech-savvy or dying to create your own custom pieces, it’s exciting to know what’s on the horizon for CAD and what to keep an eye out for as the technology goes mainstream.

Types of 3D Design Software in CAD 

3D Design for Jewelry Software #1: Mudbox

Mudbox was originally created for digital painting and sculpting. So while it doesn’t have jewelry-specific templates for you to download and get started, it’s particularly well-suited to create nature-inspired shapes for you to work with. It’s also great for adding texture to pieces without having to create every single bump or line manually. And subscriptions start at just $10 per month, so you can give it a try without committing to a huge expense.

3d design for mens jewelry in CAD software

3D Design for Jewelry Software #2: RhinoGold Basic

While more expensive than Mudbox, RhinoGold is specifically made for jewelry design. It has a library of gemstone models and cuts that you can incorporate into your design. It also has built-in modeling for engraving. They have a free 90-day trial, but in order to use it beyond that, you’ll have to pay a licensing fee of about $4,000. However, if you’re looking to create keepsake pieces or something important like a wedding ring, that expense may be well worth it.

3d design for mens jewelry in CAD software

3D Design for Jewelry Software #3: CounterSketch

Loaded with over 1,300 templates, CounterSketch is perfect if you don’t have a design background, but still want to create breathtaking jewelry. Simply load a template and start customizing. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can try your hand at creating your own shapes and designs as well. It does have a monthly subscription, so factor that in while you’re looking for the best program for you.

3d design for mens jewelry in CAD software

3D Design for Jewelry Software #4: RhinoJewel

RhinoJewel is flexible, so its users can enjoy complete creative freedom. By facilitating repetitive and complicated tasks and allowing for quick modifications to existing designs, it speeds up production and lets designers focus on creating the best designs possible. It even has specific tools for working with gems, metals, and other materials, and can work with a wide variety of gem cuts. However, this is contrasted by being time-consuming to use.

3d design for mens jewelry in CAD software

3D Design for Jewelry Software #5: 3Design

3Design is the only jewelry design program that’s compatible with Mac, Linux, and PC. It’s also unique in that it works with solid objects instead of surfaces, the way most jewelry design programs operate. This approach is intended to feel like you’re building a piece of jewelry, not simply stacking shapes on top of each other. However, it can make it harder to create complicated pieces, so you might not see it used in the most intricate, avant-garde styles.

3d design for mens jewelry in CAD software

3D Design for Jewelry Software #6: Jewelry CAD Dream

This program is used by award-winning jewelry makers. Jewelry CAD Dream specializes in creating intricate shapes, making it an excellent candidate for crafting nature-inspired designs or animal shapes. If you’re a fan of statement jewelry, expect to see some exciting designs coming out of Jewelry CAD Dream.

3d design for mens jewelry in CAD software

3D Design for Jewelry Software #7: Jweel

Jweel is unique in that it’s a free-to-use app, not an industry program. If you’re interested in designing a piece of custom jewelry for yourself or a partner, you can download this software yourself and get right to work.

3d design for mens jewelry in CAD software

Jewelry is already all about self-expression and channeling your creativity. Jweel takes that to the next level. The app comes complete with tutorials about how to make the most of the program and how to get started making jewelry. You won’t get the absolute most cutting-edge design options, but that’s to be expected for a program that’s made for amateurs and hobbyists, not professionals. It’s a great starting place.

3D Design for Jewelry Software #8: MatrixGold

The professionals behind MatrixGold have been creating jewelry design software for 23 years. They’re undeniably experts in the industry. MatrixGold offers high precision and total customization, which is why it’s used by jewelry professionals around the world and even taught in jewelry-making schools.

3D design for mens jewelry 3D CAD software

Although it’s slow to operate and can be clunky to work with, that won’t change the fantastic designs jewelry designers can produce with it. It has specific modeling for organic shapes like flowers, animals, patterns, and reliefs. If most of your favorite pieces are intricate, nature-inspired items, expect to see some exciting things courtesy of MatrixGold in the near future.

3d design for mens jewelry in CAD software

The arrival of 3D design elements in jewelry is an exciting new frontier, especially for jewelry fanatics. As the technology becomes more widely available, brands will certainly embrace the trend moving into the future. As 3D modelling allows for greater levels of detail in designs and 3D printing allows designers to spend less time in production and more time focusing on creating the most cutting-edge designs possible, this means exciting things in the world of jewelry. As always, the trend will start in high fashion and on the runway. But over time, it’s sure to slowly trickle down into the luxury sector and, later, into the mainstream.


by Azuro Republic