How To Treat A Woman: 8 ways you need to know

How To Treat A Woman: 8 ways you need to know

Our world is constantly embedded with stark examples of how not to treat a woman. It seems that as society shifts to an increasingly technologically oriented state, many men have all but completely left that key aspect of being a gentleman in the past. Just take a look around you: so many examples of men behaving exactly the way they shouldn’t be can be seen in social media or even in person. So there are plenty of examples of what not to do, but then how do we know what a real man is supposed to do when treating a woman?

Use these tips to better understand how a real man treats a woman and put them into practice throughout your day-to-day life:


1. The first and foremost rule is to be respectful.

There’s that old phrase that goes “respect is earned, not given”. While this may be true for certain cases, this is not one of them. If you go around treating women with that mindset, you will quickly be perceived as a jerk. So how does a man treat a woman with respect? It’s simple.

Even if you have disagreements, keep yourself calm. You don’t need to yell at her or raise your voice, you don’t need to exhibit your frustration. Just process your emotions in a calm manner and remember that losing your cool doesn’t solve anything. Respect is also about communication. Think before you speak so you don’t unintentionally (or intentionally) hurt her feelings.


2. Chivalry is alive and well, thank you very much.

Chivalry is dead? Think again. Contrary to popular belief, chivalry isn’t about treating a woman like she’s too incapable or delicate to do things for herself. It’s really more about simply showing acts of courtesy, however small they may seem, like holding the door open, walking on the outer side of the road, or standing when a woman excuses herself from the table. Mind you, such acts of chivalry aren’t exclusively reserved for your partner or someone you’re dating, but all women.


3. Emotions do not make you weak.

There’s a common misconception that if you’re emotional, then you’re not a real man. It’s actually the complete opposite. If you’re a real man, you’re not afraid of your acknowledging and embracing your emotions. Being a real man isn’t about closing those emotions off, it’s about knowing when to express them and how to do so in a way that isn’t unsightly. Emotions should be about creating strength and trust in a relationship and not about accusations or tearing one another down. By allowing yourself to be emotional, you’re improving communication and enabling her to trust you.


4. Let her be a part of your life.

A woman loves to be included, whether that means being included in your future plans and goals or your hobbies, interests, and passions. Thinking of her and considering her when it comes to your own personal affairs would really mean a lot to her and show her just how important she is to you. Of course, we all need our personal space and time. That much is a given. But that doesn’t mean you should shut her out and shun her, even when you’re enjoying some private time alone.


5. Live in the moment.

It’s tempting to keep checking those pop up notifications on Facebook or to answer a text or call as it comes in. But if there’s one thing women love about a man is when he’s able to give his full attention to her. When you put away the distractions, you allow yourself to connect on a deeper level and to really appreciate your time together. When you’re having dinner or doing anything together, just put the phone away or turn it off and really give her your undivided attention without any distractions.


6. Don’t just have sex, make love.

How does a real man treat a woman during their intimate moments? With passion. A real man doesn’t just go through the motions, but really shows his love. He’ll make his woman feel special. This is where you want to bring out your loving emotions, where you want to fill the moment with meaning, intimacy, and feeling. Sometimes you just want to have sex, and there’s a place for that too, but in any relationship, how a real man treats a woman during sex shows a lot about how he feels about her. Having these feelings of love and passion incorporated in your sex life will help keep your relationship strong.


7. Be selfless.

Relationships take a lot of effort, and there is definitely a lot of give and take in any relationship. A real man will make sure to treat his woman right by putting in the necessary amount of effort to make her happy and feel loved. You don’t do this necessarily with gifts or material items, but with being there for her, being a friend, knowing when to help her and when to let her do her thing. By treating a woman the way she wants and deserves to be treated, your relationship will go far.

Most of this can be summed up with the words communication, passion, and respect. Do all that you do with intent, with thought, and you cannot go wrong. Always strive to be a better gentleman. Women will take note of it and…


Here’s one more tip to keep in mind:

You need to realize that “ NOT all people are the same in how they want to be treated.”


It’s crucial to understand that you can’t please everybody, and you shouldn’t try. This is where your conviction and your pride come into play. First, don’t take it personally. How could you have known? Apologize if necessary and put it behind you. If one or people don’t like the way you act, it’s not that big of a deal. If the majority of the woman you come in contact with are put off by it, you’re doing something wrong. In that case, you should take a long hard look at yourself to see what you can change.

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