Dressing Like a True Gentleman

Dressing Like a True Gentleman

For a lot of men, it might seem to you like they couldn’t care less about the way they dress. Whether they don’t care or simply don’t know how to dress properly, every man should take the time to learn how to look the part of a true gentleman. The way someone dresses isn’t just about showing off or even looking good. More importantly, it’s a window into one’s personality and priorities.

Women, friends, business associates, peers, acquaintances, and whoever else you’re trying to get to think highly of you will surely take notice. On the contrary, wearing sloppy clothing and not paying attention to details, automatically gives the impression of laziness and a lack of confidence and care. If you have any mind to become someone who can proudly bear the name of true gentleman, Azuro Republic is here to help you look the part.

Without further ado, here are some of the best tips for getting started dressing like a gentleman.


1. You need a suit

First thing’s first. There are some things you can hold off on and avoid getting for quite some time but a suit is not one of those things. A high-quality suit is an indispensable part of any gentleman’s wardrobe. Suits are versatile, and everyone looks killer in a properly fitted one.

You can wear the pants without the jacket and couple them with a white or some other lightly colored button-up or you can sometimes even get away with wearing the jacket with a t-shirt and dark jeans for a more casual look. And of course, you can wear the entire outfit together to achieve a look that’s poised, professional, and respectable.

It’s absolutely vital that your suit is fitted to you. Don’t be lazy and settle for a generic suit. Rather, put in the time and effort to get a suit custom tailored to your specific measurements and body type. You’ll find that this option will be much more rewarding in the long run.


2. Learn the difference between “Casual” and “Sloppy”

These two terms are often confused, but there’s a big difference. Casual dress incorporates clean, tactful clothing and accessories that are fitted and matching. Dressing sloppy involves clothes that are often too big, full of holes, dirty, stained, mismatching, and made of the wrong material.

When it comes to dressing casual, it’s not so much a matter of what specific articles of clothing you choose to wear, but more so how you wear them and how they all come together. A casual dresser knows how different clothing synergize with each other while a sloppy dresser hasn’t the slightest clue and just ends up mashing everything together.


3. Accessorize

A common misconception about accessories is that they’re either for women or overly metrosexual men. Fact of the matter is, that’s not the case at all. Men often neglect the details in their outfit, but there’s an entire market dedicated to men’s style that focuses on the those minute details that can make a big difference.

Small things like metal cufflinks, stylish sunglasses that fit your face shape, and natural material bracelets such as Azuro Republic’s natural stone bracelets, accentuate your outfit and add an edge. These little additions can really go a long way and should absolutely not be neglected. Although, as here is such a thing as “overdoing it” you definitely shouldn’t be going out and covering yourself from head to toe in accessories.

With a unique, customized stone bracelet from Azuro Republic coupled with a watch and a pair of shades, you’ll be likely be the best dressed guy in the room wherever you go. As previously mentioned, it all comes down to how your outfit comes together as a whole and how each individual element work to complement one another.


4. Quality over quantity

You love wearing fine clothes that look and feel great, but the price tag makes you balk. I understand this feel all too well. However, consider that good quality clothing lasts a lot longer than cheap clothing. And it’s not just about the durability. A lot of times, clothing on the less expensive side just screams “cheap”. Though there are exceptions to this rule, you’ll find that it applies more often than not.

The key is to find a price point that you’re comfortable with. Buy one piece of great clothing instead of several cheap ones. With quality clothing, you will look more refined and put together. Additionally, you can feel comfortable and confident with the fact that you’ve bought something you can rely to help you look your best for a long time to come. Take the proper steps to clean and care for your clothing to help with its longevity.


5. Cover the basics first

Don’t be in too much of a hurry to get all fashionable and stylish right away. If you don’t know the first thing about it, it’s not going to happen overnight. For starters, the best thing you can do for your wardrobe is get yourself a set of “the basics”.

The basics include a high quality pair of jeans, preferably dark blue, that fit well with your legs, fitted shirts that are plainly colored (think white, black, blue, and/or gray). Getting these basic items and making sure they fit correctly (shoulder seams end at your shoulders, jeans aren’t too baggy or too long/short) show that you are a sharp dresser even in casual wear.

Remember: you wear your clothes, they don’t wear you. Even a simple outfit consisting of jeans and a t-shirt that’s well put together and matches your body perfectly radiates confidence, maturity, and capability.


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